Monday, April 30, 2007

Naiomi Watts doing Yoga

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Keri's All About Being a Waitress

Keri Russell was looking all glowy cute and pregnant at the NYC premiere of her new movie, Waitress, this weekend. In the movie she plays a pregnant -- wait for it-- waitress (how appropriate!) alongside Cheryl Hines and Jeremy Sisto

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Natalie Gives Hope

Natalie obviously had little interest in posing for the cameras at LAX the other day, but what does interest her these days is working with developing countries. As the Foundation for International Community Assistance's (FINCA) Ambassador of Hope, she's launching the Village Banking Campaign. The campaign will open over 100,000 community banks in the poorest regions of the world, allowing men and women access to loans and banking services they wouldn't otherwise have. She even shot a documentary in Mexico recently documenting the people they were able to help. As if we needed another reason to love Natalie.

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Britney's Got a Brand New Man (Again)

Britney somehow managed to dress herself in a non-scandalous way while out with her new man friend, musician Howie Day, in Beverly Hills this weekend. Rumor has it that the two met in rehab, and while there's no proof that this friendship is anything romantic, Brit certainly looks pretty giddy in his car on Saturday night.

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Kate Moss Launches Topshop in the UK!

Kate was looking every bit the supermodel when she left her home earlier today to go promote her new collection at Topshop in London. Ms Moss was actually the mannequin in the Oxford Street store! The crowds were outrageous and apparently shoppers were only allowed to buy five items at a time (most likely to prevent them from being sold on eBay)! We can't wait until she brings the clothes stateside at Barneys NY on May 8th

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Alyson Hannigan's Healthy On and Off Screen Relationship

How I Met Your Mother is e on tonight and stars Alyson Hannigan - the totally normal lovely band camp American Pie actress in a much more fitting role. She even talks about her big upcoming wedding on the show and how refreshing it is to see a couple on TV that has a healthy relationship. The two-part wedding episode starts next week but this week we get to watch our favorite TV bachelor Barney in awe of his idol Bob Barker. Neil Patrick Harris always cracks us up and we can't wait to see what's in store for us tonight.

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David's All Business in Bilbao

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Nicole and Joel Check Out The Koala Bears

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were in Sydney for the Australian MTV Music Awards but the couple made time for some PDA at the zoo. Nicole was bashful one minute and smiling for the cameras the next. Apparently she petted a koala bear (I thought they were actually unfriendly cute creatures but perhaps she has some special way with them).

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Jess and John Check Out What Atlanta Has to Offer


Peter Andre is NOT Dead

The internet rumors that Jordan's hubby, Peter Andre, kicked the bucket are not true. Peter is in the hospital with menangitis and is in stable condition. The Sun spoke with a hospital rep who said that he's not dead.
They said he is alive and recovering. Pete's family has flown in from Cyprus to be with him. Jordan has visited, but has been told to stay away because she's pregnant with their child and Pete could be contagious.

Coachella Brings Out the Ugly

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Kim Kardashian settled money for her sex tape

Us Weekly is reporting that Kim Kardashian has settled with Vivid Entertainment for $5 million. Kim sued the company back in February for distributing a sex tape she made with Ray-J. Kim claims she didn't leak the tape, but come on.....
Vivid must also stop selling the tape by May.
A source close to Kim said, "Kim is relieved that she can now move on from this embarrassing chapter in her life."

Sony is SICK!!!!!!

Sony used a freshly slaughtered goat to promote their video game "God of War II." Guests at the party were invited to eat offal from the goat's stomach. Offal is basically goat intestines! The pictures even appeared in the official Playstation magazine.
God of War II is being called the most violent video game in history.
Sony claims the goat was not killed at the event and was brought to the party already dead. The event was held in Greece . Sony has apologized and said they are "conducting an investigation." What's to investigate!?!!!

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Kelly Osbourne and Amy Winehouse are calling themselves "Team Evil"

Kelly Osbourne and Amy Winehouse are calling themselves "Team Evil" due to their hard partying and hell-raising.
Kelly said, "You should watch out. We call ourselves Team Evil. We like to go around causing trouble."

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Keisha Castle-Hughes, star of "Whale Rider", gave birth to a baby girl in New Zealand

17-year-old Keisha Castle-Hughes, star of "Whale Rider", gave birth to a baby girl in New Zealand. Felicity-Amore, was born Wednesday at 6:35 p.m. and weighed 7 lb., 6 oz. The baby daddy is 20-year-old Bradley Hull.
Keisha came to International fame when she was nominated for an Oscar in "Whale Rider." She has since been in Star Wars and The Nativity Story.

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Boy George Kidnapped a Hooker?!?

A hooker named Auden Carlsen claimed that he was called to Boy George's house in London to take "pictures." He claims that George and another dude kidnapped him and chained him to a wall! The dude denied he was working as an escort. He met George on the dating website Gaydar and agreeded to meet him.
Auden said, “I was convinced I was going to die. George handcuffed me to a hook by the bed as they held me down.” He claims George took out of box of sex toys and told Auden he was going to get what was coming to him. Auden found a way to escape and called the police from a nearby phone.
George was arrested, but posted bail. He will return in July to face charges.

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Replacing Rosie

It's not even been a week and several names have already been rumored as replacement for Rosie O'Donnell when she leaves "The View" in June. Inside sources say that Connie Chung, Kathie Lee Gifford, Whoopi Goldberg and Joan Rivers are all at the top of a "replacement list." At the very, very top of that list is Roseanne Barr.
An inside source at the show said that producers are looking for a strong personality like Rosie's and Roseanne fits the bill. Roseanne's rep said that she hasn't even been approached and it's just a rumor. Roseanne told Larry King recently about joining the talk show:
"I'm not looking for the job. Well, I want $10 million, like Rosie."
Elisabeth Hasselcrack will announce on the show this morning that she's knocked up and will be taking maternity leave in the Fall. She's 3-months pregnant.

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Chris and Ginnifer Screen Day Zero

Chris Klein and Ginnifer Goodwin screened their film, Day Zero at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend. In the movie Chris and Elijah Wood play New Yorkers who are drafted for the military and have only 30 days to prepare for duty. Ginnifer plays Chris' wife in the film - how perfect is that? Although many couples that work together don't make it in the long run, we think it's cute that they're still going strong.

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Kate Relives Blue Crush

She was frolicking with her boyfriend James Rousseau

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Madonna's New Do

Madonna showed off her short strawberry blonde do this weekend in London.

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What's Black & White and Red All Over? Posh!

Posh was in LA to sign the papers on their new home, which is just a stones throw away from the Cruise Compound.

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Maui Fever For a Good Cause

This weekend a bunch of celebs found a reason to head to Hawaii for more than just a vacation. The opening of Duo at the fabulous Four Seasons was also a charity event for Maui Food Banks's Kids Cafe.

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Rachel Bilson had a leisurely lunch with a friend this weekend.

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Va-Va-Voom Jessica Simpson

Damn Jessica came out in full effect this weekend. She flaunted her slightly lighter locks in LA to distract us from her curvy obvious features. This weekend she spent time with the other man in her life, Ken Paves. The two had dinner at Chi Dynasty and then continued on to Desden. Ken must be proud of himself. Jessica's latest hair looks gorgeous these days and paired with her, well, pair, she looks every bit the movie star.

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Britney getting pulled over by a cop(4/28)

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Britney Leaving a "Spa Salon" In Beverly Hills(4/29)

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Britney Getting Del Taco (4/28

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HQ pics of Britney shopping in LA(4/28)

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HQ Pics: Britney leaving Millennium Dance Studio (4/27)

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We Welcome The Return of Sarah Michelle Gellar

SMG was looking fabulous at the Tribeca Film Festival where she debuted 2 of her latest films, Suburban Girl and The Air I Breathe. I am loving all the SMG sightings we are getting these days. Hopefully with these two movies on the horizon we will see a lot more of her and that adorable husband of hers, Freddie Prinze Jr. Can you all see her squeezing his hand on the carpet? SO cute. As for the two movies, Suburban Girl is based on the wonderful book, The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing and the Air I Breathe has SMG playing a pop star that gets in trouble with the mob. I can't wait to check both of these out but more importantly, I am just glad to see her out and about again

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What Angelina Really Wants to do is Direct

Angelina Jolie, Director. Yeah, that sounds about right. The actress was at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend to debut A Place in Time, a documentary she helped direct. The film, which chronicles the lives of everyday people around the world,

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Ashley Olsen shops in Soho over the Weekend

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Sued By Former Manager

A suit has been filed against Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Los Angeles County Superior Court. The suit claims that JLH owes her management for brokering services for her TV show "Ghost Whisperer." Handprint Management claims that Jennifer breached her contract and that their services brought her "back to national prominence as a television star star."
Jennifer parted ways with Handprint Management in March 2005. Handprint also claims that Hewitt paid them in full for season one of her show, but refused to pay for season two. The suit is seeking a minimum of $350,000 in damages.

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The Royal Family Would Be Proud!!!!

Princess Beatrice of York a SoHo club in London the other night with vomit or coke on her cheek.18-year-old ran up a $10,000 booze bill before she left.

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Lindsay Lohan at Coachella

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Why Bother Even Wearing a Top?

Posh Beckham landed in Los Angeles yesterday and let her nipples do the leading

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Jessica Sierra arrested

She was an "American Idol" finalist that took her talents to Hooters in Florida.Well, she was arrested around 2am on Sunday at the Hyde Park Cafe in Tampa, FL. She smashed a glass over a man's head gashing his eye open. She was arrested for battery. The police said, “Sierra was not cooperative with police, she was belligerent, kicking at back window when she was placed in the patrol car, and warned several times if she didn’t stop kicking, she would be placed in leg constraints."

She was later released on $11,500 bond.

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Fergie wearing 7outfits as host of MTV Australia awards

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Nicole Richie at MTV Awards in Australia

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ryan Does it for the Kids

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Beckham Hits the Field

David Beckham hid his new platinum locks while at practice this week.

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Kirsten's Still Going

Here's the latest looks from Kirsten Dunst at the Paris and Stockholm premieres of - you guessed it - Spider-Man 3

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Jamie-Lynn About to Explore Life Outside The Meadow

Jamie-Lynn Sigler donned a lot of black leather to shoot some of her very last scenes for The Sopranos. The actress rose to stardom and grew up on the HBO series, so naturally she has mixed feelings about the final season. Jamie-Lynn recently opened up about growing up on the set and playing the mob boss' daughter

“When it started,” she says, “I was playing a teenage girl who wasn’t getting along with her mom and was frustrated by her dad and annoyed by her brother. It wasn’t something very far-fetched for me to play.”

“After playing this character for so long and having grown up with her in so many ways, I love her,” Sigler makes clear. “But there are many times when I don’t like her.”

“I’ll never be on another show like this. And now, it’s like graduating from high school. We’re getting ready to enter into the unknown.”

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DKNY Jeans Coachella House

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