Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Hogans going at each other over real estate

Linda is trying to get Hulk thrown into jail for reneging on a contract to purchase a $4.3 million condo in Las Vegas. The two had been ordered by a judge to complete the sale, even though they’re in the middle of divorce proceedings. But when the day came to sign the final pictures, Linda claims Hulk was nowhere to be found, and suddenly his attorneys and friends had no clue where he was.

Hulk Hogan left his signature bandanna at home today, because it could clash with the orange jumpsuit a judge may force him to wear.

Hulk and soon-to-be-ex wife Linda were in court in Clearwater, Fla., as Mrs. H. asked hizzoner to hold her estranged hubby in contempt for failing to close on a $4.2 million Vegas condo.

As we first reported, Hulk wants to bail out on the deal — even if it means he loses his $840,000 deposit. Linda says they had an agreement to close on the condo and Hulk had no right to withhold the cash

Hulks lawyers went off to E! News about how selfish and crazy Linda is for still wanting to purchase the condo. They also pointed out that in light of the lawsuit by John Graziano’s family, it is both financially imprudent and morally tacky to throw $4.3 million into luxury real estate.

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