Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hugh Jackman Drops $4300 on Breakfast

Hugh Jackman knows the best way to a fan’s heart is through his or her stomach — that’s why he dropped $4,308.87 to stuff 800 faces in Arizona.

TMZ has obtained the receipt from Paradise Bakery in Tempe, Arizona — where Jackman bought 67 breakfast trays and 80 gallons of coffee for a pack of “Wolverine” fans who had camped out in front of a theater the day before Monday’s big premiere.

Once Jackman heard about the fans, he promised to buy them breakfast and placed the order late Sunday. We’re told Jackman wanted to keep the food order simple and bought platters of bagels, muffins, and croissants.

Source: TMZ

Kirstie Alley Admits She Gained All the Weight Back

Nearly two years after losing 75 lbs., Kirstie Alley admits she has gained all of her weight back.

“I just said, ‘I’m going to cut myself some slack.’ Big mistake,” Alley, 58, says on The Oprah Winfrey Show Thursday.
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Part of the problem: She says she had turned her home gym into a dining room.

“I thought, ‘You know what I need? You know what I haven’t had a lot of? I haven’t had a lot of dinner parties and company,’ ” she tells Winfrey.

Today, Alley vows, “I’m going to lose 80 pounds … I’m going to be in a bikini again.”

Her inspiration?

“We look around. We see what we want,” she says. “Don’t you look around and see what you want to look like? I’m, like, ‘Look, Michelle Obama’s guns. I could have those arms,’ ” she says. “I don’t know about the legs.”

Says Winfrey: “You’ve got to work for that.”

“I know,” Alley says. “I’m saying, I think I’m ready to work.”

Alley was a spokesmodel for Jenny Craig’s weight-loss program for three years before leaving in 2007 to launch her own weight-loss brand.

Contacted by, a Jenny Craig spokesperson said in a statement: “Jenny Craig maintains a friendly relationship with Kirstie, and we are proud of her accomplishments while she was on our program.

“Kirstie successfully lost 75 lbs and maintained that weight loss throughout our three year relationship, which came to an end in December 2007.

“We remain supportive of Kirstie, wish her nothing but the best and we would welcome her back at any time as a returning client,” the statement concluded.

Source: US Weekly

Monday, April 27, 2009

Miley Cyrus visited The Louvre before doing some shopping in Paris, France on April 26, 2009.


Jamie Lynn Rushes to Casey's Bedside After His Accident

Jamie Lynn Spears had her 10-month-old daughter Maddie on her hip and her mom by her side as she walked through LAX on Friday. Unfortunately, on Sunday she had to rush to Mississippi to be with Maddie's father Casey Aldridge after a car accident early that morning. He suffered mild brain trauma but is stable, and the two other passengers who were thrown from the car when it flipped over weren't badly injured.

Source: PopSugar

Brittany Snow at "An Evening With Women" Celebrating Art, Music, & Equality


2 Cute new Taylor Swift Photoshoots


Jessica Alba Accepts Her Legal Situation With A Smile

Flashing a smile usually reserved for her daughter Honor Warren, Jessica Alba displayed her pearly whites for polic officers when she was pulled over for a traffic violation in Santa Monica, California.

The whole incident was over a wrong turn onto a one-way street, but ultimately ended on a friendly note, judging from the faces of both Jessica and the male officer.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brittany Snow at Coachella Music Festival


Vanessa Minnillo Shops At ‘Alice + Olivia’ On Robertson Blvd.


Jen Garner: Ben a ‘Sweet’ Dad – Just Don’t Let Him Do Hair

Ben Affleck may have many talents when it comes to parenting 3-year-old daughter Violet, but according to his wife Jennifer Garner hairdressing isn’t one of them.

“Ben will do the school run,” Garner, 35, tells InStyle in its May issue of her family’s hectic morning routine. “He dresses her and does her hair. It’s pretty funny. You can always tell when he has been at it, just two random barrettes hanging in there. It’s so sweet.”

Adds Garner: “Ben can be pretty clueless when it comes to my clothes or makeup. But when he does notice and says something, he’s so sweet that I forgive him.”

As for her own role in the family, Garner aims to shield her daughters – Seraphina Rose, 3 months, and Violet – from unwanted attention.

“I try not to look, but when I see these [paparazzi] pictures of Violet and me, I’m always smiling like a monkey, trying not to let her feel my anxiety,” Garner says. “That was some really good advice I got about dealing with it.”

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“But now that she’s older, she’s more able to articulate that she doesn’t like it,” she says, continuing. “She’ll say to them, ‘Please stop flashing your camera in my face,’ but they won’t stop. Then she’ll say, ‘I don’t understand, Mommy. I said please!’ It’s just twisted.”

More successfully, Garner says she is achieving a balance between work and family.

“I always quiz Reese Witherspoon about how she does it,” Garner says of the juggling act. “I feel like she does a really good job.”

“I growl at anyone who wants me to do something while I’m with my kids,” she says. “I say, ‘No, I’m at home, back off!’ Then when I’m working and out of the house, I am in work mode. That’s when Ben is there, the other half. We’ve tried really hard to switch off. So far it’s working. I’ve chosen jobs that weren’t as demanding as some can be.”

Source: People

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