Friday, January 23, 2009

Beyonce hates being called a diva

Beyonce hates being called a diva - and is keen to let everyone know that she is actually really laid back and relaxed.

The former Destiny’s Child star - who married rapper Jay-Z in a secret ceremony early last year - says her favorite past time is to sit in front of the TV watching re-runs of the Cosby Show and Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

She reveals, “I’m not this round the clock diva looking for attention. I’m way more comfortable out of the spotlight and just chilling out with my family.

“I’m very quiet. I love to paint. I love to watch TV though it seems I never get to do it.

“I love a lot old television shows. I still love the Cosbys. I also love the Fresh Prince.”

It was recently claimed that Knowles, 27, refused to walk in the cold after husband Jay-Z finished rehearsing for his recent pre-inaugural concert - so got the secret service to give her lift to where she wanted to go.

A source told the New York Daily News, “Beyonce wouldn’t walk in high heels in the cold.

“The cops wouldn’t budge, but the Secret Service agreed to let the driver pick Jay and Beyonce up, bring them to their hotel so they could change, and get them back to the theater.”

Source: ShowBizSpy

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