Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ryan Seacrest woke up Brit Brit Spears this morning on his 102.7 KIIS-FM radio show. Basically, she was out of it

They tried to talk about her kids, but she said "my lawyers know all that." Then Ryan asked about Tony Romo and she said "Who?!"
She said she celebrated the launch of her album last night by "watching a movie." Don't ask her which one, because she didn't know!
You can hear Sam Lufti cackling through the entire interview.

listen to the video:

Nicole made a little stop at Petco yesterday to pick up a pet goldfish.

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Tom Cruise Loves All His Children Equally

Tommy recently told Hello! Magazine that he loves all his children equally. "I wanted to be a father all my life. Truly, it makes no difference to me between my adopted children and Suri. I've never separated them in my thoughts - I just don't feel that way about it."

"I like to encourage my kids to be open to other people, and other ways of life, and to be curious about them. That's why we like to travel as a family. I always say to my children how important it is to try and look at things from someone else's point of view, and that's what travel does for you. We can look at other people, see what we have in common with them, and celebrate our differences from them."

Here's Lohan leaving a pizza joint

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Star Magazine reports that Owen Wilson is dating Jessica Simpson

The two were seen having dinner at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica this past weekend. After dinner they went to Owen's Malibu home.
A witness said, "He couldn't keep his hands off her."

Ashley's Older Dude

36-year-old Lance Armstrong recently split up from designer Tory Burch and it looks like he's traded up. Lance showed up to the Rose Bar in NYC on Monday night with 21-year-old Ashley Olsen. Witnesses told Page Six that the two were making out all night.
"They came together with a group of friends. Ashley drank red wine, sat on his lap and they were making out all night. They left together around 2 a.m."

Brit Brit did not regain 50/50 custody of her kids

Commissioner Scott Gordon issued his decision today. Brit will get two visits a week from 12 to 7pm. She also got one overnight visit. All her visits will be monitored. In his order he wrote that the parenting coach said Brit hardly paid any attention to her boys when they were there.
The parenting coach also wrote, "The problem is that unless Ms. Spears realizes the consequences of her behavior and the impact that it has [on] her children, nothing is going to be successful."
He went on to say that "the environment at the house ranged from chaotic to almost somber with little communication at all."
Brit also has to show proof that she's child protected the pool by Friday. She also must continue to meet with the parenting coach for two hours every week and also continue counseling with KFed.
Us Weekly reports that Brit will continue her twice a week drug testing . She made a request to stop it. The judge denied her.

JLo's record label, Epic, is reportedly looking to dump her!

JLo's latest album "Brave" failed to spark. It only sold around 53,000 copies in its first week. That's not the reason why they want to dump her. She's too expensive!
The Scoop reports her video alone cost $300,000. Her album cover cost $60,000. When JLo performed on "Good Morning America" and "Dancing with the Stars" she made the label eat the cost. A source said the label makes only $4 per CD. They aren't even going to break even.
JLo's make-up person alone costs $8,000 a day.
The source said, “Sony and Epic might keep her, but she’ll be doing little more than greatest hits albums. That you can do without incurring a huge cost. The label is tired of throwing money away.

Brit Brit went to Winston's wearing a pirates costume

Ok Magazine eports that inside Winston's Brit asked to change with the bartender.
A source said, “While waiting for a (bathroom) stall to open up, Britney turned to the bartender, who was wearing a low-cut black dress, and said, ‘you have nice tits! Mine are all saggy’!"
Brit then told the bartenderto switch clothes with her.
At this point, the bartender felt that she had no choice but to comply,” the eyewitness says. “The ladies proceeded to switch outfits and Britney happily walked back to her booth in the bartender’s duds. The bartender, clearly taken aback, but with a great attitude, went back behind the bar and continued serving drinks in Spear’s French maid outfit, telling patrons, ‘I’m wearing Britney’s costume, including her bra! She made me take her bra’!

Jessica Simpson In Some Hot Daisy Dukes Action

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Here's Fergie with the Black Eyed Peas in Sydney.

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Here's Russell at a screening for "American Gangster"

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Brad Pitt to play the unabomber?

Would Brad Pitt be a convincing Unabomber? His production company, Plan B, is considering a biopic about Ted Kaczynski, the Harvard-educated, manifesto-scribbling, beard-sporting, imprisoned-for-life terrorist who killed three and wounded 23 with his letter bombs.

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Nicole Richie’s Rep Denies Smoking Rumors

Nicole Richie’s rep has denied all the rumors that Nicole was smoking while pregnant.

“accounts of Richie smoking are ‘irresponsible and untrue.’ And while New York Post columnist Cindy Adams claims Richie lit up outside New York restaurants DaSilvano and Nobu (with fiance and father-to-be Joel Madden, even), Richie and Madden are reportedly abroad and nowhere near New York.”

A new book about Madonna called "Madonna: Like An Icon" claims that a baby between Madonna and Tupac Shakur almost happened

Madge briefly dated Tapuc in the 90s and this when she was on a "sperm donor" hunt and desperately wanted a baby. According to Madge's friend, Tupac dumped her.
"She was going out with him ... but homegirls were say ing to him, 'I can't believe you're going out with a white girl - so she got dumped!"

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Angelina Pregnancy Rumors Never Die

Shiloh's days as the only chosen one might be numbered. The Sun reports that Angelina Jolie was set to speak at a conference in Italy, but pulled out because she's knocked up. Italian newspapers reported a bun in the oven was the reason why Angie cancelled.
A spokeswoman for the center where Angie was supposed to give her lecture said, “Angelina cancelled last week. Due to her privacy I can’t confirm her pregnancy, but I can say that the Italian newspapers are correct in their reports.”

Britney at Winstons

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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Mirror has this hilarious article on how Britney Spears will enrage the Catholic church with some of the pictures included in her album which comes out on Tuesday.
Britney Spears is now set to outrage the Catholic Church with this kinky "confession" photo-shoot.

In the shortest of skirts, the troubled star flashes her fishnet stocking-clad legs in the confessional box while a handsome priest listens to her repenting.

In another "very naughty" pose for her new album Blackout, she even sits on his lap in the cubicle, an insider revealed last night.

Nicole Kidman's Movie Under Fire

Christian groups are boycotting and staging a campaign against the Nicole Kidman movie "The Golden Compass" due to the book's anti-God themes. The film is based on a trilogoy of books by Philip Pullman. Philip is a known atheist. New Line has watered down the film version and removed all the offensive anti-religion themes which has angered Atheists. Damn, they can't win.
Christian and Catholic groups are more concerned with the books and feel that with the movie will send children running to read the rest of the books. In the final book of the trilogy, a character named God is killed. They find out that God isn't a God after all and is a phoney. This is a children's book?!
The watered down version comes out this Christmas. Atheists are still happy about the film, because it will give his books the attention they never got in the States.
The head of the Freedom From Religion Foundation said, "What this book is about is casting off Church authority. I think it's very, very positive. There should be something for freethinking children. It's a very good yarn."

Source: Fox News

Justin Timberlake getting frisky

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More Halle Berry Boobage

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Angelina & Maddox’s Toy Shopping Spree

Angelina Jolie takes her oldest son Maddox , 6, for the ultimate toy shopping spree at KB Toys in Beverly Hills on Sunday afternoon. Maddox seemed to enjoy the talking parrot the most!

Momgelina and Maddox came out carrying three huge bags full of toys, some of which I’m sure are for Mad’s brothers and sisters!

Toy purchases include a Warrior Playset, a Rapid Fire Dart Blaster and Pop Rocks candy.

And best of all, Angie picked up The High School Musical East High Yearbook Dress-Up Collection! YES!!! GO WILDCATS!!!

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Justin Timberlake is a Such a Diva

Justin Timberlake has upset his Australian fans with his diva-like behavior.

The 'SexyBack' singer, who performed two concerts in Brisbane at the weekend, snubbed fans waiting outside the Jade Buddha restaurant despite promising them autographs on Friday.

Timberlake, 26, told admirers who had spotted him in the waterfront eatery he would sign autographs after lunch, but later made a hasty exit from the restaurant without returning to see the fans.

He also reportedly failed to leave a tip despite being given a free $140 meal.

The singer, whose behaviour was described as "surly", also insulted one photographer as he left the restaurant, according to Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper.

The excited paparazzo told Timberlake: "If my kid could see me now, he'd be so excited."

Timberlake reportedly replied: "I can't believe they let you reproduce children."

When Timberlake was asked if he was enjoying his stay in Brisbane, he grunted in response and ignored fans who were excitedly waving and shouting to him.

The following day, Australian radio station B105 managed to telephone Timberlake's hotel room but when the DJ identified himself, Timberlake moodily hung up.

The singer-and-actor is notorious for his hatred of photographers and has previously flown into fits of rage at paparazzi.

Source: Hollywood Rag

Weed Isn't A Drug

In an interview with GQ, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said weed is not a drug. Arnold said he had never taken drugs even though he was filmed smoking weed in a 1970s documentary.
He said, "That is not a drug. It's a leaf. My drug was pumping iron, trust me." His rep later said his comments were taken out of context and of course he believes weed is a drug.
He went on to talk about politicans and drugs. "What would you rather have? A politician taking stuff and not saying, but making the best decisions and improving things? Or a politician who names all the drugs he or she has taken but makes lousy decisions for the country?" he asked.

"Why should I care if a politician takes sleeping pills every night so long as he can do his job?"

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Brit was caught with Sam Lufti, at a gas station in Malibu

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Here's Christina at the Murakamo Exhibition last night in L.A.

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Oprah has traveled to her South African all-girls school twice in one week following reports of alleged abuse going down at the school. reports that one of the matrons fondled at least one girl, choked another girl and cursed out several students. It became so bad that one girl ran away.
In an emergency meeting, Oprah told parents, "I've disappointed you. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry."
She gave them her personal phone number, e-mail and mailing address. Oprah hired investigators and also put the Principal and one another matron on leave.

Victoria Beckham Gets A Super Surprise From David

When Victoria Beckham got back from London this week after doing promotions with the Spice Girls and working on her clothing line, she was greeted with a surprise at the L.A. airport…a new car! David bought the family a new Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet, which runs around $200,000. On top of that he supposedly spent another $200,000 getting it customized.

In other news, Victoria went brown!! She also got some extensions


Brit Brit parties with Tony Romo

After the custody hearing, Britney and Alli Sims went to Ketchup, where Tony Romo ( who's been linked recently to Sophia bush and Carrie Underwood) was having dinner.

The threesome later headed to Les Deux, where they chilled in the VIP room.

Source: People

38-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones swears she's not anorexic

People reports that CZJ's granddaddy, Michael Douglas, told her about media reports that she had an eating disorder.
CZJ said, "Michael was laughing at me. He told me what [people had] said – that stories say I'm anorexic. Do I look anorexic?. How could I ever, ever be anorexic?"
She claims she's just been eating right and working out. BLAH.

Here's Nicole in Hollywood attending her baby shower thrown by the ever-lovely Samantha Ronson.

Cindy Adamds claims that mother-to-be Nicole Richie was caught lighting up twice in NYC. A witness saw a pregnant Nicole smoking outside of DaSilvano. Three days later she was spotted smoking outside of Nobu after dinner.

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Jordan cleaned herself up for a shoot with You Magazine

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

K-Feds girlfriend speaks

KFed's alleged girlfriend, Nicole Narain, is making some money off the whole custody debacle by speaking to The News of the Worl Nicole claims KFed has confided in her on why he left Brit and why he's fighting for custody of his two boys. In case you don't know this trick, she was Colin Farrell's co-star in that little sex video. Here's what this slut claims:
KFed caught Brit breastfeeding JJ while she was drunk on vodka
Brit hit on Nicole once in the bathroom
KFed's afraid she's going to kill herself and their children
She leaves the kids alone in the pool
Nicole said it was the incident where Brit was breastfeeding JJ while drunk that made KFed realize he needed out of the marriage.
KFed allegedly told Nicole, "I'd see her walking around the house guzzling vodka and Coke and looking very tipsy. Then a few moments later, I saw her pick up Jayden and start breast-feeding him. That sent me up the wall. I yelled at her, ‘If you really wanna drink then make sure the baby gets bottled milk, not yours.' I was terrified she was poisoning my son. But she wouldn't listen. She never would. She treated me like one of her employees who bowed to her every whim."

Nicole claims KFed is not fighting for his boys, because of the money. He's doing it, because he cares for them. She also said that KFed has rooms in his house for his other kids with Shar Jackson.

Zac Efron, on his way to the gym yesterday for a workout

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Paris started screaming at the employees of a porn store in Toronto on Wednesday afternoon about advertising her porn flick.

Paris yelled at them in her "serious" voice, "You guys can't use my image in a porn store. I'm going to call my lawyer and sue the fuck out of this place." She started tearing the posters down and telling them to take everything out or she's going to "call the fucking cops."
After she left, a man described as her manager came in and threatened the store to keep quiet or they will have a lawsuit on their hands.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Eat It, Lick It, Snort It, Fuck It!

Spears VS. Federline is over for the day. It was just a day of testimony and the judge didn't rule anything. Both Brit and KFed testified. Extra TV reports that one of their people asked Britney how she was doing and she replied, "Eat it, lick it, snort it, fuck it!"

Brit apparently left looking upset and some people said she was crying. KFed left smiling.

Britney showed up at court

TMZ is giving us the blow by blow. She's apparently walked out of the courtroom twice. She walked out once to change her glasses from black to brown and take her hair down. Apparently the she was crying.

Orlando Bloom won't be charged with trying to walk away from the car accident he caused reports TMZ.

Two people were injured, one girl fractured her neck.
They say Bloom was not under the influence just dazed and he only walked away from the scene to get away from the paps. They also say he "was being pursued by 4 vehicles containing paparazzi and one vehicle containing fans."

Hayden Panettiere went shopping for a camera in Los Angeles on Monday


Double Take

Image Hosted by

I don't think Jessica Alba has a sister, but she may have a decoy.

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Petey dodged a bullet today and was not sentenced to jail.

He was given a fine and a suspended custodial sentence. This was for a drunk driving charge from last May. I've lost track on how many damn DUI charges he has. At least a million.
The fine was around $1,000.

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Dakota Fanning and her little sister, Elle Fanning, will star as Cameron Diaz's daughters in the film adaptation of the novel "My Sister's Keeper."

Nick Cassavates will direct the movie this March in LA.
Elle will play a girl that sues her parents for emancipation when she finds out that they only had her to be a genetic match for her sister who is dying from cancer. The girls in the book are older, but the decision to cast younger actresses was made, because Cammy was playing the mother.

Owen Wilson Gives First Interview – on MySpace

Owen Wilson Gives First Interview – on MySpace | Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson has given his first interview since his suicide attempt – to his longtime friend, director Wes Anderson.

In the interview, to be posted online Friday at midnight, Wilson talks with the director of his latest film, The Darjeeling Limited, as part of the MySpace Artist on Artist series according to USA Today

Wilson has been mum about the night when cops were called to his house for what a police report labeled an "attempt suicide" in August.

At the time, Wilson asked for privacy with a statement saying, "I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time."

There is no word on whether Wilson will address his recent troubles.

In September, at the Venice Film Festival, Anderson said that his friend was "doing well." He added: "When he's ready he's going to speak for himself much better than anyone else could. He has a very good way with words."

Wilson and Anderson have worked together on multiple projects, including Bottle Rocket and The Royal Tenenbaums, which they co-wrote, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Source: People

Here's Denise at Dr. Rey's product launch yesterday

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Carmen Electra, Jewel and Bai Ling came out to support Dr. Rey's Instant Shape.

Instant Shape is basically like Spanx and Dr. Rey is selling that at Sears and HSN. Dr. Rey claims Instant Shape allows women to wear two sizes smaller.

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Renee Zellweger attended the NYC premiere of her movie "Bee Movie" last night.

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Lindsay Lohans mom will start shooting her reality show for E! on October 30th reports People

Lindsays Mom will also be executive producer. Ali and Lindsay are expected to make cameos from time to time, but Lindsays Mom is the star and nobody's taking that away from her!

She said, "There are so many misconceptions about me and my family. I’m setting the record straight. It’s about empowering women to be successful single mothers. About being in the limelight without compromising motherhood. It’s about what I do, how you can be successful, and be a single mom and fulfilling your kids’ dreams. Working is my sole source of income.”
"It won’t just be following my family around like other shows. It’ll show me cultivating careers, going to soccer practice. I’m a big supporter of domestic violence charities, so they’ll show that. Then they’ll show [”my son”] Cody at soccer practice. Ali going to school and in the studio. It’ll encompass everything. You’ll see me having five business meetings in the city."

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Britney shopping and some album reviews:

"Blackout is terrible. Heck, even the title seems like a joke, considering the substance abuse allegations, even if her team tries to explain it away as a reference to "blocking out negativity and embracing life fully."-Newsday

""Blackout," her first studio album in four years, is not only a very good album, it's her best work ever — a triumph, with not a bad song to be found on the 12 tracks." - Associated Press
"Spears needs to keep it grimy, because the alternative is a numbing blandness that makes you think too long about head-scratcher lines such as Heaven on Earth's "I fall off the edge of my mind."" - USA Today
"Poetry it's not. Still, there is something delightfully escapist about Blackout, a perfectly serviceable dance album abundant in the kind of bouncy electro elements that buttressed her hottest hits (''I'm a Slave 4 U,'' ''Toxic''). Say what you will about Spears' personal life, but there's no denying that the girl knows how to have a good time." - EW

Source: dlisted

UsWeekly claims that Nicole Richie teasesJoel Madden, about his former relationship with Hilary Duff

Apparently, Joel ended stuff with Hilary, because she wouldn't give up the panty.
A source said, "She will ask if he's going to watch Lizzie McGuire DVDs or listen to Hilary's albums. Joel tells her she's being out of line."

Paris Hilton had planned a trip to Rwanda and it has been postponed

This statement was issued to People:
"Due to the restructuring of the Playing for Good Foundation, the philanthropic trip to Rwanda that the foundation had previously planned with Paris Hilton has been postponed."

"Paris has been a loyal and gracious supporter of Playing For Good but the foundation has to regrettably reschedule this trip. Playing for Good would like to thank Ms. Hilton for her generosity and her continued support of this initiative and is looking forward to rescheduling the trip with her at a later time."

Lynne Spears beat Lindsays Mom to the punch!

Ok Magazine reports that Lynne Spears will release a tell-all book in Spring 2008 on raising superstar children. She will tell her personal story on what it was like grooming Brit Brit and Jamie Lynne “while coming from a low-profile Louisiana community."
Christian publisher, Thomas Nelson, will release the book. Lynne has already 2 published books under the belt. Both were with Britney.

Scarlett Johansson gave boyfriend Ryan Reynolds her wisdom tooth for his birthday

The 'Smokin Aces' star turned 31 on Tuesday but Scarlett held an early celebration for him at Los Angeles' Chateau Marmont hotel last week where she presented him with her tooth, which had been dipped in gold and made into a necklace.

A source told E!: "She'd just had her wisdom teeth removed, so she had one dipped in gold and strung on a necklace for him."

Britney Spears' lawyer, J. Michael Flanagan, was in court today regarding her little hit and run in a parking lot a few months ago

Flanagan asked the L.A. Attorney to reduce the misdemeanor charges to traffic citations after she obtained a valid CA drivers license. He refused to.
Flanagan told Us Weekly outside the courthouse, "I've never seen a 12500 that has been correc.d go down as a misdemeanor with probation and I've only been practicing law 37 years."
The City Attorney wants Brit to be put on 12 months probation. Her attorney thinks she's being treated unfairly.
"I just need a little more time to figure out does the prosecution have the right to treat a person this way especially when they have done everything they could to right the situation."
The City Attorney and the judge have already dismissed hit-and-run charges after Brit settled with the owner of the car she hit.

Sue! Sue! Sue! Sue!

The Borat movie came out ages ago and people are still filing lawsuits.

The Smoking Gun reports:
In the movie, the quintet is seen dining with comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in an Alabama home in October 2005. During the meal, Cohen, in his guise as the clueless Borat, refers to one man as a "retard," wonders whether his hosts own slaves, and, following a bathroom trip, returns to the dinner table with a plastic bag containing what appears to be feces.
According to a complaint filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Birmingham, Cohen and his codefendants sought to portray the Alabamans as "racially intolerant" and distributed a film "memorializing the mockery, humiliation, and degradation of unsuspecting participants." The plaintiffs charge that Cohen's film, which has grossed hundreds of million of dollars, caused them emotional distress, placed them in a false light, and resulted in an invasion of privacy. The lawsuit, which does not specify monetary damages, seeks an injunction barring further use of the embarrassing "dinner scene" from "Borat."

Jordan has launched her new line of haircare electricals

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Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi have split?

A source told Star Magazine that the reason Ellen lost it on her show had little to do with Iggy and more to do with her 3-year relationship to Portia coming to an end.

A source said that their 15 year age difference is having an effect. "Portia has been telling Ellen she’s very unhappy at home. When it comes down to it, she wants to be with someone younger ad hotter. She wants out, but Ellen has been begging her to stay. Portia is really everything in this world to her.

Jessica Simpson at Frederick's fashion show last night.

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Zac Efron at the Frederick's of Hollywood fashion show last night

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Hush Money

When FBI raided David Copperfield's warehouse, they reportedly confiscated $2 million in cash. They deny this claim. The National Enquirer claims that David tried to hush the woman accusing him of rape with $2 million.
A friend of the victim said that David invited her to a party in the Bahamas . When the woman got there, the only person at the party was her. That's when David forced himself on her.
The source said, "After Copperfield had finished with her and left to clean off, the young woman had the presence of mind to use her cell phone to take photos of the crime scene. In order to preserve physical evidence she says she didn't shower. The next day, she went back home to Seattle, where her mother met her at the airport."

"Sweet Like Hayden."

InTouch however reports that Milo bought Hayden a very special gift for her Birthday.
He reportedly bought her an 18k gold ring from Tiffany & Co for around $2,000. He had it inscribed with "Sweet Like Hayden."

Lindsay Lohan smoking

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Jessica Biel left a yoga studio in Santa Monica today and instead of heading right to her car, created a scene.

She started shouting at the paps to "not get close to her" and "to get a real job." She apparently tried to hit one of them with her umbrella.

Source: dlisted

Anyway, here's Halle at the London premiere of "Things We Lost In The Fire"

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