Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sorry Mischa!

So apparently Mischa won't be playing host at Cathouse in Las Vegas tonight.

According to the NY Post, "Mischa can't give interviews on the red carpet or deal with the press right now, so they told her she can't do the event."

TMZ reports that she blew a .12 on the breathalyzer and admitted to smoking pot earlier on the day of her DUI.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Here's Lindsay attending the ceremony in Capri, Italy to receive her award for her for her contribution to the movie industry.

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David Letterman (along with Craig Ferguson) show is coming back, with their full writing staff.

According to People, they reached some deal with the union and is able to have their shows come back on air. They will return on January 2nd. The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson is produced by Worldwide Pants, Letterman's company.

David said in a statement that “I am grateful to the WGA for granting us this agreement. We’re happy to be going back to work, and particularly pleased to be doing it with our writers. This is not a solution to the strike, which unfortunately continues to disrupt the lives of thousands. But I hope it will be seen as a step in the right direction.”

As I reported earlier, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel are returning on January 2nd, but without writers. But, Leno isn't doing an opening monologue and skipping right to the interviews

Here's Jenna with Tito hosting the official preview party of NBC Reality Show "Celebrity Apprentice" at TAO Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Here's Britney shopping at Virgin Megastore in Sunset Blvd last night.

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Might Be Knocked Up

The Daily Mail claims that Nicole Kidman is with child. According to sources Nicole told her family over Christmas that she's carrying Keith Urban's baby. This will be 40-year-old Nicky's first natural kid. She has two adopted kiddies with Tom Cruise

Nicole and Keith spent their holiday in Australia while Nicole finished filming the Baz Lurhmann romantic epic "Australia."After that she begins filming "The Reader" with Ralph Fiennes in Berlin.

Keith and Nicole were married in 2006.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Angelina Jolie has been named the best celebrity humanitarian person of 2007.

Reuters conducted the survey on 606 people. They also named Bono, Desmond Tutu, Bill Gates, Mia Farrow, Don Cheadle, Brad Pitt and some other people worthy.

On the other side of the list, Madonna was named the worst celebrity humanitarian meaning she gives celebrity humanitarianism a bad name. Also joining Madge are Paris Hilton, Oprah, Bono and Bob Geldof.

Here's Brangelina shopping at a children's store named Pippen Lane in New Orleans.

Tori Spelling, her husband, Dean's son and baby Liam were out shopping in Beverly Hills again yesterday

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Brandy Is Off The Hook

Brandy will not be facing charges for vehicular manslaughter. The L.A. City Attorney came to the decision to not file any charges. Today was their deadline. The accident happened about one year ago when Brandy's car hit the car in front of her. The woman in the car, Awatef Aboudihaj, died. TMZ reported earlier that sources claim Awatef hit the car in front of her and that's how she died.

It really doesn't matter now I guess since Brandy is in the clear.

The woman's parents and husband are currently suing Brandy for millions.

Jessica Alba Working Out While Knocked Up

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Leelee Sobieski in a bikini


Madonna Directorial Debut at Berlin Fest

Madonna's debut movie as a director will have its world premiere at the annual Berlin film festival in February.

"Filth and Wisdom," starring Eugene Hutz, Richard E. Grant and Stephen Graham, will screen in the Panorama section, outside the main competition, a festival statement said Thursday.

Organizers didn't specify whether the 49-year-old singer will come to Berlin to present the movie.

The event, which runs from Feb. 7-17, is the first of the year's major European film festivals.


Ozzy Osbourne Can’t Remember

Ozzy Osbourne is struggling to write his autobiography, because he can't remember anything that's happened to him.

The former Black Sabbath frontman - who successfully fought his addiction to drink and drugs - signed a reported $2 million book deal with publishers Little Brown almost two years ago.

Since then Ozzy's wife, Sharon, has completed two memoirs of her own but the rocker's release date keeps getting pushed back, and the tome is now set to hit the shops next May.

A source said: "I cannot imagine the book being ready in five months, because so far Ozzy hasn't written anything - he hasn't even got a ghostwriter yet.

"So it is going to be some time before the book actually appears, if it ever does."

Ozzy - who once bit a bat's head off during a live show - recently confessed his memory had suffered because of his drink and drug abuse.

He revealed: "My memory isn't what it used to because of the drugs and alcohol I've been living on for the best part of my adult life.

"I often get asked, 'Is it true you snorted a line of ants?' Knowing me, there's a very good possibility. But do I remember it? No way."

Source: Hollywood Rag

Zach Braff: Good Talker, Bad Kisser

Two fun Zach Braff tidbits we've stumbled on... 1) he has a lot of really hilarious quotes, and 2) according to Chloe Sevigny's friend, Zach is a bad kisser! Do the two balance each other out? Only his New Year's eve date knows for sure...

Source: cityrag

Simon Cowell in Barbados with his girl, Teri Seymour.

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Lindsay Lohan is in Capri, Italy this weekend for the Capri Film Festival. Lindsay is being honored for her contribution to cinema

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Milo Ventimiglia Admits to Hayden Panettiere Romance

InTouch claims that at a Christmas party at the Water Grill in Los Angeles 30-year-old Milo toasted to his 18-year-old love.

A witness said, "He called her his girlfriend and said that he loved her." The source claims they spent the whole night holding hands.

Paris spent her holiday in Hawaii and landed back in Los Angeles last night.

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Two Nights In A Row

Britney was out again last night hitting up Starbucks and a couple of gas stations ending at The Peninsula Hotel. also reports she led the paps through a high-speed ride on PCH.

A witness said, "She was going, like, 90 down Sunset and on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). She was going that fast for 15 to 20 minutes. She was swerving and not paying attention to the cars in front of her. At one point she sort of stepped on her breaks really suddenly and you could hear the tires screeching. She’s not a very good driver."

Eddie Murphy Might Get Married This Weekend

Eddie Murphy might marry Tracey Edmonds this weekend in the South Pacific.

Planet Gossip's Marc Malkin claims guests were expected to arrive in Tahiti yesterday.

Eric Dane in Flaunt

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Fergie spent the day running errands in Brentwood


Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale in London


Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant

The National Enquirer reported that Aniston, 38, is expecting and speculated that the father could be either Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor or Sex and the City hunk Jason Lewis.

But her rep tells “She is not pregnant.”

An eyewitness told Us that the Friends alum sipped a martini at a Christmas Eve dinner with pals Courteney Cox and David Arquette at Mastro’s in Beverly Hills.

She also recently had her hair colored by Michael Canali — another pregnancy no-no — last week.

The star “is in a great mood,” a source told Us, despite the fact that she didn’t have a date and “left alone” after the Christmas Eve dinner. “There’s no drama, and that’s why she’s happy!”


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, 60, takes his luxury Bentley convertible to do some shopping at Barneys New York with his daughter Christina, 16.


Mischa Barton is due to host the opening of a new club Saturday in Las Vegas at the Luxor's new CatHouse club.

Mischa was busted for DUI, driving without a valid license and possessing illegal narcotics yesterday.

The club said that as far as they know the party is still on. They told OK! Magazine , "We are aware of Mischa Barton's incident last night. But at present she is still expected to host the CatHouse Grand Opening at Luxor Las Vegas on December 29."

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tori Spelling hopping at Crate & Barrell in Beverly Hills the other day

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Nicole Richie shopping

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Jessica Alba is engaged

Knocked up Jessica Alba has been wearing a diamond engagement ring lately.Her rep told People , "I can confirm that they are engaged."

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale shopping yesterday

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Riley Giles pics he sold of Lindsay Lohan

Source: Hollywood Tuna

Jessica Alba's Baby Bump Starts to Show


Lindsay Lohan Loves American Apparel


Angelina Jolie Loves Filming Sex Scenes

The 'Beowulf' star - who has four children with boyfriend Brad Pitt - likes nothing more than rolling around naked with other men in front of the cameras.

Angelina said: "A physical thing is, for some people, like me, very easy. You find something about that person that you love and you enjoy, that you truly embrace and have fun with, and you just enjoy each other.

"You're two adults and you enjoy each other and you know that it doesn't mean anything - whatever it was is left there."

Earlier this year, Angelina shared a sex scene with Brad's good friend Matt Damon when she played his wife in 'The Good Shepherd'.

Matt said at the time: "Doing a love scene with the girlfriend of a good friend is weird. We all know each other."

Angelina insisted: "In reality both the people we're involved with couldn't have cared less about that because they know us. It's one of those things where it's like the least threatening person. You know, 'Good luck to you guys, I hope it's not too awkward.'

"The difference between kissing Matt and kissing Brad is simple. One's a friend and the other is my lover."

Source: Hollywood Rag

Britney Ruined Christmas!

A source told , "Britney would not let her boys open the gifts from her mom and dad. Apparently she hid them, and she told Kevin she might send them back to her parents un-opened." KFed stepped in and told her to stop acting "like a spoiled brat" and he got the pressies from Britney to give to his boys later.

Brit also apparently bragged about what she bought the kids."The kids got lots of toys, including some LeapFrog learning goodies and miniature cars."

Mischa Barton's mugshot

Here's the gorgeous mug shot that goes with the earlier story about Mischa being busted for DUI, possession of illegal narcotics and driving without a valid license.

Mischa is still in jail on $10,000 bail.

TMZ reports that Mischa was pulled over after she failed to signal on a turn and was straddling two lanes of traffic

Mischa Barton Arrested!

Hollyscoop reports that 21-year-old Mischa Barton was busted in West Hollywood at 2:46 this morning on suspicion of DUI, possession of illegal narcotics and driving without a valid license. She is still in custody on $10,000 bail.

Halle Berry at Eight Months


Heidi Klum is being sued for $25,000

Heidi Klum just recently learned that her company is being sued by a luxury jeweler and she wasn’t about to let that get in the way of a nice Christmas.

The Victoria’s Secret supermodel, is being accused of copying a vintage clover jewelry design from Van Cleef and Arpels.

According to press reports, “The suit, filed in Manhattan federal court, seeks more than $25,000 in damages from Klum’s company Heidi Klum GmbH and Mouawad USA, another company she has designed jewelry for.”


Daddy Spears Stays Away

Jamie Spears stayed in Los Angeles for Christmas and did not spend the holiday with his knocked-up teenage daughter or Lynne Spears. According to UsWeekly Jamie is still pissed off at Lynne for selling their daughter's pregnancy story to Ok! Magazine. A source said that when JL told Lynne about her pregnancy, Lynne immediately suggested they break the story to Ok! Lynne knows that they pay the most.

Jamie is still upset with Lynne, because he works for everything he has. Jamie is a private chef in L.A. A source said, "He doesn't get a dime from his daughters. He busts his ass to take care of himself. That's why he's so furious with Lynne."

Jame did see SPF, Britney and JJ though.

Paris Hilton's Hawaiin vacation is probably not as sweet today

Yesterday, her granddaddy, Barron Hilton, announced yesterday that he will donate 97% of his $2.3 Billion fortune to charity. This includes all created trusts.

That money will be placed in a charitable trust that will eventually benefit the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, raising its total value to about $4.5 billion. The foundation will help the homeless with housing and finding safe water. It will also help in developing countries.

Source: reuters

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Linds and Ali were matching spandex twins while eating at Pastis in NYC today.

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Josh and Fergie Are Engaged!

Josh's rep confirmed to TMZ that he popped the question to her recently, but would not give anymore details.

Hugh Jackman wore his Christmas present from his son while getting coffee in Sydney today.

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Star Magazine claims Casey Aldridge is not the daddy of 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears' baby!

Sources claim the daddy is an older executive on her TV show "Zoey 101." JL is only saying Casey is the father, because she doesn't want the real daddy to face statutory rape charges.

A source told Star, “Casey is being paid off to be the family’s fall guy while the real father remains unidentified. The man many suspect is the father, however, would face charges and probably prison time if he were to come forward and admit he had sex with her."

Family sources say the older man is taking advantage of young JL. They also claim JL and Casey are over and they dated on-and-off for the past couple of years. JL was apparently trying to date KFed's brother.

Casey is also a serial cheater who had another pregnancy scare with another chick.

“This past spring, he was forced to tell Jamie Lynn that he’d cheated on her and gotten that girl pregnant.” Casey was also dating another chick while dating Jamie Lynn claims the other girl's brother.

Nicky Hilton’s Bikini Pictures from Maui


Madonna is reportedly putting together a plan to take down Elvis' record as the most No. 1 singles in the UK

Madonna plans to re-release all her major singles as downloads next year for her 50th Birthday.

She will also celebrate by having a huge concert in NYC. This is bound to piss off Warner Bros., because they want to make the most of her back catalog before she leaves them. Madonna recently signed a deal with Live Nation for a shit load of cash.

Source: dlisted

Not At Fault?

The L.A. City Attorney has until Friday to file vehicular manslaughter charges against Brandy for a fatal car accident she was involved in. TMZ reports that they haven't filed yet, because they have to prove Brandy was negligent and that could be impossible. CHP sources say that the woman who died, Awatef Aboudihaj, actually struck a car in front of her before Brandy even touched her car. Brandy was going 65mph and the sudden stop by Awatef may have caused Brandy to crash into her. Awatef Aboudihaj also had small traces of marijuana in her system at the time of the crash.

Brandy is being sued by the family and husband of Awatef.

Alexandra Paressant Is A Fraud

Tony Parker is suing x17 for the story they published about a woman named Alexandra Paressant who claims to have had an affair with Tony. Tony claims he's never met her. It seems that he's not alone. Nobody's met her. The Huffington Post's Dana Kennedy decided to track down this Alexandra to get to the bottom of things. It seems that the pictures x17 used and all the pictures being used for Alexandra are of similiar looking models and not Alexandra herself. A lot of the pictures being used are actually of the German model Hana Nitsche from "Germany's Top Model."

Alexandra has made false claims before. A while ago she made up an affair with Brazilian soccer star, Ronaldinho. He sued her for making up stories about how they had an affair.

The Huffington Post spoke to a friend of Alexandra who basically said she's crazy. "She never thought she was pretty enough. She was troubled. It was like she felt she didn't really exist. She's not ugly but she's average. She's definitely not model material."

Dana Kennedy also spoke to this Alexandra person herself who refused to meet in person. Alexandra denied that she was a fraud and kept her story straight. Bitch is nuts.

Hana Nitsche claims she was tricked by Alexandra into filming these videos and pictures that x17 used. She said, “A couple of days ago, she called me again. [She said] I should send her a video. It was meant to be a casting video. She gave me the text. She claimed it was about a love movie. I should recite the given sentences. Of course I didn’t know which Tony it referred to.”

Source: celeb bitchy

Spice Thieves Target Posh!

Thieves reportedly broke into Posh Spice's dressing room and robbed her no-ass of valuable clothes and shoes. The robbery took place during a Spice Girls concert in Cologne, Germany. The robbers took several high-priced outfits including 2 pairs of shoes worth $11,500 each. They also took a custom robe made for her by Roberto Cavalli that had "Mrs. Beckham" on the front and "Posh" on the back.

A source said, "All the other girls' dressing rooms were untouched, but somebody had clearly been rifling through Victoria's possessions. She was very upset. Fashion means everything to her. She keeps all her old outfits in storage.

Source: all headline news

Paris spending her Christmas Day in Hawaii.

Source: dlisted

Elle MacPherson forgot to cover thee legs

Source: ICYDK

Brit Brit got escorted out of the Four Seasons by security guards

There’s also a story in this week’s National Enquirer that Britney wasn’t just barred from the Four Seasons - she was personally escorted out by security when she didn’t pack up quick enough:

[Britney] raised so much hell at swanky Four Seasons hotel in BevHills she was summarily ejected from her Presidential Suite and escorted off the posh premises by security guards! Sources say Britney, who’d practically taken up residency at the legendary inn, had been warned repeatedly by management that a Hollywood bigshot in the suite directly below hers - a longtime resident who pays a million bucks-plus per year - was complaining about nighttime parties, loud music and drunken hoochie-momma’s screaming from Brit’s balcony to people below! After visits by security failed to silence Swamp Thang and her brain-fried menagerie, Mr. Angry VIP phoned the hotel manager and threatened to move out. Fed up, the manager phoned Britney and ordered her to vacate the premises immediately. Incredibly, the furious brat refused at first. Snapped the manager: “I’m sending security up NOW! Pack your bags and leave, please.” Finally bowing to the inevitable, Britney packed up and was escorted down the street and out the exit by security.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, Mike Walker’s column, December 31, 2007]

It seems as if Britney tried to return on another night, because outlets were reporting that she was turned away from the Four Seasons and barred from future visits.


Kid Rock Performs For The Troops

Kid Rock once again has provided great entertainment for the troops overseas during the holiday season


Brit Brit Spears is scheduled to be deposed by KFed's attorney next week in that ongoing custody

Brit didn't show up to her last depo, because she was "sick." It's also been reported that she's not shown up to almost half a dozen scheduled depos including two that were ordered by the court. Ok! Magazine reports that if she doesn't show up to this one she could face jail time.

A source said, "She could go to jail for contempt of court if she refuses to show. That would be extreme for a child custody hearing, but not outside the realm of possibility."

KFed's attorney has already complained to the court about Brit not showing up to her depos. KFed and Brit aren't due back in court until February and their final hearing is in April.

David Beckham has admitted that his wife is his stylist and chooses all of his clothes.

Davey said, "Without a doubt Victoria has a huge part in the way I look these days. I think most couples agree you have to listen to your partner and you have confidence in your partner to tell you whether you look good or whether you don't and to help you out with your fashion and dress sense. In America I am just in shorts, tee shirts and flip flops - although if Victoria is listening, she'll probably turn round and say the truth, that I actually get my outfit ready the night before."

"I'm very organized and controlled and need to go to bed at night knowing what I'm going to wear the next morning."

Becks also told Radio 2 that he loves being a gay icon."I'm very honoured to have the tag of gay icon. I always liked to look good, even when I was a little kid. I was given the option when I was a page boy once of either wearing a suit or wearing knickerbockers and long socks and ballet shoes - and I chose the ballet shoes and knickerbockers.

Page Six reports that Britney's "bubble of illusion" could end in suicide

Some expert named Marty Brenner said, "She's losing it now, and she's going to eventually lose it altogether if she doesn't get the help she needs. She's exhibiting bipolar signs, and she's clearly fighting depression."

Marty Brenner thinks Britney's recent night out where she allegedly screwed a pap has to do with her trash sister being knocked up. "Britney now needs to cry out for even more attention. She's really going for it . . . No one stops to pee that many times. She has a major problem."

The genius known as Marty Brenner went on, "She appears to be crazy. She is disconnected from life. Look how she changes outfits all day . . . She's saying, 'I don't like who I am right now. Maybe I can change it.' Britney also doesn't listen to anybody. Her mom is out of the picture, her kids are gone, and everyone surrounding her is enabling her world of illusion."

Jennifer Love Hewitt Christmas eve feeding the homeless at the Los Angeles Mission

Source: dlisted

Twisted Words?

Will Smith had an interview with a Scottish newspaper where he talked about Hitler. Not a good move. Will said that Hitler "didn't wake up going, 'Let me do the most evil thing I can do today.' ... I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was 'good.'"

The Jewish Defense League is pissed! They issued this statement to TMZ : "Will's words spit on the memory of every person murdered by the Nazis. His disgusting words stick a knife in the backs of every veteran who fought (and sometimes died) to save the world from the intentions of Adolf Hitler."

Will's rep later issued this statement to TMZ: "It is an awful and disgusting lie. It speaks to the dangerous power of an ignorant person with a pen. I am incensed and infuriated to have to respond to such ludicrous misinterpretation."

Monday, December 24, 2007

Jessica Simpson Sets Some Sort Of Record

Jessica Simpson's theatrical blockbuster "Blonde Ambition" managed to make around $1,200 this past weekend. Her movie opened on just 8 screens in Texas. That's about 50 clams a day for each screen which means 6 people showed up to each showing. In total around 150 actually showed total.

Unfortunately, it looks like Jessica Simpson didn't beat the record of the lowest-grossing film in history. Last year a movie called "Zyzzx Road" starring Katherine Heigl opened on one screen in Dallas. It made $30 total for one full weekend, but the bulk of its money came from its opening night which grossed the movie $20.

Source: Contact Music

Keanu Reeves out and about

Source: dlisted

Dr. Phil called Lynne Spears a "great mother" when he talked to People about the whole JL drama.

He said, "We know the Spears family, particularly the parents. An asset that Britney and Jamie Lynn both have is a great and dedicated mother. Lynne has her feet squarely and solidly on the ground."

"I talked to Lynne yesterday and she said they're turning to prayer, asked that I pray for them. That's how they're going to get through it."

Details about Britney out with a paparazzi

Brit started her night by stopping at a gas station near her house to use the bathroom. She also used the time to bitch out Sam Lutfi over her cell phone. She then called a recording studio to book space for that night, but the receptionist told her they were all booked up. Brit bitched the woman out and then got into her car. She stopped at two more gas stations to use the bathroom within one hour. She then asked one of the paps, Phillipe, to get into her car. He did and they drove to a restaurant in Malibu. Brit and her assistant dumped the pap and went inside. Brit changed into a red shirt with no bra.

She then asked Phillipe to take her to Target and he told her it was closed. She told him she didn't care just to take her anyway. She suddenly changed her mind about Target and told Phillipe to call another pap, Adnan. A few months ago Brit said on tape that she thought Adnan was cute. Adnan rushed over to Brit and she got into his car and they drove for about an hour. After that she got back into her car with her assistant and tried to take a picture of all the paps. She cursed them out, but a few moments later told them she was sorry. That she was "just having a bad day" and doesn't usually treat them like that.

Brit and her assistant headed back home, but they stopped at a Walgreens restroom first. She stayed home for 10-minutes, but emerged wearing a pink wig and hideous leopard dress. Brit headed for The Peninsula Hotel where she met her new man, Adnan the pap. They both went inside.

He came out after an hour and told the other paps, "It's hard to make babies when you're just having lunch." He bought some ciggies and then went back to the hotel where he stayed until 10am. He joked that he was going to get hitched to Britney. Adnan then went to Britney's house where he stayed most of Sunday.

A source said, "He and Brit have been flirting for months now. He's always the one to pump her gas, or hold her car door open for her, or run crowd-control to help her out. He always puts himself in the position of being the knight in shining armor."

Source ok magazine

Joel Madden and Nicole Richie spent their day at the Richie-Madden Children's Foundation Holiday Party in Los Angeles.

Source: dlisted

Jenna Jameson and Tito had a little break while doing their Christmas shopping today

Source: dlisted

Katherine married Josh Kelley in Park City, Utah

Her Grey's Anatomy co-stars, T.R. Knight, Sandra Oh and Kate Walsh attended

Katherine recently said this about marriage, "It's a crapshoot. The odds are really bad, especially in this town. But I have a lot of faith in Josh, and I wanted to have that one day when I stand in front of my friends and my family and honor him and how important he is in my life.

Source: People

Beyonce For House Of Derriere

Source: dlisted

Paris teaming up with Charity

Kathy Hilton and the Make-A-Wish Foundation have teamed up for an auction offering an invitation to party with Paris & Nicky Hilton on New Year's Eve. The auction benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The winning bidder will win coach airfare from anywhere in the US for you and a friend, 2 nights at the Luxor (1 room), hair and make-up by Paris and Nicky's own stylist and tickets to the Hilton New Year's Eve bash at LAX.

Thats on eBay with over 25 bids already. It's at $2,700.

Lohan The Sex Addict

Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend-for-a-second, Riley Giles, sat down with the ever-classy News of the World to discuss his relationship with Linds. He said she traded her addiction for drugs for an addiction to dick.

He said, "Lindsay's definitely a nymphomaniac. She's wild in bed. We'd have sex a couple of times in the day and then go to it through the night.

"We once did it four times in a row straight. That was crazy. Lindsay was insatiable. She'd demand sex again and again. We'd go at it for hours. She'd have worn out most guys."

He goes on and on saying how Lindsay almost died once from downing pills and falling asleep in a London bath tub. He's also afraid Linds will go back to her old ways now that she's in Los Angele

"When you orgasm, your endorphins shoot up and it becomes a massive natural high. If you have an addictive personality like Lindsay you need that to replace the highs you got from taking drugs all the time. Sex became a key part of her recovery."

Here's Lindsay out shopping the other day

Britney at Malibu Cross Creek (12/22)

Brit Brit was out in full force last night. She led the paps through a high-speed chase in Woodland Hills stopping to "use the bathroom" twice. Once in a Walgreens and another time in a gas station where she came out holding her nose.She then cursed out the paps, because they wouldn't let her take a picture of them. After that she grabbed one of the paps and told everyone "They were dating" and led him to The Peninsula Hotel. He didn't come out until after 4am where he told everyone he "needed a cigarette."

Source:, dlisted

Britney arrives at The Peninsula Hotel at 2am (12/23)


Furiously Happy by Jenna Lawson

This book flat out is simply freaking fantastic and amazing! I am so serious in everything! This author uses this book to talk about men...