Monday, August 17, 2009

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Take Their Kids To The Beach

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott enjoyed a day at the beach in Malibu with their children this weekend. The reality stars brought along a bottle of champagne and some Michelob Ultra beer for themselves and a few friends.

Dean took to the waves surfing as the wind permitted while Tori tended to Stella and Liam.

Recently, Tori opened up about her feud with Candy Spelling. She's ready to put it behind her.

"I definitely want to reconcile with my mother, but that's the wrong word," Tori confessed to OK!. "There's nothing that really happened that made us fight. It's just time, distance and media that have come between my mom and me."

"I just think that as long as we both keep it private from here on out, reconciliation is imminent. It will totally happen and I hope that she wants that."

"I am proud of my kids, but I also want to make my mom proud of me. I'm still a momma's girl at the heart of the situation," Tori dished to OK!. "I look forward to the relationship that Liam and Stella will have with their grandmother one day and I'm confident that it will happen."

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