Friday, February 29, 2008

Doctors Cleared In Ledger Prob

As we mentioned yesterday, Federal drug investigators were interrogating two doctors concerning the death of actor Heath Ledger.

As of today, agents have ruled out any wrongdoing on both of their parts.

The doctors are not the source of the drugs OxyContin and Vicodin found in Ledger's system at the time of death.

Where'd he get them then????

Agents determined the physicians were responsible for prescribing Heath other medications, but they were not the prescribers of the main drugs responsible for his accidental overdose.

The investigation continues.

Source: PerezHilton

Angelina Jolie’s Son Loves His Penis

Right before finalizing the adoptiong of 4-year-old Pax, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt spent the afternoon with son Maddox. They treated Mad to a matinĂ©e showing of ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ at Hollywood’s ArcLight theater and then stopped by the gift stop. To which, Maddox picked out a pack of gum labeled “I [Heart] My Penis.”

A witness then told UsMag,

[Angelina] laughed and bought it.

Source: TOB

Mischa out shopping at Whole Foods (February 28).

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Rihanna at the Sonia Rykiel show (February 29).

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LiLo out shopping and lunching yesterday afternoon (February 28).

She’s certainly been through the proverbial ringer this past year. And Lindsay Lohan has put enough distance between her present and her past to finally get real with where she was, as well as where she hopes to be in the future.

The “Mean Girls” actress recently opened up about how her past indiscretions may have hurt her career chances from here on out. She told press, “I am what I am. They either want to take a chance or they don’t, is how I see it.”

In terms of the contributors to her breakdown in 2007, LiLo confessed, “I had a lot going on in my life and that was a way of hiding from it. I hadn’t seen my dad; I had a lot of work stress ‘cause I was constantly working and never took time to stop. Everything was go-go-go, and the easiest thing was to run away from it, going out and drinking at night. You know, you don’t have to think when you let go sometimes.”

Lindsay continued, “But I didn’t realize it was getting in the way of my work – what I’ve worked for my whole life. There’s not really much else to do when you’re sitting in a treatment center. It’s like, ‘Why am I here? Let’s think.’”

As for her future, the “Georgia Rule” actress wants to get back to what she does best- acting. “Right now I just want to find a great script, a great role. I was so used to working and working and working, and for a good few months there was nothing for me to do. Now I know what it’s like to be an out-of-work actor, and how much it scares me.”

Source: celebrity-gossip

People Magazine has confirmed that JLo and Marc have named their twins Max and Emme.

JLo's manager confirmed to the magazine. Anyway, People Magazine wrote, "The new parents welcomed their son and daughter on February 22nd Emme was born at 12:12 a.m. and weighed 5 lbs. 7 oz., and Max followed at 12:23 a.m., weighing 6 lbs."

Kelly Osbourne and Tara Reid in London last night

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Here's some pics of Britney leaving dance practice yesterday.

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Jeff Conaway of "Celebrity Rehab" claims he's finally kicked drugs.

Jeff told Inside Edition that John Travolta and Scientology have helped him. What would Dr. Drew say?

He said, “I’ve been doing Scientology…My doctor was like holy cow, he says whatever you’ve been doing keep doing it because it’s really working. John and I stayed friends but he couldn’t watch me going down the tubes…He gave me a whole library of Scientology books and he’s given me an auditor who comes almost every day.”

What are JLo's babies names?

Star Magazine stand by their claim that JLo and Marc have named their babies Max and Emme. Other magazines now claim the twins have been named Maximiano and Emelina. Apparently, hospital employees overheard JLo and her family calling the babies that.

People reports that the couple have not confirmed their names yet. It's probably part of their $6 million deal to release their names with the pictures. Baby making has become such a lucrative business. People also reports that JLo has been getting tons of gifts with their names' embroidered on them.

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long Spotted on the Beach, Frolickin'


Jennifer Lopez Spent Over a Million To Give Birth

Jennifer Lopez reportedly spent a staggering $1.4 million on giving birth.

The 'Do It Well' singer paid $700,000 to reserve a luxurious birthing suite
at Long Island's North Shore University Hospital, where she delivered her
twins on February 22.

The $175,000-a-week suite - which included brown leather couches, a large
Apple computer monitor, two plasma screen TVs, wooden flooring and a private
kitchen - was also reserved by Jennifer and husband Marc Anthony three weeks
before the star's due date.

Jennifer and Marc also paid $300,000 for private doctors and nurses,
$300,000 on security and a further $100,000 on personal assistants before
the birth.

Sources close to the couple also claim they have named the twins, a boy and
a girl, Maximiano and Emelina.

A family insider told In Touch magazine: "Jennifer is doing so well but we
have gone through a lot of tissues. Everyone is crying many tears of joy."

UsWeekly reports that Nicole Richie is considering moving her entire family to NYC to perform on the Great White Way

Nicole is in talks to play the role of Roxie Hart in "Chicago." This isn't Nicole's first try at Broadway. She auditioned for a role in "Rent" a few years ago, but got turned down.

A source said, "It would give her a reason to really show her talent and to stay in the new place in NY Joel just got. It also shows people are really excited about Nicole right now."

Jamie Lynn Spears' Uncle Willy spoke to the media again

Uncle Willy told InTouch that Jamie had a vasectomy after Britney was born and he was shocked to learn Lynne was pregnant. He said, “Jamie got awfully mad. He said it couldn’t be his." Jamie also demanded a DNA test which proved JL was his. Uncle Willy added, "That’s why they named her Jamie Lynn, to kind of make the point that she was from both of them.” He thinks "history is repeating itself," because JL is knocked up.

Jennifer Aniston And Jason Lewis Attend Pre-Oscar Bash Together

So Jennifer and Jason Lewis showed up around midnight to the Audi-hosted Miramax pre-Oscars bash. Now here is where the story gets a little fishy… a source saw Jennifer playing footsies with Jason.

“Jennifer walked into the dinner just after midnight with Jason!” an insider tells Star. “They sat down on a couch together and tried hard not to look so into each other. But I could see her playing footsie with him. She kept rubbing her foot up his calf. It was obvious they were more than friends.”

The source adds, “Jen and Jason looked thrilled to be reunited.”

Source: ImNotObsessed

So Angelina is having twins after all? I can't keep up

DOUBLE THE TABLOID COVERS “Angelina Jolie is pregnant with twins, her partner Brad Pitt has confirmed to friends. … Coinciding with Jolie’s bump debut, excited dad Pitt has begun telling friends about their impending arrivals”

Source: MollyGood

Katherine Heigl wants off Grey’s Anatomy (possible spoilers)

Katherine Heigl is anxious to continue her film career and doesn’t want to be tied to the role that made her famous, Dr. Izzie Stevens on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy. - possible spoiler alert -

Word has it that Heigl has asked producers to kill her off her character on the show because she doesn’t want to be known as just a television star, and wants to break into movies full time.

After starring in the hit films Knocked Up and 27 Dresses, Katherine believes she has outgrown the small screen - and her agent is working overtime so she can devote herself full time to movies, sources say.

“Katherine has even suggested to ‘Grey’s’ producers that they kill her character Dr. Izzie Stevens in dramatic fashion so her exit could bring in huge ratings,” a pal of the 29-year-old Emmy winner told The Enquirer. Newly married to rocker Josh Kelley and riding high on her box-office appeal, Katherine has formed a production company with her mother Nancy, whos her manager, and she’s being swamped with movie offers, said the pal.

But leaving “Grey’s Will be an uphill battle because her contract with Touchstone and ABC is ironclad for the next two years, according to another source.

The National Enquirer, print edition, March 10, 2008

The article goes on to say that Heigl might have to fight this out in court if producers don’t agree to let her out of her contract. You can see her trying to do this, and given all the stories that have come out about the fighting and sniping on the Grey’s set, it’s probably not the easiest place to work. Heigl said earlier that she didn’t know where producers were going with the series and called her character Izzie’s storyline a “ratings ploy.”

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Britney at starbucks

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Paris on 944 Magazine

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Hogan family is just full of drama these days.

Reports are surfacing that the Hulkster had an affair while he was still living with his wife, prompting the hulking Linda Hogan to file for divorce from him. A divorce that's recently turned u-g-l-y .

But what makes it even more interesting is that dear old Hulk allegedly had an affair with a friend of his daughter Brooke. Scandalicious!!!

Christiane Plante, a 33 year old friend who worked with Brooke on her bomb of a 2006 album, has confessed to The National Enquirer about her affair.

Christiane states, "My relationship with Terry [Hulk Hogan] began at a time when Terry and Linda privately knew their marriage was ending. She had left him already, although no official papers had been filed. Terry is a good man, good father and a good friend, and he and I grew close at a time when he was going through a very difficult period. It seemed right then, but I know it was wrong."

"Having felt the guilt and pain build up, I gave a note to Brooke apologising for my actions," adds whorish Christiane. "I will never be able to fully forgive myself for this. I have lost an amazing friend."

The affair allegedly took place last year, while the family was still shooting their reality TV show and Hull and Linda had yet to split.

Apparently Brooke is so distraught, she has even posted this ominous entry on her official blog.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Current mood: distressed
Category: Life

I'm going through one of the hardest issues i've ever had to deal with in my life…please keep me and my family in your prayers…. I'm continuing work in the studio… I'm sure my writing will reflect my state of mind at the moment. I need all the support i can get. thank you…

love you much,

Wonder what she's referring to????

We're there for ya Brookie!

Update: Brooke also posted the following blog but later deleted it!!!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

i never thought…

Current mood: sad
Category: Life

When your best friend and one of your closest family members that you have loved unconditionally since your first day on this earth, betrays you together, you could MAYBE find it in yourself to forgive one day… but you will NEVER forget the hurt they caused you and how it hurt the people who mean the most to you…its the worst feeling in the world to be betrayed. And worse to know you can never trust the one you should be able to…

Source: PerezHilton

Shia Explains That Night

Good boy Shia LaBeouf was arrested late last year for being a bad boy at a Walgreens in Chicago.

Now, the Transformers star is opening up for the first time about that crazy evening that lead to his brief stay behind bars.

"That was complete and utter insanity," Shia confesses to Empire magazine. "I was an asshole, and it was a mistake I'm still completely embarrassed about. I was in the middle of a strange mind state, having just come off a three-month window of focus. I can't diminish what happened at all. But I can say this: I'm not the first 21-year-old to be arrested for a misdemeanour. There are lessons in life I need to learn, and I'm learning all of them in front of the public."

Source: PerezHilton


Charlie Sheen wants us to boycott ex-wife Denise Richards' upcoming reality show.

And we think that's a great idea!

The actor was concerned over the project because Richards is pimping out their daughters in the program.

Charlie went to court to prevent Denise from filming their kids. He lost!

"I think we should all just boycott the damn thing!" he is now saying, half-joking (we think). "Issue a mass boycott."

Sheen still believes strongly that it is wrong to include his daughters in that reality show.

"You don't go to court and make stands to prevent that if you don't firmly believe in it," he said.

Regarding the court's decision, the CBS star added, "The world is upside down sometimes."

Source: PerezHilton

Here's John Stamos kayaking in Hawaii.

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She Should Take His Offer

Hugh Hefner was so impressed with Lindsay Lohan showing it all as Marilyn Monroe for New York Magazine that he wants her to do the same for him. Hugh reportedly wants her to recreate Marilyn's naked swim in "Something's Got To Give" for Playboy.

Lindsay is apparently thinking about it reports The New York Post.

Hayden talks about dating life in Seventeen

Hayden Panettiere is opening up about why she ended her romance with Laguna Beach alum Stephen Colletti. "I just knew I wanted to breathe," Panettiere, 18, says in the April issue of Seventeen. "I wanted to be single at the time. It just hit me like a ton of bricks: This is the time I need to be with myself. It takes such a secure person to be with someone like me—it takes so much confidence; it takes so much trust." Panettiere found a way to spend her time alone: campaigning for whales. A warrant was out for her arrest in Japan after she interfered in a dolphin hunt last year. "There's very little that scares me," she tells Seventeen. "I've always been a physical person. And I feel like a lot of time in this industry, a lot of people loan their face to a cause, which is great, but it doesn't do as much as getting out there and actually physically doing something." Panettiere doesn't apologize for being so outspoken. "I don't need to prove myself to anyone," she says. "I'm not that kind of person. I know myself much better now than I did [before]," she goes on. "And my opinions of things and my morals -- I am not as easily swayed as I used to be. And when you learn to accept yourself, the more you learn to be okay with yourself and know yourself, the easier it is to love somebody and allow them to love you."

Source: PinkisTheNewBlog

Nicole Richie Introduces Harlow Winter Kate

The new issue of People hits the stands this Friday and it’s debuting Nicole Richie’s baby girl to the world.

On motherhood:

It’s almost like I don’t even remember what life was like before her. She gives life a whole new meaning and a whole new purpose.

Now that I look back on it, I was a different person last year than I am now. And, listen, sometimes I’ll be here and I’ll think to myself, ‘I used to be fun! What if I’m not fun anymore?’ I’m still fun, just not in that way.

Who was the first to cry?
Nicole: I cried right away.
Joel: Right when she came out, you know that cry that's like an internal cry where you shake a little bit? [To Harlow] You made me cry!

How did you pick the name?
Nicole: We couldn't agree. I wanted a hippie name and he wanted a more Biblical name.
Joel: I really like Jean Harlow the actress, and she likes Shalom Harlow the model. Harlow's cool because it feels like a classic name.
Nicole: And no one has it.
Joel: Winter was so serene and quiet and that's how she is.
Nicole: I always liked the name Kate, but I knew I'd never name my kid that because it was just too plain.

Do you have help at home?
Joel: We don't have a nanny. We have our moms. They've helped us a lot.
Nicole: And we have to give credit to Benji [Joel's twins brother]. He lives six houses down. He babysits, like really babysits.
Joel: There was a day when I'd been at work all day and Nicole hadn't left the house for 48 hours, and I was like, "Let's go to a restaurant down the street," and Benj was with the baby. Then someone said they read somewhere we were out all the time. It's crazy. You leave the house for one hour and eveyone's like, "She's out! She's leaving the baby!"

Source: TOB/PopSugar

Jessica arriving in Paris (February 28).

Spotted departing from LAX airport last night, Jessica Alba made her grand arrival in Paris, France on Thursday (February 28).

The pregnant Sin City actress is visiting the city of lights for one of her favorite annual pleasures - Paris fashion week, along with co-planned promotional duties for her new movie “The Eye”.

Meanwhile, Miss Alba has been talkative with press as of late, speaking about her first-time experience as a mother-to-be.

Alba told: “When you’re pregnant, your breasts are engorged and your stomach is getting bigger by the second. But it’s awesome. It’s the best time ever.”

Source: celebrity-gossip

Rachel and Hayden arriving at LAX (February 28).

Source: celebrity-gossip

Heath Ledger Death Investigation Continues

While he’s already been laid to rest during a moving ceremony in his hometown of Perth, the investigation revolving around Heath Ledger’s untimely death still marches on.

According to the latest reports, a doctor in California and another in Texas are under investigation by federal drug authorities in the matter of Heath’s passing.

“We are investigating doctors in Los Angeles and Texas with regard to Ledger’s prescriptions,” an insider confirmed to People magazine.

Whether or not any wrongdoings occurred is still up in the air, as the source told: “We don’t know yet. The agents were there this week, and we are waiting to hear from them.”

“The doctors in question are thought to have supplied Ledger with Oxycontin and Vicodin,” law enforcement sources tell New York’s Daily News.

Source: celebrity-gossip

Police Look Into Spears Drug Claims

According to the latest reports in the Britney Spears saga, police in Los Angeles are looking into allegations that the troubled pop tart was drugged by Sam Lufti.

In a statement to AP, Police Captain Kyle Jackson said that charges “are being considered,” though a formal investigation has yet to get underway.

If the LAPD decides to look further into the matter, it will be the Robbery-Homicide division determining whether or not any laws have been violated.

Lufti, who happens to be the pop star’s former manager, is currently under a restraining order, prohibited from coming within 250 yards of the Gimme More singer.

Source: celebrity-gossip

Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson: Together Again?

They’ve been spotted paying visits to one another’s places. But are Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson really back together again?

According to an Us Weekly insider, the answer is yes. “They are hooking up,” the souce tells, adding, “They have definitely been talking, hanging out and, yes, hooking up.”

As previously reported by Gossip Girls, the 28-year-old Fool’s Gold babe broke off her year-long romance with the Darjeeling Limited actor last spring.

The reason for their previous split is said to have occurred “after it became clear to her that his partying took priority over their relationship.”

Taylor appearing on MTV’s TRL on Wednesday (February 27).

Source: celebrity-gossip

Paris shortly after her arrival in NYC (February 27).

Source: celebrity-gossip

Natalie on her visit with the Late Show (February 27).

Source: celebrity-gossip

Jessica at LAX and out with Cash earlier in the day (February 27).

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Heidi out picking Leni up from school (February 27)

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Here's Mimi outside of MTV studios yesterday.

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Lindsay Lohan Naked is Worth a Lot of Money

So you know those Lindsay Lohan nude pictures from New York magazine that were so very popular last week? Of course you do! Well, turns out they were worth a lot of money for New York magazine, at least according to a report made by business magazine Forbes, which estimates that New York magazine could have made $500,000 in just two days from internet traffic to those photo pages. And the best part... Lindsay Lohan got nuthin'!

The photographer who snapped the photos of Lohan was Bert Stern, the same lensman who was behind the camera for Monroe's famed 1962 shoot at the Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles. And while some magazines reportedly spend millions to get their hands on exclusive photos of celebrities or their babies, New York paid Stern its standard fee for such assignments--and paid Lohan nothing for her participation, according to magazine spokeswoman Lauren Starke.

For a site that's averaged around a million page views a day lately, the results were stunning. recorded a total of more than 40 million page views Monday and Tuesday, more than 34 million of which came from the Lohan portfolio, Starke said.

According to New York's online rate card, the "super banner ad" of the type that appears on the Lohan photo slideshow has a CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) of $15. Multiply that by the number of views and the Lohan slideshow ads were valued at more than $500,000 over two days. probably charged far less than the rate-card rate, as is common in the industry. Starke said the magazine doesn't disclose revenue details about advertising deals.

Still, New York's Web site no doubt made out pretty well. Some perspective: Based on its rate card, New York generated about as much revenue per day from its online slideshow as it would from four $64,500 full-page color ads in its print edition.

Source: egotastic

Ashlee Simpson was on The Fuse yesterday where she denied she's pregnant and engaged.

Ashlee said that she is "promised" to be Pete Wentz and has the ring to prove it. She said, "It just means that he hasn't asked my dad yet..."

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett all met up for dinner at The Cut in Beverly Hills.

Source: dlisted

Jessica Simpson arrived at JFK yesterday with Daisy in hand.

In other Jessica News,she's going to Kuwait again! Jes wrote on SweetKisses:

"Hey ya'll. I just wanted to say hi, and let you know that I am hard at work on my country record, and I can't wait to share it will all of you. I am heading to Kuwait to do a show for the troops for Operation MySpace, then back in the studio. I love you all and am so blessed by the support and love you show me everyday!! xoxo jess"


"I've only ever had about three boyfriends. Only a handful of people have seen into the Pharaoh's Tomb!"

"My best feature is unfortunately a private matter, although I'm told it is spectacular. But you can't really walk it down the red carpet. What can I say?" she giggled before silently mouthing the words 'My twat' at the interviewer.

Source: holy moly

Here’s Victoria Beckham in Toronto, Canada promoting her new fashion line, “DVB”.


Katie Price, Peter Andre and some friends had dinner last night in London to celebrate Peter's 35th Birthday

Source: dlisted

Jessica Alba wrote an essay for Ellyn Spragins' upcoming book of essays from female celebrities.

Jessica said that in the sixth-grade she had big boobs and because of that the principal and some PTA moms deemed her a "slut."She went on to say, "Boys are awful. They are made of nothing but hormones until they're about 20 or 21 . . . It's fun to have a crush, but don't think it's forever . . . And use birth control and condoms, please."

Source: Page Six

Nicoles publicist fires back

Yesterday, I posted a little item from Cindy Adams' column about Nicole Kidman allegedly drinking white wine at the Oscars even though shes pregant.

Catherine Olim, Nicky's pr, issued this statement, "I try to ignore your column, unlike most of the rest of the world, because it is so nasty. But I have to tell you that Nicole Kidman most certainly did NOT drink white wine or any other alcoholic beverage backstage. She had water and lemon zinger tea. That's it. I know, I was there with her. I cannot remember the last time that Cindy Adams got anything right. She's an idiot, and you can quote me."

Britney Is Still Making Awesome And Insane Demands

It's nice to see that Britney Spears hasn't completely lost the crazy now that she's under Daddy Spears' reign. Gatecrasher reports that Brit Brit strolled into the Betsey Johnson store on Melrose with a Dolce & Gabbana dress in hand. She told them she wanted them to copy the dress, but in all white and have it ready that night. They had to tell her that they don't have a dressmaker on staff and that the dress doesn't belong to them.After the store told her ass it couldn't be done, she decided she wanted to buy something. A source said, "The only thing she wanted to buy in the store was the yellow wig on a mannequin in the window." The manager decided to sell it to her for $100.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jennifer and Ross out for a Tuesday afternoon walk (February 26).

Jennifer Love Hewitt and fiance Ross McCall continue on with their inseparable ways - most recently being spotted out for a Tuesday afternoon stroll in their Los Angeles neighborhood.

Jennifer, who was done up in a colorful sundress for the outing, recently opened up in an interview about the hysteria caused by bikini pictures showing what most news agencies dubbed an “oversized bum” a few months back.

“The thing I think is great is when those pictures were taken, no matter what, I had just been asked to marry, so he (Ross) loves me just the way I am,” Jennifer tells.

And if a treadmill or pilates are in the future, it isn’t for praise by magazines the next time she step out in a two-piece.

“I will for my health, not for typical reasons,” Hewitt said, adding, “If I do work out more it will be for my health, so I can live a long time and we can have kids and be happy together until we are in our 80s. It won’t be because I am worried about how I look.”

Source: celebrity-gossip

Ashlee and Pete at last night’s CD release party (February 26).

Making the most of a NYC promotional trip, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz celebrated at the Bittersweet World album release party at NYC’s Marquee on Tuesday night.

Recently, the couple have been atop of the headlines with baby rumors after a reported blog posting by Mr Wentz.

According to a story from The Sun, “Pete recently announced the couples’ plans to make something that cannot be illegally downloaded, hinting at a baby. In the bizarre video message, Ashlee and Pete, who have dated since last summer, also reveal that the “release date” is July 2008, before Ashlee poses with a cushion stuffed under her top.”

So far, nothing further has been said to confirm or deny the baby-on-the-way talk.

Meanwhile, in other Ashlee news, the Outta My Head singer recently told MTV about her first kiss, saying: “My first kiss? I must have been 14. Yeah, 14. And I was on tour. My face turned red. I had to get back on the tour bus after and this is when our parents were on our bus. Yeah, that was funny. And everybody was like, ‘What happened? What’d you just do?’ Ay-ya-ya-ya-ya.”

Source: celebrity-gossip

The Spice Girls Say Goodbye

The Spice Girls made what’s believed to be their final live appearance last night in Toronto, bidding farewell during the conclusion of their reunion tour.

“Our time is up ... we’ve come to the end of the road ... there are tears of both sadness and joy. Look how far we’ve come!,” the Spice Girls wrote on their Web site, adding, “Yes, our reunion tour is proof that dreams do come true.”

According to People reports, the letter to fans on the Spice blog was signed with love from Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria after concluding a song best summed up their feelings:

“Goodbye my friend, it’s not the end ... So glad we made it, time will never ever change it ... ”

As for their future, the ladies write, “We look to the future with hope and imagination and let Girl Power live on through all of you as it will continue in us and the future generations to come.”

Source: celebrity-gossip

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