Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jessica Simpson Says Beau Tony Romo Not Calling Carrie Underwood

Is it a country music star feud in the making? First, Jessica Simpson wore a shirt that said "Real Girls Eat Meat," with some claiming it was a dig at her beau Tony Romo's vegetarian ex Carrie Underwood, then just recently Carrie told Allure magazine that Tony was still calling her. But just this morning Jessica addressed that claim when she visited Nashville's 107.5 FM's Woody and Jim show.

"Tony and I both laughed at that," she said when asked about it. "We got a chuckle out of that."

Jessica goes on to say that Carrie's statements are false. "I know it's not [true] -- I looked at his call log," she said. "I'm kidding!"


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Anonymous said...

Tony why are you dating this idiot. You were the golden boy of the Cowboys. Now you are the laughing stock. Youv'e gone completely downhill as a person since November when you hooked up with Romessica. You made a huge mistake letting Carrie get away last June so you could "focus on football" and then two wks later you are taking Crystal out. The grass is not always greener on the other side. You start chatting Carrie up again this past Fall when Crystal went back to school and then you head of with Romessica. You are as big of an idiot as she is. And then you have the nerve to try and hook up with Carrie again in May when you and Jessica are split. Ha Ha You didnt actually think she would want your playa a*ss. Im glad she rejected you. You need to learn how to treat women. So now you are stuck with Romessica who has ruined you. You could do better by dumping her and remaining single.

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