Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nicole Richie out with her family

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Nikki Cox got married

People reports that Nikki Cox from NBC's Las Vegas and comedian Jay Mohr were married last night in LA. Congrats to the happy couple.

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Paris visting a kids hospital

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Where Has Britney Been Hiding? Spears Seen With New Man!!!

Britney Spears has been noticeably missing in action the past week.

Now, has all the details on where she's been and what star she was seen getting her groove on with at a club on Friday night.

This is good!!!

Sources reveal exclusively to that Britney has been spending some time in Scottsdale, Arizona, a town known for its many spas and retreats.

Spears has frequented Scottsdale in the past, most recently escaping there in 2005 with FedEx during her first pregnancy.

Britney has been unwinding with her family and on Friday night she really let loose!

The newly single pop star was spotted at Scottsdale hotspot Jackrabbit Lounge.

The awful hair extensions were gone and the chic blonde bob was back!

Plus....Spears was totally macking it with none other than Matt Leinart!

Britney came sans large entourage. Just two girlfriends and a big burly bodyguard.

However, her attention was focused on Matt all night long!

The quarterback, previously linked with Paris Hilton, plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

And Friday night he was playing Britney Spears!

Sources tell us that the pair were flirting hardcore on the patio area all night long, bumping and grinding and whispering in each others' ears.

Could a love match be in the air???


But before Britney gets too comfortable in Scottsdale, she is heading to Las Vegas, where Spears will ring in the new year at Pure in Caesar's Palace.

New year, new man? Big comeback?

We hope so!

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Keith Urban’s Mistress Speaks Out

Part-time Nashville model Amanda Wyatt has admitted to a year-long affair in 2005 with country crooner Keith Urban, the same year that Urban was supposedly engaged to Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman. Wyatt also alleges that Urban was perpetually fucked up on drugs and drunk throughout their year-long fling together. London’s Daily Mail reports,

Amanda Wyatt, a 23-year-old part-time model and self-professed “nobody”… revealed that Urban was unfaithful to his superstar wife throughout their courtship and engagement. But even more disturbing, perhaps, than Urban’s sexual infidelity to Nicole Kidman was Amanda’s insistence that Urban was constantly drunk and a heavy drug user throughout their long affair.

[Wyatt said], ”He drank constantly; his favourite was Crown Royal Reserve whisky. And he did drugs: Ecstasy, cocaine, pot - you name it… Looking back, I rarely saw him sober. He’d work during the day but the bourbon would be flowing and at night he’d take Ecstasy and coke.
When we made love, he never used protection.”


Lindsay Lohan hangs out with the “whores” and “cunts”

Lindsay Lohan went to New York’s famous Scores West strip club early yesterday morning to apologize to the strippers she called “whores” and “cunts” last week. According to the New York Post, after personally apologizing to the ladies Lindsay got up on stage and pole danced as the estimated 400 customers cheered her on:

“Then, she joined her entourage of 15 in the VIP area, and got lap dances from many of the girls, including a special double-dance from two strippers at once. It was hot. But while everybody was drinking, Lindsay was not. It was strictly Perrier for her.”

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Victoria Beckham Eats Really Healthy

Victoria Beckham recently told People

that she doesn’t have an eating disorder. She just eats very, very healthy.

“I eat really healthy, I love Japanese food, lots of fish, any sort of fish, any sort of vegetable, lots of fruit, that kind of thing,” said Beckham, the former Posh Spice, during an appearance recently on the BBC Radio program “Gordon Ramsay’s Perfect Christmas Lunch.”

Victoria is well aware that people constantly speculate about if she has an ED. Does she care?

“I don’t really care all that much. We live in Spain. I don’t really see a lot of the press, and I don’t really hear what’s going on. I’m just past caring.”

Still, she says, “I think there’s a big difference between someone having an eating disorder and someone who is controlled about what they eat. There’s a big difference, and every now and then of course I go out and eat what I like. But I do try to be quite disciplined in the way that I eat.”

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Saddam Hussein to Die Within Hours?

Fox News is reporting that Saddam’s Hussein’s lawyers have confirmed that he has been handed over to Iraq officials by the US. A Judge in Iraq also told the Associated Press that he would be hung by no later than Saturday. Officials wished to carryout his sentence last night, but could not due to logistical reasons.

His death will be videotaped, but it is unknown whether or not it will be shown on Iraq TV. Who wants to see that trash anyway? Ugh, hangings are gross. I’m sure it will make its way onto YouTube within hours of the event for those of you that wish to feast your eyes on that grossness.

Mike Tyson was arrested for drug possession

Mike Tyson once said, “What did you think I was going to do” in response to an inquisitive question given to him by a reporter. Now, Mike was arrested for possession of cocaine and suspected to be influenced by the substance while driving. According to People,

“He showed signs of impairment and voluntarily submitted to field sobriety tests,” Hall said. During those tests, Tyson showed “more signs of impairment” and was arrested.

He probably wasn’t even impaired. He was just being himself. A man who is better known for his ridiculous quotes and fighting talent can’t be expected to perform correctly in daily life. So, as a tribute, here are some of my all time favorite Mike Tyson quotes.

  • “I want to kill people. I want to rip their stomachs out and eat their children.”
  • “I just want them to keep bringing guys on and I’m going to strip them of their health. I bring pain, a lot of pain.”
  • “It’s no doubt I am going to win this fight and I feel confident about winning this fight. I normally don’t do interviews with women unless I fornicate with them. So you shouldn’t talk anymore… Unless you want to, you know.”
  • “Reporter: “They determined that you were suffering from depression, low self-esteem, and that you had problems with anger management. How have you tried to address those problems?” Tyson: “That’s all they said was wrong with me?”
  • “My power is discombobulatingly devastating; I could feel his muscle tissues collapse under my force. It’s ludicrous these mortals even attempt to enter my realm.”
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Julia Roberts is pregnant

Julia Roberts is pregnant again. Marcy Engleman, Roberts’ rep, confirmed the news to E! on Friday morning. This will be Roberts third child from husband Danny Moder, who she married in 2002. In 2004, Roberts gave birth to twins Phinnaeus Walter and Hazel Patricia, after a difficult pregnancy that left her in bed for the final few weeks. In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, Roberts said about her twins:

“I just love them. They’re fun and happy and honest and just fill me with so much joy. I guess I didn’t realize that you could really just like your children as much as your friends, you know?"

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Stripping Leaves Lindsay Beat Up

Page six reports:

"They're all whores, they're all whores . . . xcept for some obviously!" Lohan wrote in the note, "So . . . 3 hours of pole dancing and bruised. everywhere . . . I mean we're talkin' like, UPPER AND INNER THIGH ACTION-bruised . . . like a walking black-and-blue mark.

"I mean really though, really, I didn't know it was actually possible to have bruises in such areas of the body. Strippers dude, I tell you, I really respect the [c-word]s now. . . I'm not gonna lie to ya."

LL's rep has confirmed Lindsay's respect for the occupation saying, "Her character is a stripper, and she now realizes that the job isn't easy. We should give these women credit." We're just glad to hear LL is sticking to her new sober ways, even if it takes a stripper role to occupy her time.

tom cruise is casting victoria beckham - as an alien - yikes!

The Spice Girl has apparently been lined up to play an alien bride in The Thetan - based on the bizarre sci-fi cult, which believes in alien life forms.

Victoria is said to be “thrilled” about getting her big Hollywood break. A source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “Victoria is really hoping to make a go of it in Hollywood. This could be the perfect start for her, with good pal Tom Cruise in charge.”

The 32-year-old - who made her first attempt at acting in the 1997 Spice Girls movie Spice World - will play the bride of an alien leader called a thetan, which Scientologists claim is an immortal spiritual being, present in all humans.

Cruise - who is bankrolling the project himself after it was rejected by all the major film studios - is said to have picked Victoria for the role after being impressed by her “comic genius”.

Victoria - who is married to soccer superstar David Beckham - is currently looking to buy a property in Los Angeles after recently landing a presenting role on a new US fashion program

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bob Dylan wants to stop the release of "Factory Girl"

Bob Dylan is seeking a court injunction to stop the release of the Sienna Miller-starring biopic Factory Girl, over concerns the movie defames him.

The film, which maps the life of Andy Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick, allegedly suggests Dylan was responsible for her 1971 suicide after jilting her.

Dylan is so hot and bothered, his lawyers have demanded that producers block the release of the movie until they have seen it themselves, according to PageSix.

Although Dylan's name has been changed to Danny Quinn and the part "is reportedly a mix of him, Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger," Dylan's attorney Orin Snyder insists critics who've seen screenings report the character - played by Hayden Christensen - is unmistakably Bob Dylan.

Snyder warns the filmmakers, "You appear to be laboring under the misunderstanding that merely changing the name of a character or making him a purported fictional composite will immunize you from suit. That is not so. Even though Mr. Dylan's name is not used, the portrayal remains both defamatory and a violation of Mr. Dylan's right of publicity. Until we are given an opportunity to view the film, we hereby demand that all distribution and screenings... immediately be ceased."

The movie is due to be released later this month.

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Shar Jones got a job

Looks like Star Jones is bouncing back after her public fallout from The View . Star is hitting the air for a brief radio stint.

"I am very excited to let you know that for three days next week (Monday, Dec. 18 through Wednesday, Dec. 20), I will be hosting a three-hour radio program for the Radio One broadcasting network," the former lawyer said Thursday in an e-mail to fans on her mailing list.

"Think, a 'talk show for your radio.' " She continues, "We've got news, information, entertainment, law (of course we do!) special celebrity guests, etc. ? Now I need you to know that I cannot do this without you. I want you to join me by listening and calling in with your questions and thoughts, as well as experiences." She adds, "A lot of stuff is on the way in 2007."

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Uma Thurman got suck in an elevator

Actress Uma Thurman faced a frightening ordeal when she got trapped in an elevator during filming of her new movie.

Thurman, who is shooting “The Accidental Husband” in Manhattan, was imprisoned in the elevator with seven others after they squeezed into a car designed for four people.

Luckily bodyguard Leonard Taylor was on hand to rescue the trapped party, using brute strength and a belt to aid their release after spending 20 minutes trapped.

Speaking to Page Six, a source says, “He pulled the elevator door open with one arm, and used his belt as a pulley in the other arm.”


George Michael is starting a tour

UK driver of the year and pop star, George Michael, is bringing his drunk ass to the United States! Georgie will start his first US tour in over 15 years this coming Spring. He has had several run-ins with the law and is trying to clean up his image.

He currently just finished a successful European tour

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Mariah Carey looking cute in Aspen

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the pop star has bought a mediterranean villa near mulholland drive in beverly hills listed at a whopping $7.2 million.

"britney looked at it on thursday, dec. 7," a source tells star. "she brought like seven or eight people. they were her bodyguards and a few male dancer friends. she stayed for five hours and said she wanted the house immediately. she then got ready in one of the bedrooms at the house for her night out on the town. she took forever to do her hair and makeup. it was such a scene! she came off as very high maintenance. nice, bu
the pop star has bought a mediterranean villa near mulholland drive in beverly hills listed at a whopping $7.2 million.

"britney looked at it on thursday, dec. 7," a source tells star. "she brought like seven or eight people. they were her bodyguards and a few male dancer friends. she stayed for five hours and said she wanted the house immediately. she then got ready in one of the bedrooms at the house for her night out on the town. she took forever to do her hair and makeup. it was such a scene! she came off as very high maintenance. nice, but demanding. it was obvious she was used to getting what she wanted."

the six bedroom, six-and-a-half bathroom home is 7,400 square feet and is located in a gated community on summit circle, just off coldwater canyon.

Source: Star Magazine

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Lindsay does AAA

"Yes, she's been attending some [Alcoholics Anonymous] meetings, and it's going to be a slow process. This is a positive period. Let's hope that the press doesn't turn it into a negative. Maybe if (the press) backs off on her she'll be in a good space. Let's see if we don't have to hear about it every day, and they're following her and trying to find her. Because that will just really not be good."
- Lindsay Lohan's publicist, Leslie Sloane, in a statement released Friday afternoon

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Paris pulls out of Billboard Awards

Paris Hilton has reportedly pulled out of the Billboard Music Awards on Monday because she thought some of the jokes written for her were "objectionable." "It is my understanding that some satirical references ridiculed some of her peers," said Hilton's rep. "Paris did not want to say anything that could appear hurtful or embarrassing about people she knows." Hilton was originally slated to co-host the show with new BFF Britney Spears, but Spears backed out earlier in the week.

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Cam Flashed everyone on ellen

But cause she isn't a huge star like Britney it didn't make the head lines... lol thats really funny.On Cameron Diaz's visit to Ellen DeGeneres' daily talk show, ol' Cam was sporting a mighty tiny little dress and Ellen decided to use her body as a shield for the audience members who might have been at risk for being flashed a private peek of Cammie's bits. From Life & Style Weekly:When Cameron Diaz, wearing a teeny tiny brown dress, sat down to enjoy a turkey dinner yesterday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen feared some audience members and viewers wouldn't enjoy an overly exposed Cameron (with the exception of her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, of course!).So Ellen did what any protective host would do -- she covered her guest up!


Saturday, November 11, 2006

The latest Britney candids into one post- thanks britney experts

Britney leaving the Gap (11/7)

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Britney Shopping After Announcing Divorce (11-7)

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Britney goes out to dinner in New York at Baldoria (11/7)

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Britney Ice Skates With Larry Rudolph In New York (11/7)

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Britney Leaving Restraunt With Larry Rudolph (11/7)

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Jamie Lynn leaving Walmart with boyfriend (11/7)

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Britney at Sony Studios in Ny

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Britney is Selling her Mansion

Britney has had quite the week, and we love it all! She showed up looking fabulous on Letterman and then shockingly filed for divorce from K-Fed. Now Brit has apparently put her Malibu mansion on the market for $13.5 million. She bought the house when Kevin was unemployed for $6.9 million in 2004. The new lucky owner will not only get to live in the spot Britney once called home, but will get to enjoy an outdoor kitchen, spa, gym, tennis courts, a $150,000 nursery and a recording studio.

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LL Too Busy for Britney

LL went on Oprah this week to tell everyone that she didn't deserve her reputation as a party girl. She then proceeded to go out almost every night this week! She's so consumed with partying she didn't even know about the Britney K-Fed split. At least that is what she claimed at the Playstation 3 launch party on Wednesday night

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Harlette: Calling It Quits?

It may be "scene over" for thespian twosome Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett.

According to our amigos at Pagina Seis, Harlette are close to calling it quits.

"They are on the rocks," said one source. "Scarlett is always mad at him, and they are always arguing."

Distance probably isn't helping their cause.

Hartnett is filming in New Zeland and Johansson has been shooting in London.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Borat doing great in theaters

Yet, despite all that and despite the fact that it only played in less than 1,000 screens (a relatively small opening), Sacha Baron Cohen's new Borat film debuted at the top slot in the U.S. box office this weekend with a take of almost $30 million.

The film trounced Disney's Santa Clause 3 starring Tim Allen, which played in more than three times as many screens.



Saddam: Sentenced To Hang

Former Iraq tyrant, Saddam Hussein, was sentenced to death by hanging Sunday morning for the massacre of countless civilians.

In an outburst of emotion, Hussein began screaming at the judge as the verdict was delivered.

He shouted, "Allahu Akbar!" (God is Greatest) and "Long live the nation! Long live the people and death to their enemies. Long live the glorious nation, and death to its enemies!"

Of note:

- He had refused to stand for the verdict and had to be lifted to his feet by two court bailiffs.

- He had wanted to face a firing squad - that request was refused.

- The trial is the first that Saddam has faced in the wake of his downfall.

- It has been punctuated by walkouts, boycotts, hunger-strikes by Saddam, the murder of three lawyers and the sacking of the original trial judge, who announced in court that he did not believe Saddam was a dictator.

- Celebratory gunfire echoed across Baghdad while fighting broke out in the north of the city.

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Kyle Minogue is back and touring

Kylie is home!!!

Australia's treasured export arrived in Sydney on Sunday to a heart-warming reception by cheering fans.

Minogue said she was "thrilled to be back" in Australia and to resume her Showgirl tour, which she had to postpone after being diagnosed with the breast cancer she has now triumphantly overcome.

Kylie says she has been dreaming about her comeback show in Sydney on November 11th.

A fit and healthy looking Minogue told reporters at Sydney Airport as she jumped up and down clapping her hands, "I travelled with pretty much all the band, the dancers, so we're on tour again, whoa!"

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Sandra Bullock and her husband looking cute

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The government of Malawi is calling the biological father of Madonna's new baby boy a liar!

A senior Malawian government official on Monday dismissed as untrue remarks by an illiterate father who said he was misled into signing over his son for adoption by pop diva Madonna.
But his comments were categorically denied by Penson Kilembe, director of child welfare in the Ministry of Women and Child Development, who told Reuters the ministry explained every detail of the process to Banda and his family.
"We explained every detail and Madonna herself explained her intentions in the face of the judge and in Banda's presence," Kilembe said. "He (Banda) was asked several times in court if he understood what was going on and he said he did."


Rachel Bilson in InStyle Magazine


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Brooke Hogan looking hot

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creech from Saved By The Bell has a sex tape

He may have played nerdy eighth-grader Samuel (Screech) Powers in the sitcom "Saved by the Bell." But former TV geek Dustin Diamond can now take his place with Colin Farrell, Tommy Lee and Kid Rock as the star of his very own sex tape.

Everyone who remembers Diamond as a lovable putz is in for a shock once they see a 40-minute video in which he engages in a kinky three-way with two women, sources tell us.

We can't get too graphic here, but word is that the action includes some bodily functions and an act known as a "Dirty Sanchez."

Phoenix-based agent David Hans Schmidt, who has brokered some of Hollywood's biggest celebrity-skin deals, confirms that he's acquired the rights to a tape featuring Diamond.

"Just when you think you have seen everything in this business," he tells us, "mankind has raised the bar another notch. Or lowered it."

Schmidt is in L.A., shopping the tape to Hustler's Larry Flynt, Vivid's Steven Hirsch and other major distributors of adult video.

Now age 29, the 6-foot Diamond is much brawnier than you may remember him. He's a black belt in karate, and, four years ago, he defeated Ron Palillo (Horshack on "Welcome Back, Kotter") on Fox's "Celebrity Boxing 2."

Diamond's manager, Roger Paul, said his client has become a successful standup comic and will appear on the ABC sitcom "The Knights of Prosperity."

"I haven't seen the tape," Paul told us. "I've heard rumors. Dustin has been trying to escape the Screech typecast. So this may help me get more bookings."

In 1996, former "Saved by the Bell" sweetheart Elizabeth Berkley bared all in the Paul Verhoeven-Joe Eszterhas trashterpiece, "Show Girls."

The sex vid's working title is "Saved by the Smell." Ewwwww.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Paris and NIcole made up

See the video at

Tori Spelling is pregnant

"Tori Spelling's pregnant by the way. It's not public yet, but I'm putting it out there."
- Kathy Griffin telling the crowd at her stand-up show in Birmingham, Alabama, this past week

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Shortest Engagement ever

Just one week after proposing to his girlfriend, Aaron Carter is taking it back!
Us Weekly is reporting that the singer has called off his engagement to Somechickwedontreallycareabout.
"I got caught up in the moment and proposed. I then realized it was a hasty thing to do and I am not ready for marriage quite yet," Carter tells Us Weekly exclusively.
We called this one right the first time: publicity stunt for the new House of Carters reality show!

Mischa Barton is the face of Keds

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For The Record: Quick News On Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has some advice for fans: "Never believe everything you read or see or hear." The singer shared that pearl of wisdom in Jane magazine's October issue, on newsstands Tuesday — and added They did print it, along with Aguilera's thoughts on documenting her life with Jordan Bratman for television: "My marriage is sacred to me, and I feel that they would exploit it." But while reality TV doesn't appeal to the singer, acting does. "I'm going to read scripts while I'm on the road working this record," she said. "I think so many people who start off as musicians and cross over just end up playing themselves. To me, that's not a challenge whatsoever. I want to quote-unquote act." ...

Source: MTV

Friday, September 08, 2006

Lindsay Lohan was robbed

Returning from her recent trip to Venice, LL's Hermes Birkin, containing her asthma medication and a "quantity of jewelry," was stolen.
Lindsay's publicist, Leslie Sloane-Zelnick, says, "Lindsay is begging for the return of the items," Sloane says. "She doesn't care how she gets them back, she just wants her stuff back."
A source close to the theft indicates Lohan's stolen baubles may be worth over $1 million.

Source: Perez Hilton

Britney Spears went into Labor?

I was watching Enews and Ryan said that they got reports (britney is in labor right now at the same Hospital where Sean was born) and that the paparazzi are camped out at the hospitalThey also said: We're gonna have more of this story tomorrow

Source: Britneyspearsforum

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Victoria Beckham is not pregnant

It seems like David's confirmation on Spanish TV that Vicky is preggers was just a misunderstanding.
"She's not pregnant," says a rep for the couple. "It's as simple as that."
The 31-year-old former English soccer captain had allegedly confirmed to a Spanish video paparazzo that his ex-Spice Girl wife, 32, was pregnant with their fourth child. The couple are already parents to sons Brooklyn, 7, Romeo, 3, and Cruz, 1.
A source tells PEOPLE that Beckham, who plays for the Real Madrid soccer team, was signing autographs and simply misunderstood what the female paparazzo was asking. He thought she was asking, in Spanish, how Victoria and the babies are, when in fact was asking how Victoria and the new baby are doing.
Still, a source close to the family says the couple, who divide their time between the Spanish capital and an English mansion - dubbed Beckingham Palace - north of London, plan to expand their brood.
"Victoria has always wanted a larger family and especially would like a sister for the boys, but the time is not right just yet," the source tells PEOPLE.
"She's doing designing work, there is a perfume, sunglasses and a TV show in the works," the friend says. "There is just too much going on for her to consider becoming pregnant at this time."
Posh & Becks will keep on trying, though.

Source: PerezHilton

Pictures of Suri

thanks PopBytes

Monday, September 04, 2006

Victoria Beckham is pregnant

David Beckham just confirmed on the Spanish TV show Gente that his wife, Victoria, is indeed sperminated with their fourth child, as we first reported August 15th.
Becks was asked by the paparazzi if Posh was expecting and he said "Si (yes)" and smiled.
Sources tell us that a statement from team Beckham is expected Tuesday.

Source: PerezHilton

Steve Irwin- croc hunter dies

This is so terribly, terribly sad. Steve Irwin, who many of you may know from his television show The Crocodile Hunter died Monday after being stung by a stingray. He was 44. You may also remember Irwin as the guy who made the big "oopsie" when he enraged people by carrying his 1 month old son into a crocodile pen while filming a wildlife show back in 2004. Reports say that Irwin was on a diving expedition filming a documentary in the Great Barrier Reef when he collapsed after a stingray barb pierced his chest. A local diving operator said Irwin probably died of cardiac arrest from the injury. His team called for help, but when medical help reached Irwin, he was found with a puncture wound on the left side of this chest and was pronounced dead at the scene. Irwin was married and thte father of two children, a girl and a boy, ages 8 and 3.

Source: Tabloid Whore


looks like tom cruise is making a few strides in an effort to restore his overall public image which has been in a steady downward decline since he first hooked up with katie holmes - after going off on brooke shields in a crazy tirade a few months ago for her use of antidepressants (scientology doesn't support the use of such things) he has now apologized to ms. person! when on 'the tonight show' last week, she told jay leno that he just dropped by her house...and through it all, i was so impressed with how heartfelt it was. and i didn't feel at any time that i had to defend myself, nor did i feel that he was trying to convince me of anything other than the fact that he was deeply sorry. and i accepted it... but i highly doubt she invited him in for tea! boy tom does have a lot of leg work cut out for him - even rosie o'donnell ditched him for nip/tuck's julian mcmahon...i fell in love with julian mcmahon while taping this show, i still love my old tommy, but julian is gorgeous – he’s my new tommy! notice how she refers to mr. cruise as her 'old tommy' - he sure is trying to do a rewind to the 'old tommy' ASAP...popbytes over & out for now - xxoo! PS even though he apologized tom does still stand by his position...he has not changed his position about antidepressants, which as evidenced by the black label warnings issued by the FDA on these types of drugs, are unhealthy

Source: PopBytes

Friday, September 01, 2006

VMA's continued

All these thoughts and pics come straight From PopBytes I did not write them myself.

gosh britney spears got such a chilly reception this evening when she was on satellite from california - there were even boos & hisses! oh man that skit she did with hubby kfed was really dumb & lame! but since i still like ms. spears in some small ways i just felt embarassed for her - such a fucking trainwreck - i suggest before we save kat(i)e - we MUST save britney! i gotta start making this quick - i need to go to bed...jennifer lopez looked like a patient from who knows where with that dumb wrap on her of the year goes to that awful panic from the disco - i love the guy ( who grabbed the microphone from them and crashed their moment...jack black was boring as main host...overall the best thing tonight was the four performances i mentioned above - everything else grew stale...the hype williams tribute was a bore - and finally the actual 'awards' are such a joke - who even decides the winners? who even cares?

lighters up for lil' kim! loved seeing her at the show! so glad to see her out of prison - she needs to hit the treadmill for a bit though but y'all know she is one of my top people - she is the queen bee for sure! kelly clarkson - although i like her - did she really need to win 'best female video'? over madonna and xtina? please - what a fucking joke - sorry she wasn't even there?!?

some of these bands i'm not so into - i can't really say much about all-american rejects except the lead singer is a cutie pie but it's just not my type of music...same goes for the sounds of my chemical romance oh i love pink - i'm glad she won! her album i'm not dead rocks - i wish it was getting more airplay though - there are a lot of great single potentials on that disc...and of course i have a major crush on her tattooed hubby carey hart - such a hottie!

sarah silverman is way cool and so fucking funny - i think her message to paris hilton was one of the better moments of the night - do you think that bit was scripted? it did plug the planned richie/hilton reconciliation over on another viacom owned property - CBS' late show w/ david letterman - they didn't cut once to paris or nicole - yes it was a bit awkward...which is such a great part of sarah's whole comedic vibe...she should host the show next year! jimmy kimmel is a lucky man! poor amy lee (from evanescence) got stuck with presenting with weirdo (but sometimes hot) jared leto - he was wacky tonight - i much prefer his actor persona better than this mars band thingy - the eyeliner is growing old....

lots of commercials and tie-ins (accuvue, jc penney etc) are filling up a lot of space tonight...the show was also referred to as the biggest night in pop culture - they make themselves oh so important... panic at the disco - i don't like them! that i write sings not tragedies is terribly annoying and is played all the time on the radio and their performance tonight was horrible - the lead singer sounded like crap - he should have lip synced - i don't get what the big deal is over them?

THE VMAS-Ok. I am using all my pics from PopByte's tonight. They rock!

These are 3 of the perfomers. PopBytes talked bout Xtina but didnt show any pictures.

Maria Menunous @ 2006 MTV Video Music Awards

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

John Travolta gay?

PerezHilton has a new magazine out with a pic of John Travolta and some guy kissing .Check it out here.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jessica Simpson hangs out with Jackasses

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Despite "losing her voice" and canceling a ton of promotional appearances, Jessica Simpson somehow managed to muster up enough energy to hang out with the guys from Jackass until her eyes were bloodshot. And although her new boyfriend wasn't there, her always present and always visible hairstylist was. He's become sort of like a Where's Waldo to me. Where I'll glance around at every picture of Jessica Simpson and see if he's there. Sometimes he'll be in the most unexpected places, like hiding behind a bush. Or riding a ferris wheel. And sometimes on the last page he'll be walking among hundreds of other identical hairstylists wearing the exact same clothes but without his signature hat.
More of Jessica looking like she had a rough night with the Jackass guys after the jump, including some more sideboobery action.

Hilary Duff Helps Out in New Orleans

As the nation marks the first anniversary of the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, politicians, news crews and celebrities descend upon New Orleans. One of those celebrities is Hilary Duff.Duff has worked with USA Harvest for two years. The organization likes to say that they aren't fundraisers, they are food-raisers. They help service over 5,400 agencies nationwide and have provided 11.6 billion pounds of food to those deserving organizations. In the past year, Hilary has donated more than 2.5 million meals to hurricane victims in the south through USA Harvest. For Hilary, lending her name and shining a light on a cause is the least she can do: "When you are a celebrity, and you have a voice that people pay attention to or a name that people watch and read about, it's the perfect opportunity to spread the word and get people motivated and to remember to help other people and give back."

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Vince Vaugh looking skinny and cute

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Hilary Swank gets nailed for affiar with her married agent

Oh that naughty, naughty Hilary Swank! First she spills the beans in Vanity Fair about her soon to be ex husband Chad Lowe's former drug problem and now, it appears she has taken on an affair with a married man. Tsk! Tsk! Hilary! The National Enquirer has been onto Hilary and her dirty ways for months, but in this week's issue, they finally blow the lid off her torrid affair with her "married with child" agent John Campisi. The Enquirer is reporting that the affair started shortly after Swank split up with Lowe and that Swank & Campisi's lawyers have sent the paper several letters, feverishly denying for months the couple was having an affair.
Featured in this weeks issue, the letters spew out a whole lotta of nonsense like, "Mr. Campisi and Ms. Swank are not involved in any romantic, sexual or other inappropriate relationship. As one of Ms. Swank's agents at CAA, Mr. Campisi has a professional, working relationship with Ms. Swank and they have been friends for a couple of years," and "the false and outrageous claim that he is having an illicit, inappropriate extramarital "steamy affair" or a "love relationship" with Ms. Swank is a vile fabrication." Uh huh. Is that why The Enquirer has photos of the couple kissing and holding hands in Rome with Campisi's hand on Hilary Swank's ass? Liar, liar pants on fire! After being photographed on this recent trip in all kinds of compromising positions, it looks like the couple can't deny their relationship for much longer (not that they were doing a very good job of it in the first place). A source told The Enquirer, "John went from being a shoulder to cry on to Hilary's leading man. It wasn't planned, but that's what happened." Agh! How sick am I of that old line "it wasn't planned, it just happened!" Anyway, when Campisi's wife was contacted about the affair, all she told The Enquirer was, "I'm saying nothing."
For more details and scandelous photos of Hilary Swank's dirty, naughty, secret affair, make sure to pick up this week's issue of The National Enquirer. Oh Hilary!

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Gwen Stefani Won't Be There

Gwen Stefani is boycotting tomorrow's MTV Video Music Awards because of the treatment she felt she received last year.

She had a ton of nominations and was under the impression she would be taking home at least one award," our insider said. "But every award, except that lame best-dressed award, went to Kelly Clarkson, and every time Kelly won, the camera went straight to Gwen. She felt set up." Stefani also thought she was going to close the show - another honor that went to Clarkson. Stefani's rep declined comment."

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Is cameron out of the picture?

The actress, who has been dating Justin Timberlake for 3+ years without an engagement, was nowhere to be found at Mr. JT's CD listening party Monday night at G-Spa in NYC, reports Page six:
And, the gossips also added fuel to the Diaz/Timberlake breakup fire by reporting, "[Justin's] eyes were wandering. He has not talked about her at all and comes off like a single guy. He is obsessed with his CD and not into having a girlfriend right now."
Earlier this week, Timberlake was a guest on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show; his segment airs next week.
Ellen sought to clear up the rumors of an engagement to Diaz. "Should I go ahead and get a bridesmaid's dress?" she asked.
"Go ahead and reserve one," Justin answered. "But you'll have to stay the same size for the next 15 years!"

Lindsay Lohan out with her boyfriend

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Is Owen wilson lying?

"I'm single despite what people say," says Wilson. "I think hopefully that I'll meet someone that I'll want to have a family with, that's what I would like."

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I hate that the media made Lance come out as gay

Here is a latest quote from him : "I'm totally happy [now]. I'm like a completely different person. It just sucks with all the lies you have to tell, especially being in the business. Now it's like, 'Wow, I don't have to tell any lies to get jobs, so it's cool. Personally, nothing has changed. I have the same friends. I have the same family. I think, business-wise, it's been crazy, because everyone is paying attention to what I'm doing now. Everyone's been very supportive

Katie Couric- She shouldnt have been retouched

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lindsay Lohan looking hot

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Mario Lopez Exposed On Nip/Tuck

Nip/Tuck is coming back for a fourth season on Sept 5th. Each season this show becomes more twisted. In order to create some early buzz they are trying to suck us in with Mario Lopez in the shower with Julian. Yeah, that works.

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Paris failing as a pop star

PARIS Hilton's career as a pop star is fizzling as quickly as one of her blink-and-you'll-miss-it relationships. In its first week out of the gate, Hilton's first CD is being widely seen as a certified flop. "Paris," which features the single "Stars Are Blind," sold a lackluster 75,000 copies in the United States - a pittance compared to Christina Aguilera's first-week sales of 320,000, according to Soundscan.

And projected sales for next week are said to be a measly 30,000, which is a larger than normal second week drop.

"Paris" is languishing at the bottom of Billboard's Hot 100 - so Hilton's label rushed out her second single, "Turn It Up," which isn't doing very well either.

"The international outlook is not much better for her," one industry source told Page Six. "The international people are not inclined to do a big push since she can't back up the album with a tour. Obviously, she can't sing live."

The source added that Hilton was advised a year ago to train her voice, work with choreographers and learn an instrument to prepare for a limited tour, but "obviously she didn't listen."

Hilton's rep, Elliot Mintz, said, "To me, [the album] sounds huge. For a newcomer, this is incredibly impressive."

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Justin Timberlake spent nearly two hours late yesterday visiting sick and injured children at Mount Sinai Hospital, across the street from Central Park, where he'd just taped a concert for daytime television star Ellen DeGeneres' show. "It was a surprise visit, and the kids were, like, screaming," Timberlake's PR rep, Ken Sunshine, told me as the visit was wrapping up. "He went all over the hospital, floor to floor. He does this kind of thing all the time." Girlfriend Cameron Diaz was elsewhere.

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Lindsay Lohan's Dark Side

Hedi Klum looking great while pregnant

Monday, August 28, 2006

Is Mischa Barton moving to Wisteria Lane?

Mischa Barton is reportedly being lined up for a role in TV sensation Desperate Housewives. After quitting THE OC - the teen show that made her famous - the British-born star is rumoured to be discussing a new role with Desperate Housewives creator MARC CHERRY. Cherry's spokesperson says, "He's interviewing and auditioning all the time. "I'm sure Mischa would be a welcome asset to the show but who knows what will happen?" Source: ONTD

Jesse McCartney's Very Public Oops

Jesse McCartney's "Beautiful Soul" must be feeling a lot of guilt today. And who can't sympathize with a guy who publicly sticks his foot in his mouth at the expense of a pop diva.

Jesse was a guest yesterday on the Steve and Vikki Morning show on Star 94 Atlanta. The interview was supposed to focus on promoting his new album, but it somehow took a detour onto the subject of Jennifer Lopez and her exit from the big-screen adaptation of the TV show "Dallas." Jesse is currently dating Katie Cassidy, who stars as Lucy Ewing in the film. So when Jesse told Steve and Vikki (and all of their listeners) that the reason Jen backed out of the role as Sue Ellen was because she was pregnant, everyone believed he had the real scoop. It now appears, however, that the teen crooner had no idea what he was talking about.

Jesse has just issued an apology to TMZ stating, "I have no first hand knowledge whether Jennifer Lopez is pregnant or not. I thought I had read it somewhere. I apologize."

Source: TMZ

Neverland Thriller -- Fire Threatens Jacko's Home

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch was threatened by a wildfire Friday.

The blaze burned 40 acres on the ranch and came within a quarter of a mile of the main house. One hundred firefighters battled the blaze, with an assist from water-dropping choppers.

Jackson has been out of the country for months, setting up house in Bahrain. Jackson gave a number of employees pink slips last March, when he closed the house.

No word on the origin or cause of the fire

Source: TMZ

Brad Pitt's Birth Control Problem

Imagine for a moment Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone kicking another high profile A-list male movie star to the Melrose Ave. curb and venting to the Wall Street Journal that there is no place on the Paramount lot for a production company that failed to lock down its name.

Plan B, Hollywood (the production shingle partnering Brad Pitt, Paramount Pictures chief Brad Grey and, formerly, Jennifer Aniston), meet Plan B, New Jersey (a morning-after pill concocted by Barr Pharmaceuticals subsidiary Duramed). And only the latter, approved this week by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an over-the-counter, 72-hour post-coital solution, seems to be punch lined with an ®, the ominous symbol for registered trademarks.

Given the long trajectory of medical research and development, you can bet Barr Pharmaceuticals got to the trademark table long before Brad, Jen and Brad's brainstorm. And although deep-pocketed firms like Barr can sometimes choose to sue over the trickier-to-prove adjacent use of a registered term, chances are they might just settle for a Brangelina TV commercial endorsement. Almost makes you wonder if pal George Clooney disbanded his production partnership with Steven Soderbergh because he got wind of a new OBGYN method called C-Section Eight.

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Meredith Calls "The View" A "Joke"

How about this for a hot topic: Meredith Vieira now says that her old show "The View" is "hard to watch," that she got "blasé" about it after nine years, and even that it "sort of became a joke" after she left. All of which should provide fodder for an interesting discussion when the current "View"-ers -- Barbara, Joy, Elisabeth, and, of course, Rosie -- get back to the studio next week.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


KATE HUDSON has reportedly pulled out of the London premiere of new movie YOU, ME AND DUPREE tonight (22AUG06) to recover from her much-publicised marriage breakdown. The ALMOST FAMOUS star announced she was separating from THE BLACK CROWES singer CHRIS ROBINSON last Monday (14AUG06), after nearly six years of marriage. Now British newspaper the Daily Star reports she'll shun the Leicester Square opening of her comedy to come to terms with the split and avoid awkward questions from paparrazzi. A source says, "It's obviously a shame but I'm sure her fans will understand and give her their support through what must be a difficult time." OWEN WILSON and MATT DILLON also star in the movie about an unwelcome house guest.

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Brittany Murphy, Fiancé End Engagement

Brittany Murphy and Joe Macaluso, engaged since last New Year's Eve, have broken off their engagement, PEOPLE has learned exclusively. The two "have amicably ended their engagement. They remain close friends and wish each other much happiness," a rep for Murphy tells PEOPLE. Last Sunday, Murphy showed up at the Teen Choice Awards without her engagement ring. Asked about her wedding plans in the press room, the actress became evasive before saying, "Everything is going wonderful, thank you. I'm just living every moment, you know, enjoying my day." Murphy, 28, who had met Macaluso – who is a best boy grip responsible for lighting and electricity on a movie set – while filming Little Black Book. After that film wrapped production, she asked him to the movies for their first date. The couple went on 17 dates before they shared their first kiss. They became engaged on Dec. 31, 2005. "It felt right," the actress told PEOPLE in January. "I love being in love." It was the second engagement for Murphy, who was previously set to marry manager Jeff Kwatinetz. Murphy, who's appeared in 2002's 8 Mile with Eminem and this year's The Groomsmen with Edward Burns, is currently filming Tinker Bell, an animated film in which she costars with Kristin Chenoweth.

Source: People

Aguilera scores first U.K. No. 1 album

LONDON (Billboard) -
Christina Aguilera has scored her first No. 1 album in Britain with "Back to Basics," the pop starlet's tribute to music from a bygone era.

Aguilera peaked at No. 14 with her 1999 self-titled debut set and at No. 2 with "Stripped" in 2002. Three weeks ago, she reached No. 2 on the singles chart with "Ain't No Other Man," which fell four places to No. 7 on the latest chart


Monday, August 21, 2006

Prosecutors won't probe Madonna's act

DUESSELDORF, Germany - German prosecutors said Monday they have decided against opening an investigation into Madonna after the pop diva performed a controversial mock crucifixion scene at a weekend concert.

A crowd of about 45,000 packed Duesseldorf's LTU Arena Sunday night to watch the first of two German concerts on the worldwide "Confessions" tour.
The crucifixion scene recently drew criticism in Italy, and Duesseldorf prosecutors said last week that they would monitor reports about the concert. They did not, however, send observers.

On Monday, spokesman Johannes Mocken said they would not open an investigation for possible charges of insulting religious beliefs. While the scene might be "hurtful to religious people," there was no indication of a criminal offense, he said.
Mocken said the scene was covered by laws protecting artistic freedom.
The scene — in which Madonna rose from the stage crucified on a mirrored cross and wearing a crown of thorns during her rendition of "Live to Tell" — drew criticism from religious leaders in Italy. They condemned it as an act of hostility toward the Roman Catholic Church.
Madonna's representatives have insisted, however, that the performance on the cross is not disrespectful toward the church.
Madonna is scheduled to perform in Hanover on Tuesday. Authorities there have not publicly expressed concerns about her show's content.


Owen threatens to sue

read the story :,,50001-1231588,00.html

You Dont Want Tom Cruise As Your BFF

Tom Cruis has come in last place in a search for the celebrity most people would most like to have as their best friend. The winners were Jack Black, Johnny Depp, Will Smith and Sameul L Jackson.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Goodie Bag: Wilmer to Produce "PartyBuddys" Flick, Dick Banned From Event Without Lecter Mask, YouTube Seeks to Put Every Music Video Ever Online

Modern playboy Wilmer Valderrama is producing a comedy called "PartyBuddys" based on the life of two friends who started a company which offers civilian clients the pseudo-star treatment, with VIP treatment at clubs, fake bodyguards, and faux paparazzi. Valderrama, according to the Hollywood Reporter, may also star in the film, optioned by Universal. . .After his outrageous antics at William Shatner's Comedy Central Roast last weekend, Andy Dick has been banned from next month's New York City Underground Comedy Festival unless, as a Festival rep tells Page Six, he wears "a Hannibal Lecter mask" and comes with a doctor's note stating that he's had tetanus shots. . . Just in case you've been searching for that moment from the video for "If This Is It" by Huey Lewis and The News, YouTube is trying to get record labels to allow them to post every music video ever made on their site, reports Reuters. It's negotiating for the rights but will let users play the videos for free.

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Beyoncé Says: Happy Birthday to Me, Screw You

Speaking of the R&B diva, Beyonce Knowles has decided not to do any promotions for her new album next month in England, she says, because of the terrorist scares at Heathrow Airport last week. But music "insiders" cited by Page Six say that the real reason is that she doesn't want to miss the big birthday celebration her boyfriend Jay-Z is throwing for her on Sept. 4, when she turns 25. Apparently the mogul-rapper is planning something lavish at his 40/40 Club in Manhattan, and Beyonce wants to be there. You can't blame her entirely: the new album is called "B'Day," after all.

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Nick + Jessica + Vanessa = Lookout! at MTV VMAs

Just yesterday, former "Newlyweds" Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were announced as presenters at the MTV Video Music Awards, which will air Aug. 31, which presents certain interesting possibilities on the red carpet, though the likelihood of a run-in is, of course, highly unlikely. But what may make the scene at Radio City Music Hall in New York just a little more interesting is the fact that TRL host Vanessa Minnillo, Nick's new squeeze, will be doing backstage coverage for MTV Overdrive, the network's online channel. Perhaps Jess and Vaness will rap blithely on about -- who knows -- footwear and Manhattan's outdoor lunch spots? Jack Black is slated to host the awards, and Beyonce and Justin Timberlake are amongst the artists who will perform on stage.

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Aniston Says Engagement Talk Is "A Lot of Bull"

So now we've got Jen's side of the story: Jennifer Aniston says that she's not engaged, that she doesn't have a ring, and that she hasn't been proposed to by Vince Vaughn. And what's really getting her upset is not so much the speculation about her prospective marital status, but that her relatives – including her Aunt Mary in Greece – are being accused as liars, according to People. Says Aniston, "When it starts to travel over into the Today show and CNN and supposedly reliable and accurate news programs, then you just go, 'This is insane.'" Us Weekly naintains Us Weekly that the couple is engaged is true. As for the relationship with her "The Break-Up" co-star, Aniston says that they're "just being. We're having a good time."

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Caption Me: Kelly Goes Metal

The most talented Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, does her best air guitar, earlier this week at a Metal Skool performance at the Key Club in West Hollywood.

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Maniston Dumped???? Jen's Lies!!!

The war between Us Weekly and People is on, and we fucking love it!!!!!
Maniston took the unusual move today of talking to People Magazine to debunk the "tabloid" rumors that she an Vince Vaughn are engaged.
"I'm not engaged and I don't have a ring and I haven't been proposed to," Jen tells People.
There is a ring, bitch!
Perez has the memory of an elephant, and People themselves reported that Vaughn bought Aniston a Suy Fabrikant ring in their own Jen cover story weeks back.
We're starting to think Man is not even engaged to Vaughn anymore, as Life & Style has been reporting.
As Us Weekly has established, Aniston's publicist, Stephen Huvane, has a history of lying to the public on behalf of his star client. And, Jen herself has lied to us. Liar liar, pants on fire!!!!
In the September 2005 issue of Vanity Fair, the arguably funny sitcom star said at the time: "I am not going out with Vince Vaughn. I barely know the guy!"
Aniston also told Elle magazine last year that Vince was "a friend" and swore, "I don't want to be a rebound girl."
Oh how our past comes back to haunt us!
Is Jen covering up that Vince dumped her?
Sources tell that Vaughn in early July told several friends - including Owen Wilson - about his proposal on the plane after returning from Mexico.
In her new People interview, Jen never even acknowledges that she is still dating Vince.
"We're just being," she tells the mag of her and Vaughn.
According to our moles, Vaughn was in Vegas this past weekend, and Maniston was nowhere to be found! Trouble in Paradise? Hell to the fucking yeah!
Sources close to the situation tell us that that Jen - who has a history of lying to her fans - is also covering something up this time; specifically, that after their engagement on June 27th something has gone horribly wrong with Vaughniston!!
Tabloids have reported for the last two weeks that there is major trouble with Jen and Vince. Now her denial to People today (and what sources are telling suggests there is truth to these reports that the engagement has been CALLED OFF!!!
According to several people close to the situation, Maniston is humiliated at another failed relationship and is doing damage control ASAP!
Sources also tell that no other than Stephen Huvane sat in on the phone call between Jen and People today, controlling what they could use and couldn't use.
Vaughn spent last weekend partying in Vegas at Mandalay Bay, getting drunk and flirting with girls...just like old times. And Jen stayed back ALONE in Malibu all weekend!
Maniston seems way too emotional and emphatic about denying that she is getting married, telling People, "I mean, it couldn't be more of a 'No.'"
Thou doth protest too much!!
Jennifer has never denied "fake" engagement and/or wedding stories before, but suddenly she is denying the Us story.
Something hit a nerve, sources tell us... like a rough patch with boozing and gambling Vince.
Jennifer Aniston has lied and evaded many times before. This is her MO.
Our friends at all the other weeklies are eating this shit up as much as we are!

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Nicole + Brody = Laguna Beach-Style Drama!

Is it possible that Laguna Beach cutie Kristin Cavalarri could have lost her equally as cute boyfriend Brody Jenner to Nicole Richie? Don't have the answer fo' ya, but Brody told us he and Nicole are just pals. We spotted them out dining at an LA cafe yesterday and Nicole was laughing her ass off -- more giggles and smiles than we've ever seen her display while hanging with DJ AM ...

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Kelly Not Peppy For Puppy?

Jeez, from the look on Kelly Osbourne's face, you'd think she was holding a sack of potatoes instead of a puppy she's had for two days!

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 I've really enjoyed being a part of the launch team for  which will go live on June 30th. Pleas...