Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yet Another Reason It Sucks to Be Homeless

Kudos (bars) to the British restaurant Bumpkin that is offering free meals to skinny models. We’re sure the reason anorexia is so prevalent amongst models is because of the skyrocketing price of food these days. Because even though they’re being paid $5,000 a day to work up the strength to physically stand-up and sometimes even walk a 150 ft loop down a plank, food is spensy! What’s a bag of Doritos going for these days, anyway, like $300 right?

Models with a BMI of less than 18 who visit Bumpkin for lunch or dinner will be invited to select any food off the menu, simply by showing their modeling card which states if they are size zero, the restaurant said.

This is a great idea, though we kind of feel sorry for the millions of homeless people not pretty enough, tall enough, or skinny enough to qualify, we’ve got to hand it to Bumpkin for personifying their establishment into a sleazy old billionaire. Genius publicity stunt? Yes. But cheap and kind of gross move? Surely. Not to get all Civic Action Jackson, but as an exchange for the insane publicity surrounding this stunt, it would be heartwarming to see Bumpkin donate some food to a soup kitchen instead.

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