Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lindsay Lohan relaxing on the beach with her family in Miami.


Paris Hilton and BFF Brittany Flickinger pose up and take a stroll on Bondi Beach


Nicole Richie preparing for second baby?

According to Star’s cover story, Nicole Richie is going to celebrate baby Harlow’s first birthday by trying to get pregnant with her second child.

It’s baby time again for Nicole Richie and her rocker boyfriend, Joel Madden! As their daughter Harlow gets ready to celebrate her first birthday, reformed party girl Nicole is taking vitamins, eating healthy and designing trendy maternity wear in preparation for her second pregnancy.

“Nicole simply told Joel that she wants another baby —right away,” a friend confides to Star. “He was a little overwhelmed at first, but now he’s with her 100 percent. They’re both thrilled about adding to their family.”

And, after overcoming a rocky period in their relationship, the couple seems to be in a good place to expand their family. Nicole and Joel went through a “rough patch, but now things are amazing between them,” says a source. “Nicole knows it’s because they’re both so happy with Harlow, and she truly believes another baby will double their commitment.”


Beyonce on holiday in the Caribbean with husband Jay-Z


Mandy Moore and DJ AM split up, again

Mandy Moore, 24, and Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein — who rekindled their romance after she rushed to his side following a Sept. 19 plane crash that killed four and left AM in a burn unit — have called it quits.

“They split up a couple of weeks ago but kept it kind of quiet,” an insider tells Life & Style. “They tried to make it work but decided they make better friends than lovers.”

AM, 35, hasn’t wasted time getting back on the dating scene. He’s already seeing American Apparel model Hayley Wood, 22. “She’s young and super cool,” says the insider. “AM says Mandy’s very happy for him.”

Source: lifeandstyle

Tom, Katie and Katie leaving their apartment in NYC.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Paris Ticks Off The Aussies

Heiresses Paris and Nicky Hilton have graced the shores of Australia
to appear at the Bongo Virus New Year's Eve party tomorrow night in Sydney. Before going to Sydney, however, they spent a day shopping in Melbourne. Paris managed to cause a commotion, but guess what it was over: her $140 a minuteshopping spree.

Paris reportedly purchased 31 dresses at one boutique owned by Wayne Cooper that were estimated to be worth between $5000- $5500, which is what caused the fuss.

World Vision Australia chief Tim Costello said Hilton's spree would have been enough to feed a Third World village.

'In World Vision terms, $5000 would ensure that a village of 2000 people in Africa or Asia would have clean water for the rest of their lives,' Mr Costello said. Open Family social worker Les Twentyman said Hilton's spree was disgraceful.

'It is quite obscene spending money like that. Some people are homeless and thousands of people a week are losing their jobs and it is quite obscene in some ways,' Mr Twentyman said."

Yet all of this is in dispute. Wayne corrected the estimates, saying Paris actually spent over $10,000 in his store on his "beautiful, sexy dresses."

Paris, meanwhile, denies buying 31 dresses.

'I actually bought five dresses, not 31,' she said. 'I work hard and any girl should be able to spend money on themselves if they want to.' "

Wait. There's more. According to the workers at the boutique, the heiress didn't buy anything at all.

One of her people called the store and said she did not want any of [the dresses], but they demanded five free dresses because of the all the publicity she had got for the store,' the source said.

'She did not spend a cent.' "

Politicians, meanwhile, focused on the upside of Paris' visit. Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the shopping spree is evidence to the world that Australia is a great vacation destination.

Premier John Brumby was happy to see the Hilton money come in.

'She's in Melbourne and if she's got money to spend, well I'm happy for her to spend it in Melbourne,' he said. "

Nicky basically said their shopping has nothing to do with the starving and unemployed people in the world.

'We're just two girls on vacation and I can't understand what's wrong with going to a store,' she said. "


Jessica Simpson Rushes To Injured Tony’s Side

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo may be feeling the pain from torn cartilage in his ribs – not to mention his team’s blistering loss to the Philadelphia Eagles over the weekend – but he does have one thing going for him: Jessica Simpson.

The athlete’s girlfriend “rushed to his side as soon as she found out that Tony got hurt,” a source told People after reports surfaced that Romo had collapsed in the shower of the team’s locker room after the game Sunday.

“She got on a red eye flight right when she found out, and arrived at 5 a.m. [that] morning,” the source added.

As for Romo, 28, the torn cartilage popped out of place twice during the game and again afterward, which is what caused him to collapse, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Source: People

Angelina Jolie Warned Not To Have Any More Babies

They are reportedly heading to Ethiopa to add another orphan to their well-loved brood, but as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt await this seventh child, they’re struggling with the news that they may never have another biological baby, sources say.

OK! has learned that because Angie’s last two pregnancies were so fraught with complications, she has been advised to wait a long time before getting pregnant again – or not to get pregnant at all.

“Her previous pregnancies ended with emergency caesarian secions,” an insider tells OK!. “She’s been told that, at the least, she should not get pregnant for a year after her last deliver, and it would be safer if she did not get pregnant, ever.”

The health complications this time around could pose a direct danger to the Changeling star, Dr. Larrian Gillespie, who has not treated Angie, tells OK!.

“Angelina is at risk of having a stroke or heart attack, and because she developed gestational diabetes, there is a high risk she’ll have it again, with the child being at risk for diabetes.”

Not being a biological mom again might be hard for Angelina, as she revealed to Vanity Fair last year that she loves being pregnant.

“It makes me feel like a woman,” she said. “Also, I happen to be with someone who finds pregnancy very sexy.”

Source: ok-magazine

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren party at Bardot


Paris Hilton leaves her hotel for dinner, Sydney Australia


Coming soon: Another American Pie movie?

Universal has decided to abandon those direct-to-video “American Pie” spin-off films in favour of making a third sequel to the original film – one that might possibly pick up on the whereabouts of now-married Jim and Michelle (Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan). Like the other three, it’ll be released theatrically.

The success of the direct-to-video spin-off films (“American Pie : Band Camp”, “American Pie : Naked Mile” and “American Pie : Beta House” – all featuring Eugene Levy) has Uni thinking it might be time to return the series to its roots – alas, it’s back to Jim, Michelle, Finch, Stifler (though personally I doubt Seann William Scott will return) and whoever else can be roped back into the fruity follow-up.

One can only assume that this fourth direct sequel would centre on Jim and Michelle having kids – with token words of advice from the weird and wild father (Eugene Levy), of course – or the duo going through some kind of hiccup in their marriage? Then again, maybe they’ll drop those characters and fix on one of the supporting characters, say Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) or even, Oz (Chris Klein), who didn’t return for the last sequel?

Nobody’s been roped into doing the film yet – but I can’t imagine Jason Biggs would knock it back – but “American Pie 4” is said to be inching forward so expect to hear something officialish soon.

The first “American Pie”, released in 1999, made nearly over $235 million dollars in its run.


a new cute Carrie Underwood photoshoot


Nicole and Joel in Hawaii


Scarlett Johansson: ‘Sex Symbol Thing is a Phase’

Scarlett Johansson hopes she’ll grow out of being labeled a sex symbol.

The Vicky Cristina Barcelona star - who married actor Ryan Reynolds in a secret ceremony earlier this year - wants to eventually be praised her for her acting abilities rather than her good looks.

Scarlett, 24, tells the London Times newspaper, “I never expected that kind of thing, to be honest. I think that comes with my age, the whole sex-symbol thing. I’ll grow out of that. It’s a phase. And people want to turn you into merchandise in some way, don’t they?

“I look forward to growing in the industry and aging in the industry. A lot of actresses take their meatiest roles in their thirties and forties. And I’m looking forward to that.

“I’m at a little bit of a funny age where I get that ’sexiest woman’ thing, and it feels like a label for right now. But maybe when I get older, it won’t be like that.”

Source: ShowBizSpy

Pamela Anderson on the beach

Source: Hollywood Tuna/celebutopia

Monday, December 29, 2008

Jennifer Love Hewitt and her fiancé Ross McCall were spotted walking their dog in Los Angeles on Saturday


Scarlett Johansson “Happy With Results” of September Wedding

Scarlett Johansson is thrilled about her private September wedding to Ryan Reynolds.

“It was my mission to have a moment of privacy, to do something for myself,” she says in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “I was happy with the results of that.”

Johansson — who’s currently starring in The Spirit — says she secretly spent all summer planning the nuptials, which were held Sept. 27 in a remote wilderness resort outside Vancouver.

The actress also reveals that she looks up to Drew Barrymore, with whom she filmed He’s Just Not That Into You (out in February).

“[Barrymore and her producing partner, Nancy Juvonen] make movies that they like, that they’re proud of, that people love, that is entertaining,” she says. “I would love to be able to do that someday, have a production company and encourage other directors and writers to follow their vision.”

(Johansson is also considering releasing a second album after her first, Anywhere I Lay My Head, topped the Billboard Heatseekers chart this past spring.)

The 24-year-old says she “looks forward to the opportunity” aging will bring to play more complex roles.

“I feel like the hype that comes with being young in the industry will kind of dissipate and that there are some really good roles in my future,” she says.

“Then again, I say that as an actor who thinks every job is their last job,” she adds.

Johansson says she was born to act.

“I was a real ham when I was a child, one of those jazz-hands kids,” she says. She took voice lessons and began studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City at age 7.

Most recently, she’s starred in three Woody Allen movies — and she admits she’d do any job on set just to be around him.

“I would do Woody’s shoeshine,” she says. “I’m lucky to be able to fit into that young-woman category in his mind, so I hope he keeps writing for young women. I think he will.”

Source: Us Weekly

Katie Holmes with her daughter Suri leaving their apartment in NYC


Grey’s Anatomy Star Chyler Leigh Pregnant

Grey’s Anatomy actress
Chyler Leigh is going to be a mommy again!

The actress, 26, and her actor/musician husband, Nathan West, 30, are expecting their third child, her rep confirmed to on Monday.

“She is a little over four months pregnant,” her rep told Us. “Grey’s won’t be writing her pregnancy into their storyline.”

The couple are parents to Noah Wilde, 5, and Taelyn, 2.

Leigh plays Dr. Lexie Grey, the neurotic half-sister of Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) on the hit ABC hospital drama.

Source: Us Weekly

Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky go shopping at the Wayne Cooper store in Melbourne, Australia.


Tom Cruise Is Ready To Breed Nine More Times

Tom Cruise---not to be outdone by those cloying Jolie-Pitts---wants to warm up that turkey baster and get going on kids two through 10. "I want ten children. I love kids." he told a reporter from The Sun.

No word on worn out, run down Katie Holmes reaction. She's all but resigned herself to playing the role of Tom's baby maker clone, churning out pups and smiling for the cameras.

Speaking of the cameras, does Tom think it's unhealthy for Suri to have throngs of photographers chasing her down the street on a daily basis?

"The paparazzi? They are trying at times but it's rare that it happens. I try not to stay isolated because it's not good for us and the kids. It's important for us to get to know new people."

The operative word being "us" as in "me" as in "Tom Cruise Media Superstar." But he's right, how has a little fame at an early age ever hurt anyone? I'm sure she'll turn out just fine. (....)


Nicole Richie and Joel Madden go shopping together.


Lindsay Lohan and girlfriend Samantha Ronson having a smoke outside Coffee Bean.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon out shopping in Aspen.


Jennifer Aniston Beats Brad Pitt at the Box Office on Christmas

Jennifer Aniston’s doggy drama Marley & Me beat out Brad Pitt’s fantasy flick The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at the box office on Christmas Day Variety reported.

According to preliminary box office numbers, Marley & Me opened at No. 1 with $14.6 million in ticket sales - (making it the best opening ever for Dec. 25) while Pitt’s film set the record for the second-highest Christmas opening of all-time grossing $11.8 million.

Coming in third was Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories which raked in $10.4 million in sales, followed by Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise with $8.5 million.

Aniston wished Pitt success during her appearance on The Oprah Winfey show in November.

“We all want our movie to do well…Can we have a tie?” Aniston joked.

And though Aniston is leading in ticket sales - don’t feel sorry for Pitt.

He is up for Best Performance by an Actor in a Drama for his role in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and scored Screen Actors Guild Award nod this month.

Source: Us Weekly

Report: Gisele & Tom Brady Not Engaged

Despite a report claiming otherwise, Gisele Bundchen and NFL player Tom Brady are not engaged, at least according to his father Tom Brady Sr.

“We don’t know a thing about it,” Tom Brady Sr. told the Boston Globe. “Nobody told me. We talked to him and there’s nothing to say. It’s rumor, rumor, rumor. It must be a slow news day.”

New England Patriots spokesman Stacey James told, “I heard the reports of the rumor, but I don’t know if they are true. Tom likes to keep his private life private and I respect that.”

On Friday, reported that the New England Patriots Quarterback, 31, proposed to the Brazilian-born model, 28, on a private jet that took off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and landed in Boston on Christmas Eve.

According to, on board were four dozen white roses, champagne and Bundchen’s parents.

“People close to him are saying it’s just another rumor,” a source told Us on Friday. “Tom is in Foxboro with his team today and no one is congratulating him or anything.”

The source added that the airplane proposal sounded “cheesy” and not Brady’s style.

Bunchen’s twin sister, Patricia, denied the engagement in an email to the Boston Herald, saying simply, “not true.”

Brady and Bundchen’s reps could not be reached for comment on Friday.

Meanwhile, one thing is certain: Bundchen is crazy about her beau.

“He really, genuinely doesn’t have a bad bone in his body,” Bundchen told GQ. in July. “And he is a very positive person.”

She continued: “I think we have a lot of things in common, and I think he is a really great person.”

Bundchen and Brady have been dating since 2006, when he split with girlfriend Bridget Moynahan who shortly thereafter announced she was pregnant with Brady’s son, 16-month-old John Edward.

The couple recently purchased a gated community in Brentwood, California for about $11.7 million.

Source: Us Weekly

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