Friday, November 06, 2009

Eddie Cibrian to Sue Life and Style

A rep for "CSI: Miami" star Eddie Cibrian tells "Extra" Life & Style Magazine has crossed the line by claiming he's cheating on LeAnn Rimes -- and he's going to take them to court.

Cibrian's rep tells "Extra" in a statement: "Unfortunately Life & Style Magazine has chosen to go out with a story filled with inaccuracies and deceitful lies, presumably to titillate sales, but clearly resulting in harm to Eddie Cibrian and others. This is irresponsible and wreckless journalism. Eddie has met with his attorneys and will be filing a suit for libel and other actionable grounds shortly. It's a shame that Life & Style resorted to a story of this nature and they will regretfully now have to face scrutiny of untruthful reporting in a court proceeding."

On Thursday, the magazine reported Cibrian recently started "seeing" an ex-girlfriend. Life & Style claimed Cibrian was bragging about hooking up with a "different" girl while shooting "CSI: Miami" in Florida, but the CBS series tapes in Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Source: Extra TV

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