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Tori Spelling is still on her neverending quest to prove to everyone how cool she is. Her most recent move is telling Giant magazine that she and her new husband like to watch the hardcore porn that they get from The owner of the website was reportedly so thrilled with Tori giving his site a shout out that in addition to promising Tori free porn for life, he promised Page Six a list of all the dirty movies Tori and Dean have enjoyed popcorn to. Not surprisingly, Tori's peeps were not pleased and told the guy he better not print that dirty list up for anyone. Yeah, whatever. Oh Toto doll, don't you know you'd be a lot cooler if you had the cahones (or maybe I should say, fake titties) to walk into the Hustler store on Sunset and buy your porn in person, not order it online? Amateur!
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Is Justin and Cameron over

Justin and Cameron were in Hawaii this past weekend on a "romantic" vacation, and as soon as we saw this pic, we rung up our body language expert, Dr. Perezian.

Says, Dr. P, "Justin looks about as thrilled as I am when I go in for a root canal. Cameron is desperately trying to cling onto him - and onto their relationship - but Timberlake is not receptive to her advances. There is a big disconnect between these two, despite their close proximity to each other. They're over!"

There might be something to those breakup rumors, after all!

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July 28 - Jessica Alba Playing With Her Dog


July 25 - Nicole Richie Singing Karaoke Wearing Underwear


Lindsay Lohan - i-D Magazine Cover - September 2006


July 29 - Christina Aguilera and Jordy Out For Dinner at Hamasaku


Tara Reid used to be hot, what happened?

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Is Hilary Duff a virgin or not?+

Hilary Duff graced the cover of Elle recently and in the article it was reported that she claimed she was still a virgin. Now Duff is saying she never said that. She told Much Music:

"The thing is that I didn't say that. I wouldn't say that. I don't know how [the writer] got that out of what I said." Duff went on to say that the subject is "definitely not something that I would talk about or that I would want people to focus on. Or that I even think it's appropriate to talk about. Whose business is that?"

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Matt Damon out with wife and kids

Hugh Jackson- a major hottie shirtless

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Lindsay partyin on friday with her boyfriend the 28


Lindsays mom making excuses for her bad behavior

On Lindsay:
"There is only so much a child can take. My daughter is a wonderful child. This [attention on Lindsay's partying] is too much."

On the letter sent to Lindsay last week:
"Maybe [the angry producer] has personal issues with whomever, and it came out with my child. I don't know him. I can't judge him. I don't think it was a smart thing to do to a young girl."

On Lindsay's most recent hospitalization for "overheating" and "dehydration":
"On the set it was 105 degrees. And she has bronchial asthma - so any extreme heat or cold, she can't breathe. [Lindsay] was wearing winter clothes and she was telling people, 'I need water, I need water.' And they just want to get the shot, want to get the shot."

On making up lies excuses for her daughter:
"I'm a mother and will do what I need to do to protect my child. ...She's a human being. There was one day when she was late, and they (director Garry Marshall and costar Jane Fonda) worked the schedule around her. Garry, Jane, everybody loves her."

On Linday's work in Georgia Rule:
"She will win an Academy Award for this picture. ... Justice!"

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Britney and Kevin in Vegas

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Gwen Stefani looking cute

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Britney's "Oops..." Among Top Summer songs of 21st century

In the Boston Herald, they listed the Top 10 Summer Songs of the 21st Century (so far).

"Oops ... I Did It Again" Britney Spears (2000)
It's no Brian Wilson magnum opus, but it's a gooey sweet indulgence you can justify only during the summer months -- just like Chipwiches.

Among the other 10 songs include:
"Weapons of Choice" Fat Boy Slim (2000)
"Flake" Jack Johnson (2001)
"Crazy In Love" Beyonce & Jay-Z (2003)
"Hey Ya!" OutKast (2003)
"Somebody Told Me" The Killers (2004)
"Naked As We Came" Iron & Wine (2004)
"Girl" Beck (2005)
"Mornings Eleven" the Magic Numbers (2005)
"Steady As She Goes" the Raconteurs (2006)

Then they listed the public & critic's choice songs of this summer (2006) which include many for Gnarls Barkley "Crazy", Lloyd Banks "Hands Up", Shakira "Hips Don't Lie", Nelly Furtado "Promiscuous", Jessica Simpson "A Public Affair", John Mayer "Waiting For The World To Change", Cassie "Me & U", Corinne Bailey Rae "Put Your Records On", among others.

Worst Song of Summer 2006?
Taylor Hicks "Do I Make You Proud"

Scans of Kevin on Stepping Out magazine

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KEVIN FEDERLINE's music career has been slammed by talent show judge KARA DIOGUARDI, who insists he would be nowhere without his famous wife BRITNEY SPEARS. The rapper is eagerly awaiting the release of his debut album PLAYING WITH FIRE, which includes a duet with his superstar spouse. But DioGuardi, part of the panel on new show THE ONE: MAKING OF A MUSIC STAR and who has written and produced for CELINE DION, KELLY CLARKSON and THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS, has heard K-FED in action and is not impressed. She tells Celebrity Week, "His rhyming is not so great. I would tell him that if he didn't have a famous wife, I don't know where he would be. And I would tell him that K-Fed is the most retarded name I have ever heard. It is a terrible name. Whoever came up with that name, he needs to break away from them immediately."

Source: ContactMusic

Top 25 Moments In MTV History

USATODAY.COM: Along the way, the network made headlines and supplied countless indelible memories. USA TODAY'S Cindy Clark, Jayme Deerwester, Taryn Hartman, Korina Lopez, Whitney Matheson and Alison Maxwell take us back through 25 key moments.

24. Girl meets girl
Aug. 28, 2003

The moment:
Madonna performed her classic hit Like a Virgin with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears at the Video Music Awards. The Material Girl caused a sensation when she shared an open-mouthed kiss with Spears.

What made it special: The network hyped a "big event" before the broadcast, but no one quite expected a same-sex kiss between a music icon and a pop sex kitten. "I didn't know it was going to be that long and everything," Spears told CNN


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Fantasy Perfume most stolen perfume at Kohl's

..I work at Kohls & just recently we got in a bunch of name brand perfumes (Curious, Fantasy, Paris Hilton, Baby Phat, etc).

Our new fragrance department has been around no longer than TWO weeks and the Fantasy perfume has been the #1 stolen perfume resulting in over $1,000+...Again, $1,000+ stolen of Fantasy in only TWO weeks...Imagine that, our little Britney is a big big name at Kohls!

Just thought I'd share because that's pretty huge.


Kevin Federline is shooting new video tomorrow

Source: Diana's dirt

Sam Delaney fears the hip-hop 'tsunami' that is K-Fed

"Who told this bastard he can't rap?" demands Kevin Federline in his latest musical release. Inevitably, he's referring to himself in the third person. "I've got 50 mill, I can do whatever I want!" he concludes. It's a sad indictment of America's heralded constitutional system, but he's probably right. K-Fed really is above the law. At least he doesn't seem subject to the parameters that govern most people's lives.

He married Britney Spears, one of the world's most sought after women, and successfully cultivated an existence that appeared to consist of lying around her mansion getting high and occasionally ratting on her without ever having to face the consequences. Despite his proud assertion that he's "got 50 mill" (money that he couldn't possibly have accumulated through his work as a back-up dancer in pop videos) he is indignant at the suggestion that he's a kept man. And just to put paid to those accusations once and for all, he has launched his own music career as K-Fed the gangsta rapper, and is in negotiations to sign a deal with Britney's own label, Jive Records. Great!

Late last year, his website hinted at an impending power shift in the world of hip-hop. "2006... I'm coming!" he promised. Jay Z and Kanye doubtlessly pissed their pants with fear. Numerous ambitious claims were made by K-Fed over the following months. "My album is sure to set dancefloors across the world on fire!" he proclaimed. "There will be initial shock and awe." It was about as convincing as a stone head telling you about the formula one sports car they were planning to build from scratch in their mum's back garden. Eventually, he had to put his money where his mouth was and released a track online. It was called PopoZao (meaning "Nice Ass"), was sung largely in Portuguese and was described by one website as being "barely coherent mumbling over the demo key on a Casio keyboard." Which was pretty fair.
Now there's an album on its way called Playing With Fire. His producer, Disco D, says, "Kevin doesn't even write anything down. He just goes in straight and freestyles." You can tell. In America's Most Hated, the fledgling rhyme artist spits: "You're gonna need a big army if you're coming for me, I'm Kevin Federline, coming like a tsunami." He also claims to be "So high, I could probably drop a **** and fly." I don't quite know what this means but I'm sure you'll agree it paints an engaging mental image.

Anyway, the important thing for K-Fed is that he is taken seriously as an artist. That way he'll no longer be accused of loving Britney just for her money. "What you hear about in all those bull**** ass magazines is bull****," he explains.

source: The Guardian

Most of all, he hopes songs like Nice Ass and America's Most Hated might one day stop the international media conspiracy from using him as their stooge. "The same day Dick Cheney shoots someone they've got me on the cover of MSN!" he protests. "It's like they're diverting attention from what's really going on!"
While pregnant with Shiloh Nouvel, Angelina Jolie wore the Basic Shirred Back Tee and long
Basic V Neck Tee in black (of course). Christine Taylor was photographed wearing Chiarakruza's silk Keyhole Top, and Corriander Top with Tux Pants during her last pregnancy with son Quinlin Dempsey Stiller. Jennifer Garner, while pregnant with Violet Anne, was photographed looking casual yet stylish in the Rodin Top in blue. Britney Spears has a number of Chiarakruza items from her pregnancy with Sean Preston, and seemed comfortable in their Frank Dress, as well as their Klee Pants.


Vote 4 Kevin

S0urce: Britneyspearsforum/In Touch Weekly

clear pic of Sean and Jamie

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Old Toyota Commercial Photos

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watch it here:

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Britney Spears ranked top virus celebrity

Pop singer Britney Spears has edged out Bill Gates as the celebrity most commonly associated with malicious software distributed via e-mail, according to data released Monday from security software company Panda Software SL.
[Britney Spears ranked top virus celebrity]

Pop singer Britney Spears has edged out Bill Gates as the celebrity most commonly associated with malicious software distributed via e-mail, according to data released Monday from security software company Panda Software SL.

Researchers combed through the seven years of virus-laden messages stored in Panda's malware database to determine which celebrities most often had their names involuntarily used in association with malicious spam. Rounding out the top five in Panda's "celebrity virus ranking," were Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Osama Bin Laden.

Virus writers will use the names of well-known people in order to entice users into clicking on Web links or open up files that then infect their computers, said Patrick Hinojosa, chief technical officer at Panda Software's U.S. subsidiary. "It's a method of social engineering," he said. "A lot of the time it has to do with the timeliness of a current news event."

Virus writers have two ways of spreading their code: finding an exploit within a piece of widely used software, or tricking users into launching malicious code on their own computers, Hinojosa said. Often the latter method is the simplest, he said.

Panda has seen celebrity viruses since it began compiling data in 1998, and the technique has remained essentially unchanged, Hinojosa said.

Examples include well known viruses such as the "ILoveYou" and the "Anna Kournikova" virus, as well as an e-mail that began circulating last week which claims that pop singer Michael Jackson has attempted suicide.

Users who click on the Web link provided with the Michael Jackson e-mail run the risk of having their computers infected by a combination of malicious software, because of a flaw in Internet Explorer, Hinojosa said.

Panda's top ten celebrity virus rankings are as follows:

1 - Britney Spears

2 - Bill Gates

3 - Jennifer Lopez

4 - Shakira

5 - Osama Bin Laden

6 - Michael Jackson

7 - Bill Clinton

8 - Anna Kournikova

9 - Paris Hilton

10 - Pamela Anderson.

MTV adds BOMT as a ground breaking video at MTV over drive list

It's not really like a list but 25 video's that are ground breaking. It's not the same as the other list that was posted. I guess this is the US version. It's at MTV's Over Drive.

Source: Britneyspearsforum

New candids : Britney in Las Vegas!


An aspiring hip-hop star signed to THE STREETS rapper MIKE SKINNER's record label has come up with a tongue-in-cheek reply to LILY ALLEN's UK number one SMILE. The witty response - titled VILE - sees rapper EXAMPLE pose as the singer's ex-boyfriend and opens: "At first you made me smile/It was nice for a while/But then you turned vile". He also accuses the pop star - who has spoken candidly of her drug-taking - of burning him with a joint. He says, "I think Lily has heard the track. I gave it to her producer to play to her. "We just did it for a laugh. Hip-hop artists take life too seriously." A bemused Allen responds on her website: "To all who were wondering, he was never my boyfriend . I do think his version is very funny though. And I think the sock video is pretty good too." Example has also recorded an embittered parody of BRITNEY SPEARS' hit TOXIC, complaining, "Your breath’s f**king toxic."

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In Touch Magazine and Life and style- the latest

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Ashley Olsen - Nylon Magazine Photoshoot

Check out the rest here:


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - Vogue - August 2006

Check out the rest here:


July 21 - Mary-Kate Olsen Leaving a Beverly Hills Salon


July 23 - Lindsay Lohan Leaving the Ivy Restaurant


July 25 - Nicole Richie Dressed Up For Her Dad’s Music Video


Nicole Richie - Deluxe Magazine - Fall 2006

Check out the rest here:


Christina Aguilera - Seventeen Magazine - September 2006

Check out the rest here:


July 23 - Mischa Barton Looking Bored While Eating Lunch


xtina without makeup

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Pam anderson plans mutiple weddings

I give up trying to get this article up here, so to check it out go to

Screech's Ten Inch Monster

Do you have Screech stalkers?
I have Dustin Diamond stalkers. I have people who are fans of the show that show up — girls who have heard the legend of the D.

The eight-inch monster?

You didn't listen to that [Howard Stern] transcript did you?


Ten inches. Okay, good.
I have girls showing up and saying, "Ruin me." One of them, I don't know if she had all of her teeth. I mean, most of them were there.

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Nicole Richie looking extremely thin

Sorry Update Have Been Slow

I have been extremely busy with my other site BE with this whole virus thing and its driving me nuts and is draining my engery so this is the last place i want to bed. So anyway here are a couple of updates to get you for a while.

Eva Longoria has huge hands

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Is Halle Pregnant?

Back in November Halle told Oprah that when she turns 40, "If there's no serious man, whoever I'm dating at the time, I'll say, 'Hey, would you like to have a baby? I'll sign a paper that will say I won't ask you for one red cent.'" Well, Halle's 40 next month and she looks to be bearing a bump. Did she ask her super hot model Gabriel Aubrey to share his genes?

Source: PopSugar

Scarlett Sporting Cellulite

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Lohan Rushed To The Hospital!

Multiple sources confirm exclusively to that Lindsay Morgan Lohan was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Lohan was taken from the set of her film Georgia Rule to a local hospital.

Lindsay's publicist, Leslie Sloane-Zelnick, tells that Lohan was trated for "overheating," was hydrated and released that same day.

A great blog

 I've really enjoyed being a part of the launch team for  which will go live on June 30th. Pleas...