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Site Of The Month for August

Site of The Month goes to . They are a very good Josh Hartnett fan site that updates everyday and sometimes, multiple times per day. It is a very informative site that lets you know what is going on with Josh Harnett everyday. I go there myself everyday and look to see what is up with Josh Harnett. I hope you all will enjoy going there.

Cute pics of Carrie Underwood at the airport the other day


Pamela Anderson visits “Late Show with David Letterman”


Britney Spears’s Father Likely to Remain in Control

Britney Spears’s father will likely remain in control of the singer’s affairs following a court review Thursday, an expert says. “I would be very surprised if the court ends her father’s control so soon,” says Terry K. Wasserman, a mental health attorney not involved in her case. “It’s rare for someone to regain their capacity in just 60 days.”

Two months ago, Spears’s attorney Samuel Ingham testified that the pop star was unfit to take part in legal proceedings. “In fact, they could be harmful to her,” Ingham said. Jamie Spears, 56, was named temporary conservator of her affairs on Feb. 1 following his 26-year-old daughter’s two forced hospitalizations in January.

Source: People

Jessica Was Abused?

Jessica Simpson has revealed that a song written for her forthcoming country album is based on her own experience as a victim of abuse. But the singer – who is currently dating Dallas Cowboys star Tony Romo - refuses to go into detail about the painful memory.

When asked by the interviewer for Elle whether she has ever been physically abused, she replied, “I don’t want to talk about it, but I have definitely experienced abuse in a way that I would tell people to take their heart and run.”

In Remember That she sings, “It doesn’t matter how he hurts you / With his hands or with his words / You don’t deserve it / It ain’t worth it / Take your heart and run.”

Jessica’s efforts to establish herself as a country music star haven’t got off to the best of starts. Earlier this month, her new material was greeted by a chorus of boos at the Country Thunder USA Festival in Randall, Wisconsin.

Source: entertainmentwise

Jessica Simpson: “Jennifer Aniston is in for a Treat”

Jessica Simpson believes that she was never destined to have a long-term future with ex-boyfriend John Mayer, but insists the girl who nabs him will be in for a treat. We’re sure Jennifer Aniston agrees.

Speaking to Elle magazine, the country singer opened up about her love life both past and present, revealing that she thinks she’s found ‘the one’ in the form of American football star Tony Romo.

She explains: “John believed in the Jessica Simpson that’s within. He cherished our love. He helped make me the woman I am today. John is going to be an amazing man for someone, but I know that I was supposed to be with someone else.”

“Tony understands me. He appreciates my talent. He’s the first person I’ve spiritually connected with. I’m a girl that loves to be in love. I love love!”

Source: entertainmentwise

Lawyer: Britney Spears Doesn't Want Sam Lutfi In Her Life

Britney Spears's restraining order against one-time pal Sam Lutfi may have been temporary, but their friendship is permanently over.

The pop star's court-appointed attorney, Samuel D. Ingham III, told the Associated Press that he will not seek to extend the restraining order in court on Thursday – because Spears has cut all ties with Lutfi anyway.

"Britney has made clear to everyone," Ingham said, "that she does not want to be further harassed or contacted in any way by Osama 'Sam' Lutfi, now or at anytime in the future."

Lutfi has been out of Spears's life since February, when her father, Jamie, was granted legal control of her affairs as temporary conservator. (At the time, Britney's mother, Lynne, accused Lutfi of drugging the singer.)

According to Ingham, the restraining order is no longer necessary because Jamie can legally control whom Britney, 26, sees: "During the temporary conservatorship, the conservators have the power to insure that Lutfi will not harm Britney anymore."

Lutfi, it seems, will abide by the Spears family's wishes. He said in his own statement to the AP, "Mr. Lutfi and Mr. Spears have mutually agreed in private that no hearing or order is necessary at this time."

Ingham added that once Britney regains control of her life, she will continue to keep Lutfi out of it. "If Mr. Lutfi makes any future attempt to contact Britney after the temporary conservatorship has concluded," he said, "Britney has made clear she will take all appropriate legal action."

Lawyers for Jamie Spears are expected in court Thursday for a review of the conservatorship.

Source: People

Tori Spelling Outside The CW11 Building

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott were photographed outside of the CW11 building in NYC yesterday before being taken inside by her publicist.


Ali Lohan Accidentally Auditions for Porn Director


On the finale of E!'s Living Lohan, cameras followed 14-year-old Ali Lohan as she went on an audition for the horror movie Trolls.

Unbeknownst to Ali, she auditioned for Peter Davy, director of such adult flicks as Voodoo Lust and Dreams in the Forbidden Zone, reported Wednesday.

“Ali obviously had no idea about Davy’s past," her rep tells "If she did know, she never would have auditioned for him.” reports that Ali's mom Dina "went nuclear" when she got word.

Check out Us' Know Your Teen Star slideshow.

Ali hasn't been quiet about her desire to be famous.

"I grew up watching Lindsay, and it made me want to do what she does," she told Teen Vogue earlier this year. "Just the whole vibe. Being there, being on camera, or onstage, with everybody listening to you ... it's so cool when people look up to you.

"I want it so bad," she said of fame. "So bad you don't even know. And now, it's actually happening. I've already been asked for my autograph, and it's just a really good feeling to have."

Source: Us Weekly

BRITNEY SPEARS has fallen for one of her bodyguards — a former Israeli soldier.

The 26-year-old singer, battling to get her volatile private life back on track, is dating the tough guy named LEE.

He is the FOURTH member of staff dated by mum-of-two Britney, for whom he has worked full-time for the past six months.

Lee has been spending his days off by her side and has even started sleeping under the same roof at her Los Angeles home.

A source said: “Britney and Lee hit it off immediately.

“He is her perfect type. She loves guys who work out and he is in great shape from his days serving in the Israeli Army.

“He also has a few tattoos, which she loves. They’ve spent so much time together that one thing led to another and their relationship became physical.

“They are in Mexico together. They’ve been having a great time — Lee’s put a smile on her face.”

American-born Lee was snapped earlier this week dancing with Britney at the side of her Mexico hotel swimming pool.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal Want Dog For Ring Bearer

They don’t call them “Man’s best friend” for no reason!! Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have reportedly expressed interest in having their dog serve as ring bearer at their wedding. A-FRIGIN-DORABLE!

The dog in question is a German Shepherd named Atticus who at one time belonged to Jake and ex-girlfriend Kirsten Dunst. However a source revealed to the National Enquirer that, “Atticus now lives with Reese full-time. He is great with her kids and makes her feel safe when Jake is away. It was totally Reese’s idea to give Atticus a role in the wedding. Jake has fallen into the role of stepdad to her kids, so it is only fitting that Reese has more or less adopted Atticus as her own too!”

No wedding plans have been announced yet, but the pair just recently purchased a $5 million Los Angeles home so chances are the wedding isn’t too far away.


Johnny Depp to star in Alice In Wonderland

The actor and director's past collaborations have resulted in some of Depp's most memorable roles, including Willy Wonka, Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd. This will be their seventh film together.

The big-budget production is being financed by Disney, and will be shot in 3-D. Filming will start next year, with release slated for 2010.

Source: HotOnlineNews

Pammy Moves Back In To Tommy Lee’s House

Pamela Anderson has moved back in to Tommy Lee’s house. I’m surprised it took this long. While we all know Pammy is eating her share of meat in the house, Tommy has actually stopped eating meat - and gone the way of Pam.

“It’s something that I haven’t done before, and you know, I wanna check it out and see what it’s like, and I feel lighter… I don’t know, it’s just different. You know, I love pastas, baked potatoes, and this and that. You know, I do eat fish, salmon, and this and that. It’s not like I’ve stopped eating.”

Source: bricksandstones

People Magazine Wins Bid for Brangelina Twins!

According to sources People magazine has drummed up the winning bid for the first pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s twins - Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. It is rumored that the winning bid is between $10 million and $15 million. The pictures will come up in a future People magazine issue. The money paid to Brad and Angelina has already been earmarked for charity.

Source: JustJared

Jamie Lynn’s Wedding Plans

Jamie Lynn Spears is ready to say “I do!” She already has a handsome fiancé in Casey Aldridge, an adorable baby in Maddie and a new house. Now OK! can exclusively reveal that the former Zoey 101 star has already started planning her wedding, and that she and Casey will walk down the aisle together before the end of the year.

Source: ok-magazine

What Affair?

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have an unconventional but successful union. Ignoring tabloid reports that Matthew, 46, cheated on Sarah, 43, with a 25-year old youth counselor, the pair enjoyed a romantic stroll on the beach on July 26, walking hand in hand just like any other couple in love.

“They looked very happy and in love,” an onlooker in Amagansett, NY, said of the couple, who have a son James, 5. “They looked totally normal, like nothing was going on.”

Another friend of the couple say that Matthew and Sarah “have never had a conventional marriage, but it totally works for the two of them.” “When they are together, they would rather be alone with their son. “Sure they fight like every other couple, but they love each other and their little boy. They are so private and hate all this silly gossip. At the end of the day the only opinion Sarah cares about is Matthews and vice versa.”

Source: ok-magazine

KFed showed up to the X Games Celebrity Skins Classic yesterday to play a round of golf

When asked about when his follow-up to amazing rap masterpiece "Playing with Fire" is coming out, he said, "I don't know, I'm going to make everybody wait on that."

KFed also took a moment to check on his kids during the event

Source: dlisted

Paris Hilton debuted her shoe line yesterday at a Las Vegas Macy’s

Source: MollyGood

Here is Lohan and Sam going to the movies yesterday

Source: dlisted

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong Split

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong called it quits this weekend after a three-month romance that went public when they were spotted in Austin, Texas in mid-May, exclusively reports.

"There was no drama or ugliness – They just decided to end things," a source close to the couple tells Us. "There is no hatred, just sadness."

The pair quickly became inseparable with sightings of them in Austin, New York and Los Angeles – though both dodged questions about their relationship.

In the short time they were together, the 29-year-old actress was seen with the 36-year-old cyclist at many of his races and events, including his three-day Lance Armstrong Livestrong Summit in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend.

It was at the conference that Hudson and Armstrong decided to go their separate ways, a source tells Us.

Source: Us Weekly

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rachael Ray Goes to the Dogs

Fido, meet Yum-o.

Rachael Ray is bringing her trademark brand of culinary perk to the pet world, launching a new line of premium dog food.

The Rover-friendly line, dubbed Rachael Ray Nutrish, features two varieties of all-natural pooch chow recipes, which have been both named after and developed for Ray's own four-legged friend, her pit bull Isaboo.

Proceeds from the products will be donated to Rachael's Rescue, an organization founded by the foodie that helps at-risk animals through the adoption process.

"I love my dog Isaboo, and as a member of my family, I need to make sure that she eats as well as the rest of us," Ray gushes. "With the launch of Nutrish, I now have the opportunity to share with other pet lovers some of her favorite meals, flavors and special treats."

Those favorites include the somewhat cloyingly named treats Isaboo Booscotti and Isaboo Grill Bites.

"It seemed like not a lot of extra time to donate to something that could potentially raise millions of dollars for championing these little creatures that can't speak for themselves," Ray said of the line's charitable bent.

Ray has made no secret of her dog-loving ways over the years, featuring her pup in the opening credits of her Food Network show 30 Minute Meals, as well as featuring the dog on her syndicated talk show, Every Day With Rachael Ray.

Proving to be an equal-opportunity pet provider, Ray already has a line of natural cat food in the works

Source: eonline

Johnny Depp Has Just One Thing To Say To Paparazzi

Swashbuckling star of Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp expressed his annoyance with the spying paparazzi when he and his family arrived at the airport in Nice, France.


Angelina Jolie tipped to play Catwoman

Angelina Jolie has been tipped to play Catwoman in a future Batman movie - by the actress who made the role famous, Julie Newmar.

Newmar, 74, prowled across the small screen, playing the feline villain in the 1960s Batman television series.

And she would love Jolie to take on the role - if The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan decides to resurrect the character in a future sequel.

Newmar tells the New York Daily News, “Angelina would own the part. My industry friends tell me (she) has made inquiries about the role. I can understand how it would pique her interest. Catwoman is Batman’s one true love. She’s tremendously popular with women because she’s both a heroine and a villainess.”

Since Newmar, the Catwoman role has been played by Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether, Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Source: Contact Music

Naomi Watts looks pregnant

Watts has a recent interview with UK Newspaper The Times in which she refused to comment on whether she was pregnant or not, but the article mentions as an aside that her publicist did confirm her pregnancy. As for whether she’s planning to get married, Watts said “I never say never, but I’m not desperate to get married. I’m not someone who has always dreamt of a wedding day. I’m more disbelieving.”

Source: celebitchy

Shia LeBeouf on Details Magazine

Shia said that before he was arrested for being a drunken fool at Walgreens in Chicago, he used to regularly smoke and drink with his daddy, a former heroin junkie who lives in Shia's garage. He said, "We would drink together and smoke together, and it's just a bad deal. It's not something that is conducive to being a role model—no iconic actors that I know of have problems like that. And I don't know how to do it like a gentleman. I don't know how to have one drink."

Shia also talked about the Walgreens incident, "It was two hotheads. One completely in the wrong, one who wasn't enjoying his job that night, going at it about minuscule bullshit."

Jlo is in another movie

The website coming soon said its about , "The movie is about a professional thief who, in order to pull off a major bank heist, poses as a nanny to the three unruly children of a wealthy widower. When she starts to fall for the kids and their father, she must decide if she can give up her past for a chance to start over." It's funny that this movie is about a professional thief, because anybody who pays to see it is getting robbed.

Source: dlisted

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jessica Simpson visits Bergdorf Goodman in New York City

Source: bricksandstones

Shark Attacks Ryan Seacrest!!

On his KIIS-FM radio show Monday, Ryan Seacrest said he decided to take a dip in the ocean over the weekend when, he said, “I was bit by a shark!” He said he was “about eight feet out” when he felt something swim by him. “I thought it was a stick,” he said. “I wasn’t sure what had happened.” Then, he said, “I saw it swim! He took a bite, and he left.”

Seacrest, 33, said the shark’s tooth “wasn’t a great thing to find. It was like finding a splinter!” Although he said he was “in pain,” he wasn’t hurt too badly, as he still went on the air to blab about it. “I need to take an Advil!” he yelped. Asked by his radio co-host if anyone else got bit, Seacrest lamented: “No, just me, of course! There were like 1,000 people in the ocean, and I get bit by the shark!”

Source: Us Weekly

Lindsay and her mom and sister at Bowery Hotel in NYC

Source: dlisted

Brit Brit headed down to Cabo this weekend with George Maloof

Source: dlisted

Nicole Kidman is going back to work

Nicole Kidman gave birth three weeks ago, and now it’s time to go back to work. For a few days, anyway.

Kidman will head back to the set in a couple of weeks to re-shoot scenes for the epic film Australia, directed by Baz Luhrmann, her co-star Hugh Jackman told Access Hollywood at Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego.

Jackman said he was happy for Kidman and award-winning country singer husband Keith Urban on their baby news, but filming was tough for the actor during her pregnancy.

“I am beyond happy for her. I mean she is an amazing woman. She’s been a great friend of ours for a long time,” Jackman said. “To have this moment is just thrilling. It wasn’t always thrilling for her while we were shooting in Australia, let me tell you!”

Source: celebitchy

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell Expecting Twins!

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell will soon be on double diaper duty.

Us Weekly has learned that Romijn, 35, and O'Connell, 34, are expecting twins this winter.

A spokesman for the couple confirmed the news Monday morning.

The babies will be the first children for the pair.

Source: Us Weekly


DENISE Richards went too far when she falsely accused her ex, Charlie Sheen, of molesting their daughters - and now Sheen will move for full custody of the kids by charging that their mother is a liar.

Richards dragged Sheen into a Los Angeles courtroom early last week for a mysterious "emergency" child-custody hearing to screen videos of their girls, Sam and Lola, supposedly acting in strange and disturbing ways. Sheen's lawyers - who got the "evidence" dismissed - presented their own videos of the girls acting normally at his house.

A source said, "Denise's accusations were vile. She was basically trying to say Charlie [manipulated] the kids and acted inappropriately with them. It's disgusting and totally untrue. Charlie is furious . . . Denise has really pushed it too far this time.

"She came after Charlie because the ratings on her E! reality show ['It's Complicated'] have tanked and they were threatening not to renew," the source said.

"She thinks a court battle would be good for ratings so she wants all overnight visits with the girls ceased, and monitored visits with her nanny. She invited the media circus to the hearing and even wanted reporters in the judge's chambers - which wasn't allowed. It's ridiculous."

Sheen is said to be so furious, he's "out to prove Denise's lack of veracity and sue her in civil court for defamation. Then he'll sue for child custody.

"Sheen feels Richards has defamed him, especially after she denied sending [current wife] Brooke an e-mail in which she claims to want his sperm for another child. Richards says the e-mail is a fake. Sheen claims he has the e-mail and is getting forensic computer geeks to verify its authenticity.

"Charlie has now been forced to take a stand and do what's best for the girls," our insider said. Reps for Richards and Sheen declined comment.

Source: NY Post

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker out in Malibu on Saturday (July 26).

Speaking of trendy eateries, it looks as if Eva is planning on expanding her own establishment, Beso, with her sights now set on a Las Vegas location.

“She’s been spotted spending quite a bit of time at Caesar’s Palace recently, she is looking to open a restaurant somewhere on the Strip,” an insider told E!Online.

“Beso’s Hollywood location features a celeb-packed upstairs lounge called Kiss. Kiss inside Beso has been evolving into a VIP spot, so the Vegas venture will spin off Kiss as a lounge and nightclub - with a small-scale Beso to serve food,” another source added.

Source: celebrity-gossip

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie out shopping with Hilary’s mom (July 26).

Meanwhile, in related news, it was recently reported that Hilary is just now beginning to record material for what will be her fourth studio album.

Sources tell that “approximately six songs have already been written and eleven instrumentals have circulated from five different producers, as well.”

From the studio sessions, Duff’s newest single, “Reach Out (And Touch Me),” will be released in August - with a video for the song also to be filmed in the next few weeks.

Source: celebrity-gossip

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie want Bono to be godfather to twins

It's the Sweetest Thing for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's newborn twins.

Little Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline are only a few weeks old, but they've already shot straight to the top of the showbiz A-list by bagging a superstar godfather - U2's Bono.

Some kids have all the luck!

After giving birth two weeks ago, Angelina, 33, and Brad, 44, spent a week bonding with their new bundles of joy at Bono's bolthole in a leafy village in the South of France.

And in return for the kind gesture, the Hollywood couple have asked him to be a permanent fixture in the lives of their tots.

Sources tell me thrilled Bono, 48, accepted the offer immediately.

A pal of the A-list parents revealed: "Brad and Angie think the world of Bono.

Source: The Mirror


It could have been the worst clip of her career.

In another chapter of her vehicular vicissitudes, Lindsay Lohan was hospitalized early this morning after a motorcyclist sideswiped her following a night of clubbing, sources said.

With sapphic sidekick Samantha Ronson by her side, Lohan was hit by a moving bike "outside a club on 32nd Street," the movie starlet's dad, Michael Lohan, confirmed to The Post.

"She's not hurt. That's all I really care about," Lohan said of his oldest daughter.

LiLo was taken to Beth Israel Medical Center, treated and released at 4 a.m. today, according to a hospital employee.

It was not clear if an accident report was filed.

Source: NY Post

Shia LaBeouf's Truck -- A Mangled Mess

The green Ford F150 that Shia LaBeouf was driving last night sure took one hell of a hit

The passenger side clearly took a monster hit -- one hard enough to flip the huge F150 -- after LaBeouf allegedly made a left turn in front of another car while intoxicated. The roof is also scratched up from the flip.

As we first reported, Shia is currently at the hospital having surgery on his injured left hand.

Source: TMZ

According to TMZ, Shia made an illegal left turn in front of a car at the intersection of La Brea and Fountain. This caused the other car to hit Shia at which point his car rolled. The victim and Shia were both taken to the hospital. Shia seriously injured his hand and will need surgeryShia's passenger suffered a minor head injury. The victim is currently being treated for minor injuries as well. Right now, the police are deciding whether or not to book him on felony DUI or misdemeanor DUI. UPDATE: Shia is one lucky guy. TMZ reports that he won't be charged with felony DUI, but he will be charged with misdemeanor DUI

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jessica Alba out shopping in Beverly Hills (July 25).

As for her daughter Honor Marie, don’t expect to see her doing kid acting campaigns - Jess told press that they’ll hold her back from pursuing celebrity until she’s out of school.

“When she finishes college, she can do whatever she wants.” She also noted that it may be a struggle. “I think at some point all little kids express that desire, because they’re so used to being treated like a star.”

Source: celebrity-gossip

Justin Long Distraught Over Breakup with Drew!

A source tells E! News that Justin Long, who remains “distraught” over being dumped by the Charlie’s Angels star, has dropped out of the roller-derby comedy Whip It!, which marks Barrymore’s feature directorial debut. “He couldn’t stand working with her and not being with her,” the Long insider says. “He’s too upset.” Adds the source: “She dumped him. She was hot and cold. One minute she was in love with him and the next she wanted to break up with him

Source: eonline

Victoria Beckham Calls Katie Holmes a “Copycat”

Victoria Beckham’s is reportedly fed up with Katie Holmes stealing her style. The former Spice Girl and self proclaimed style icon is said to believe her Hollywood pal has upstaged her by ‘ripping off’ her signature ‘Pob’

“When she arrived in LA Posh felt she was the equal to any star,” an insider tells the Daily Star. “But with the failure of the Spice Girls reunion and David’s faltering career, she is terrified everyone’s losing interest in brand Beckham.” The source adds, “The one thing she thought she had over Katie and other leading lights was her sense of style. “But now that Katie’s usurping her, she doesn’t know how they can continue to be friends.”

Source: entertainmentwise

Jessica Simpson’s New Perfume Stinks

Jessica Simpson’s no stranger to the perfume counter. With all the products she’s put out over the years, including the Dessert line, you’d think she’d be an expert on fragrances by now. Her first foray into an adult line called Fancy launches in department stories August 15.

“With Fancy, I wanted to create a pretty fragrance, one that I could be just as comfortable wearing on the red carpet or every day with my favorite jeans,” the singer said in a statement. Fancy includes notes of pear, apricot nectar, red berries, night blooming jasmine, gardenia, toasted almonds, caramel, amber crystal, sandlewood and vanilla crème.

MTV conducted an informal review of the perfume and the overall consensus was that it stinks! The participants agreed that it smelled like a little girl playing dress-up.

Source: MTV

Heather Locklear Thinks Denise Richards it an Idiot

Heather Locklear has enjoyed watching Denise Richards’ reality show, “It’s Complicated.” “Heather thinks the show is a riot,” the source says, “but only because it makes Denise look like an idiot.”

Source: Us Weekly

Justin Timberlake was caught online Ring Shopping?

Justin Timberlake was caught ring shopping, but not in the “traditional” way!! A inside source says that Justin has been online catalogue ring shopping from home…

“Justin has been calling a bunch of different stores to see what they have in stock - He’s looking for the perfect engagement ring for her [Jessica Biel]. Over the last few days he has been spending plenty of time at night searching online for that perfect ring!!”

Source: bricksandstones

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I will be on vacation for 10 days

Hey Everyone, I will be going on a vacation to spend time with my family back in VA, so I will be gone for 10 days .I will try my best to update while I am gone. I will be leaving early tomorrow morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mariah Carey in marriage crisis after 2 months

THE ink's barely dry on the wedding papers but I can reveal MARIAH CAREY'S marriage to NICK CANNON has hit a rough patch.

It's just TWO MONTHS since they wed but the couple have already had a string of bust-ups.

Warbler Mariah, 38, met Nick four weeks before they tied the knot and I gather her legendary diva demands are to blame for the marriage crisis.

My source told me: "Things are really bad between them. The honeymoon period was over before it began. Nick's been surprised at just how demanding his wife is.

"He feels like her skivvy and moans she has him waiting on her hand and foot. Of course, they met not long before they decided to get married so there were always going to be things they needed to learn about each other. It appears Nick's learned he doesn't like her very much."

Touch My Body singer Mariah, 38, met rapper Nick on a music video in March and they married on April 30.

At the time she said: "We feel we are soulmates. I never felt a love like this was on the cards for me."

Nick, 27, even had ‘Mariah' tattooed across his shoulders. My source added: "That's a problem."


Halle Berry out visiting her pal in Hollywood (July 24).

Source: celebrity-gossip

Brooke Hogan grabbing Subway in her favorite black outfit on Tuesday (July 22).

Source: celebrity-gossip

Pete Doherty out at the Yeovil Magistrates Court in Somerset (July 24).

British rocker Pete Doherty was ordered by the court on Thursday to pay damages to a photographer after he smashed her camera as she was trying to take a photograph of him before he returned to a clinic for drug treatment.

Catherine Mead, who works for the South West News Service agency, had her equipment broken when Doherty became angry and upset that she was following him and his family around the town of Crewkerne.

Magistrates in Yeovil, southwest England, said the 29-year-old Babyshambles lead singer should pay Miss Mead 918.27 pounds ($ 1,827.17) for breaking her lens on August 22nd of last year.

Doherty was arrested in London December 3rd of last year for the incident - telling the court that he wanted to enjoy a day out and about with his family before having to report back to rehab.

The Babyshambles frontman, who’s a recovering drug addict with numerous court appearances on drug possession charges, pleaded guilty to the criminal damage charge.

Passing sentence, magistrates accepted there was indeed a “degree of provocation” in the incident.

Outside court, the star said: “Yeah, it was okay today, it should have been sorted out ages ago to be honest. It’s been hanging over me for a long time.”

Source: celebrity-gossip

Avril Lavigne performing in Indianapolis yesterday (July 23).

Continuing along with her US tour, Avril Lavigne performed at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Indianapolis, Indiana on Wednesday night (July 23).

The 23-year-old Canadian songstress now gets to enjoy a day off before hitting the stage in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Friday, followed by a gig in Hartford, Connecticut the next evening.

Source: celebrity-gossip

New Tyra Banks waxed statue

Source: dlisted

Brooke Hogan bikini pics


Linday Lohan Doesn’t Drink Buckets of Booze

Lindsay Lohan still drinks champagne.

Despite being treated for alcoholism last year, the 22-year-old actress
still likes to indulge in her favorite beverage.

She said: "These days I drink buckets of green tea and a glass or two of
champagne at night."

The 'Freaky Friday' star also admitted she loves fast food, especially

She revealed: "My guiltiest pleasure is McDonalds and I adore their French
fries. I also love peanut butter and jam sandwiches in the morning after a
night out.

"When I was filming 'The Parent Trap' in London all I wanted was American
food like Dunkin' Donuts and McDonalds but I was only young. Nowadays, I
love to eat turkey sandwiches in my trailer with lashings of mayonnaise and
salad. I have them on brown bread though to counteract the mayonnaise. I try
to eat healthily on set."


Jamie Lynn and Casey taking baby Maddie for a routine medical check-up at their local hospital.



Movie bosses have denied reports TOM CRUISE is preparing to reprise his role in a sequel to hit 1986 movie TOP GUN.
The actor had reportedly been asked to resume his role as fighter-pilot Maverick, returning to the Top Gun school as a flight instructor - 22 years after the original film.
But a spokesperson for Paramount - the studio behind Top Gun - says there is "no way" Cruise will be signing up for the new project.
According to reports by Access Hollywood TV, Cruise's spokesperson has confirmed the actor will not be returning for a sequel to the movie.

Source: Contact Music

Access Exclusive: Mindy McCready In Rehab After Miscarriage

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --

Often-troubled country singer Mindy McCready is undergoing treatment at an unnamed rehab facility after suffering a miscarriage on July 16, a source close to the singer has confirmed to Access Hollywood.

The source told Access Hollywood the pregnancy was unplanned with an unidentified man that McCready had been involved with for “three months.”

McCready’s emotional reaction to the miscarriage set in motion the chain of events that resulted in her being admitted for care, the source added.

Access has also learned that McCready, 32, is being treated for “alcohol, substance abuse and emotional issues with the emotional issues being at the top of the list.”

The source said the singer is expected to undergo treatment for “probably a month.”

McCready flew to the facility, which is identified only as a rehab clinic often frequented by celebrities, yesterday on a commercial flight. Doctors at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where McCready was treated after the miscarriage, recommended the facility for her.

This is the latest in a long string of troubles for McCready, who shot to stardom while barely out of her teens, but who, in recent years, has become better known for run-ins with the law, suicide attempts, problems with her mother and for an abusive relationship with a former boyfriend.

This latest incident comes at a time when McCready is trying to re-launch her career with new music, some of it composed during a months-long stay in a Nashville area jail in 2006 – 2007.

A reality show revolving around McCready also is reportedly in the planning stages.

Source: Access Hollywood

Screech Writes ‘Saved by the Bell’ Tell-all

Sometimes a book deal comes along that you never knew you were waiting for, but, once it's announced, you realize it has been your secret wish all along. Which explains our reaction to the news that Dustin Diamond, whose high-pitched nerdy exploits as Samuel "Screech" Powers figured prominently in nearly thirteen (!) years of Saved by the Bell incarnations (plus that infamous sex tape), has jumped on the tell-all bandwagon. Behind the Bell, which Gotham Books preempted from Objective Entertainment's Jarred Weisfeld, promises to detail "sexual escapades among cast members, drug use, and hardcore partying," and for those of us who spent untold hours in our formative years memorizing "I'm So Excited" and the entire back catalog of Zack Attack, this is the greatest book deal in the history of the universe.

But Diamond, with an assist from veteran ghostwriter Alan Goldsher, will really strike pop-culture gold if he can answer our most burning question: What if Miss Bliss had moved to Bayside with the SBTB gang instead of Principal Belding? The course of television history might have been irrevocably altered. —Sarah Weinman

Source: NY Mag

Jessica Simpson leaving her NYC hotel this morning (July 24).

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Paris Hilton emerging from Portofino after her tanning session (July 23).

Something else Paris ignored as of late - the law. According to a report, Miss Hilton was pulled over (again) on Tuesday (July 22) as she wove through traffic on LA’s 134 freeway. But she got off without a ticket after explaining to the police officer that she was lost.

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pictures from Louis Vuitton’s Vanity Fair party last night (July 23).

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon headed out in NYC and of Mariah on BET’s 106 & Park (July 23).

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Halle Berry stepping out for lunch at Madeo (July 23).

Of the transition from acting to motherhood, Halle told press, “I’ve accomplished things I never thought I would. Now my sights are set on a different chapter in my life, which is motherhood.”

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel out to eat at Beso last night (July 23).

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Jessica Simpson flying out of LAX and arriving at JFK (July 23).

Miss Simpson was en route to New York City where she’s scheduled to be a part of a very special ad campaign to kick off the holiday shopping season for Macy’s department stores.

Reportedly, Jess will be joining Martha Stewart, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger, and a host of other celebrities/designers on a full-scale replica of a Macy’s floor built on a Brooklyn set.

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Actress Angelina Jolie's Twins Conceived Through In Vitro!

Forget Mother Nature – Us Weekly reports in its new issue, on newsstands now, that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt turned to fertility treatments to quickly conceive twins Knox and Vivienne.

"They conceived through in vitro fertilization," a well-placed source within their camp tells Us. "They both desperately wanted more babies soon."

The chance of having fraternal twins at Angelina's age (33) naturally is under 1 percent; with in vitro, the chances are 25 percent. Says Dr. Arthur Wisot of L.A.'s Reproductive Medical Group (who did not treat the couple), "We live in an era of reproductive freedom, so anybody can do anything they want within legal limits."

See photos of Angelina Jolie's pregnant with the twins.

The actress chose the procedure (which can cost around $12,000 a pop) so "she wouldn't have to deal with the stress of trying to get pregnant," the source tells Us. "She could just knock it out."

Indeed, Jolie has spoken about her goal to do just that.

"If we're going to have 10 kids, we'd like to raise them while we're young," she told Elle U.K. last year. Brad Pitt turns 45 on December 18.

A source adds: "They were too impatient."

Knox and Vivienne – born in Nice, France on July 12 – join the couple's adopted brood of Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, Zahara, 3, and biological daughter Shiloh, 2.

Source: Us Weekly

Michelle Williams dating director Spike Jonze

Michelle Williams, Heath Ledger’s ex-fiancé and mother of his child, is dating again, according to the Daily Mail. Michelle and Heath broke up last September, and he passed away four months later in January.

But it seems Michelle may finally be finding some happiness in life again, in the form of director Spike Jonze. The pair have known each other since 2006, and seem to have become an item recently.

Seven months after the sudden death of her ex-fiancé Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams appears to have found happiness again. A U.S. magazine reports the former Dawson’s Creek actress, 27, has started dating film director Spike Jonze, ex-husband of Lost In Translation director Sofia Coppola.

Williams and Jonze, 38, have been spotted together several times near the film-maker’s £1.5million New York apartment in recent weeks. … now it appears she finally has something to smile about again, thanks to a burgeoning romance with Jonze. American magazine Star reports Williams was seen kissing Jonze outside his Lower East Side Manhattan apartment on July 2nd.

An onlooker told the publication: ‘Michelle kissed Spike with a closed mouth on the corner of his lips. There was definitely a bit of caressing going on. She was clutching his arm. The body language was very romantic.’

Williams first met Jonze in 2006 when she auditioned for his film adaptation of the Maurice Sendak children’s book Where The Wild Things Are. She was offered a part, but later withdrew from the film. But last year, the pair finally worked together on Synecdoche, New York in summer 2007 and struck up a friendship.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ashlee Simpson out shopping at American Apparel and grabbing coffee with her gal pal (July 23).

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Nicole Richie out for traffic school (July 23).

The former Simple Life star attends the regular classes as a result of her past DUI conviction and reportedly has over a year left before completing her court-ordered penalty.

In related news, recent rumors tell that Miss Richie may soon have another child on the way (if that’s not already the case).

An insider told Star magazine: “Nicole is dying to have a sibling for Harlow who is close in age. She doesn’t want them to be more than two years apart, so that they can be best friends forever.”

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Furiously Happy by Jenna Lawson

This book flat out is simply freaking fantastic and amazing! I am so serious in everything! This author uses this book to talk about men...