Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A review of the book Precious Moments Storybook Bible

**This review may offend people so if you are easily offended do not read this and stop. If you choose to read this then do not leave rude comments on my blog, they will be banned and deleted.**

I received this book from booksneeze.com and was very unhappy with this book. It is supposed to be stories from the bible explained easily to children but there were so many misconceptions in this book that I could not believe. The first misconception is the first bible story of Adam and Eve.It was not God’s will for Adam to sin; he warned Adam against it.God did allow Adam, as he does us, the freedom to choose what he would do. Perfection did not rule out the exercise of free will to disobey. Adam chose to rebel against God, despite the warning that death would result.’ Nowhere in this book I got did it reveal that Adam and Eve died for their sins as a result of eating that fruit that GOD told them not to.

The second misconception is that Jesus died on a cross, not true. Jesus died on a stake actually. The Greek word rendered “cross” in many modern Bible versions (“torture stake” in NW) is stau·ros′. In classical Greek, this word meant merely an upright stake, or pale. Later it also came to be used for an execution stake having a crosspiece. The Imperial Bible-Dictionary acknowledges this, saying: “The Greek word for cross, [stau·ros′], properly signified a stake, an upright pole, or piece of paling, on which anything might be hung, or which might be used in impaling [fencing in] a piece of ground. . . . Even amongst the Romans the crux (from which our cross is derived) appears to have been originally an upright pole.”

The third misconception is how they say to praise GOD loudly with trumpets and cymbals and such. That is not true. Prayer to GOD is meant to be something private done between you and GOD and not meant as a showy way to show people that you are one of GOD's people. Another example is always saying Hallelujah. That exclamation is commonly heard in Christendom’s churches. Some people punctuate daily conversations with the expression. Few, however, know its sacred meaning, and the lifestyle of many who use it dishonors God. “Hallelujah,” explains one Bible dictionary, is a “word used by the writers of various psalms to invite all to join them in praising Jehovah.” In fact, a number of Bible scholars point out that “Hallelujah” means “‘Praise ye Jah,’ [that is] Jehovah. If end up praying the wrong way, we could think that GOD and Jesus know us but they will say, “Not everyone saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the kingdom of the heavens, but the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will. Many will say to me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name?’And yet then I will confess to them: I never knew YOU! Get away from me, YOU workers of lawlessness.(Matthew Chapter 7, verse 21.)

The 4th misconception with the book is the wisemen and the star. They were not actually wisemen and being led by a star. Those Magi were actually astrologers from the east. Although astrology is popular among many people today, the practice is strongly disapproved in the Bible.Would God have led to the newborn Jesus persons whose practices He condemned? Matthew 2:1-16 shows that the star led the astrologers first to King Herod and then to Jesus and that Herod then sought to have Jesus killed. No mention is made that anyone other than the astrologers saw the “star.” After they left, Jehovah’s angel warned Joseph to flee to Egypt to safeguard the child. Was that “star” a sign from God or was it from someone who was seeking to have God’s Son destroyed?

I think if someone is going to write a book about the bible it would be nice to have truth put it in it.

***This information came from the reasoning book published by Jehovah's witnesses and not by my own.***

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Monday, November 29, 2010

Review of One Hand, Two Hand by Max Lucado

This book called One Hand, Two Hand by Max Lucado was a rally good book. It was a children's book I received from booksneeze.com. The book had very small words and alot of pictures that made it entertaining and fun to read. I know for sure my niece and newphew will love this book very much. They are 3 and 5 and love to read and play games. This book mentioned a few things kids can do with their hands such as helping to clean my room, feed my pets, set and clear the table and gather the trash. Also mentions how kids have kind hands to make a card for a sick person, give a gift to the teacher at school, help a friend put a band-aid on when they have a scrap on their knee, and sharing my snack.The book also mentions loving hands that kids have to fold them to pray to GOD, clap for someone else, to wave to a friend and hug my mom or dad. This book basically is a way for kids to show their mom and dad how much they appreciate them by helping around the house and the most important thing in the book is how we can pray to GOD to give thanks for the many things around us for having GOD in our lives is so rewarding and blessed and how getting to know GOD is one of the best things we could ever have!What a great book.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eva Longoria Breaks Her Silence to Mario Lopez About Her Divorce

"Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria and her husband of three years, San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker, are heading for divorce court.

The rumor broke Tuesday that Parker had filed for divorce in Texas, but Longoria told her good friend, "Extra's" Mario Lopez, that she is the one who filed the papers.

The actress also confirmed to Lopez that she found hundreds of text messages from another woman on Parker's phone, who turned out to be the wife of one of the NBA player's teammates.

Longoria's estranged husband also cheated on her earlier in the marriage with yet another woman, with whom he kept in touch via Facebook, sources say.

"She is devastated, she wants us all to know that," said good friend, Mario Lopez. "But she's strong."

Longoria has cancelled her Nov. 21 appearance at the American Music Awards and will spend Thanksgiving with friends, leaning on them and her "Desperate Housewives" castmates for support.

Source: extra.com

Monday, November 01, 2010

Charlie Sheen's Manager Calls Rumors 'Reckless Lies'

Charlie Sheen's manager, Mark Burg, became extremely concerned after reports surfaced that the actor was on a booze and drugs bender and was going to die, but that's not at all what he discovered after rushing to Sheen's home unannounced Sunday.

Burg entered the side door of the "Two and a Half Men" star's home and found him sitting on the couch watching football, eating a turkey sandwich, saying, "Way to knock, dude!"

According to TMZ, Burg asked Sheen about the report that he was going to die this week, and Charlie looked at him like he "was nuts." His manager called the rumors "reckless lies."

Sylvester Stallone also paid a visit to Sheen over the weekend, and tweeted, "Charlie looks absolutely like you see him on TV... Maybe even better."

Sheen is expected to return to the set of "Two and a Half Men" on Tuesday.

Source: Extratv.com

Thursday, October 28, 2010

ACCESS EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon: 'We Are Pregnant!'

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- After months of media speculation, Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon are ready to break their silence for the first time.

In a new, exclusive interview with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush from inside the couple's Manhattan home, Mariah and Nick confirmed they are expecting their first child together.

"Yes, we are pregnant, this is true!" Mariah told Billy of the baby that is due this spring. "It's been a long journey. It's been tough because I've been trying to hold on to a shred of privacy."

Mariah said that after months of media speculation, she had to speak out.

"At this point, there is no choice. I either talk or I hibernate," she said.

In the interview, which will air on Access Hollywood on Thursday, Mariah and Nick spoke candidly about their journey together, which included a terrifying miscarriage they experienced not quite two years ago. Mariah and Nick revealed they were getting ready to tell their friends and family the good news that they were expecting over the holidays back at that time, when they found out she was no longer pregnant.

"It kind of shook us both and took us into a place that was really dark and difficult," Mariah told Billy about the devastating miscarriage. "When that happened... I wasn't able to even talk to anybody about it. That was not easy."

After the miscarriage, Nick said that the experience has made them stronger as a couple and he admires Mariah's strength.

"It definitely brought us closer together," Nick told Billy. "It strengthened our relationship so much... She handled it so well."

Now that the word is out, Mariah and Nick say they plan to celebrate together and with their friends and family.

"The greatest gift on earth is a child," Nick said. "We've had names picked out from the first day we met and we want to stay true to that."

Mariah's new CD, "Merry Christmas II You," is due out on November 2.

Source: omg.yahoo.com

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Céline Dion Gives Birth to Healthy Twin Boys

Céline Dion is a mom again – times two!

The singer, 42, gave birth to fraternal twin boys on Saturday at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Fla., at 11:11 a.m. and 11:12 a.m., her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

"Celine, René and their son René-Charles are thrilled," says her rep.

One of the babies weighed in at 5 lbs., 4 oz., with the other at 5 lbs., 10 oz.

Dion's doctor, Ronald Ackerman, said at a press conference outside the hospital Friday evening that the delivery, done via C-section, went as expected. He also revealed that the twins were both born with a good amount of hair.

The twins are healthy, says Dion's rep, but will spend the next few days in an incubator because they were born premature.

"Celine is resting now and they plan to discuss what to name the boys when she wakes up," the rep adds. "René-Charles has been to the hospital to visit his brothers and is just so excited they are here."

Source: People

Gary Allan Puts It Back Together

Gary Allan has had one very difficult decade. During that time, there’ve been some critical accolades and some hit records in his career. But there’s also been a series of tough episodes in his personal life.

His wife committed suicide in 2004 while Gary was in the house. His father died in 2008. And an obsessed fan vandalized his house in 2009.

Gary never did a lot of interviews before that, but he pulled back even more as he went through those hard times, keeping to himself while he healed. Fortunately, Gary is pretty much back on track, a message he tried to send to his fans through a song on his current album, Get Off On The Pain.

“‘No Regrets’ is my way of telling the world that I’m sleeping good at night, I’m OK,” he told The Dallas Morning News. “I just felt like I could sing it, like I was ready to do it emotionally. The first time I sang it, I didn’t make it through. The second time it got a little easier. That’s the closest I’ve let the crowd to me onstage. I felt really exposed.”

Gary’s played for a whole lot of crowds through the years. In the beginning of his career, his audiences were in Southern California bars where some of the crowd was country fans and some of it was punk rockers. He graduated to life as an opening act for other stars at arena shows, and he even played a few stadiums during a Kenny Chesney tour.

Now Gary’s headlining arenas on his own in some markets, testing the education he got through all those performances.

“I feel like I’ve always made music so that I can play live,” he said. “My rush has always been playing live, and now my rush is playing live in larger rooms. I’ve done the barrooms so long, and now arenas still hold a match for me. I’ve been learning. It’s been a lot of fun. You need to walk across the stage and look natural in front of a crowd. Little things like that.”

Gary’s headlining these days with Randy Houser and Jerrod Niemann opening his arena shows. He’ll be closing 2010 with a New Year’s Eve show at one rockin’ party bar: the House of Blues in Las Vegas.

Source: gactv.com

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eminem Was A Victim Of Bullying, He Reveals

One of today's most popular rappers was a victim of bullying as well! Just goes to show that this problem can affect anyone.

As a child, Eminem was bullied so harshly that his mother sued the Detroit school system.

His history of being bullied started in elementary school, when a bully, DeAngelo Bailey, split his lip open and knocked the wind out of him. He suffered further beatings from the same bully, including a bathroom incident, where Em "sustained injuries to his head, face, back and legs."

In his worst run-in with the bully, Bailey hit Em in the face with a "snowball containing a heavy object or a piece of ice," and then proceeded to beat him up, which resulted in a concussion and temporary loss of vision in one eye for Em.

Eminem later referenced his bully in his 1999 song "Brain Damage" which included the following lyrics about Bailey:

"He banged my head against the urinal till he broke my nose/ Soaked my clothes in blood, grabbed me and choked my throat."

Bailey sued Eminem in 2001 for violation of privacy, but the suit was rightfully tossed out.

Recently, Eminem has been speaking out against bullying, in an effort to combat the trend of suicides resulting from anti-gay bullying in schools, despite the fact that Em himself has been accused of fueling anti-gay bullying through his song lyrics

Source: PerezHilton

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rumor: Ken Paves Dumps Jessica Simpson As A Client

Jessica Simpson's longtime hairstylist and BFF Ken Paves has dumped her as a client.

A source reveals:

"Ken is sick of her cycle of dumping friends when she's with a guy. She smothers guys and they dump her. Then she goes back to Ken."

That's not being a very good friend, Jess.

When Paves was asked if the rumors about the split were true, he struggled to answer and gave the typical "we're both busy".

Source: cocoperez.com

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Carrie Underwood Hits Nashville On a High Note

One thing is very clear about Carrie Underwood: She’s not afraid of heights!

Carrie brought her Play On Tour to Music City’s Bridgestone Arena Wednesday night, playing quite often with the altitude in the place. A series of hydraulic platforms lifted her at times 15 feet above the stage, which was already several feet above the venue’s floor. A swing lifted her 12 feet or so as she belted out “Just A Dream.” And the night’s biggest effect had her singing John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” from the back of a pickup truck that travelled over the audience, hung from a track cabled to the ceiling.

But the real heights were the tone and volume of her performances. Carrie’s recordings are always big, but in person, she’s even more impressive, kicking out those challenging vocals for an hour and 45 minutes, letting up only long enough for the occasional costume change. She hit those notes with impressive precision, not only holding the tones but also delivering them with power.

Particularly stunning was “I Know You Won’t,” a song from the Carnival Ride album that had her hitting difficult intervals with clarity and expression. Singers do that periodically while contorting their faces and their bodies, but not Carrie. She rendered the whole thing with minimal effort while sitting on a step. The effect was simply jaw-dropping.

With her unrelenting power and attraction to dramatic material, Carrie is essentially the latest in a stylistic line that derives from Martina McBride and Trisha Yearwood, who in turn bear some similarity in approach to their predecessor, Linda Ronstadt. And if she employed just a little more campy drama, you could compare Carrie to powerhouse Patti LaBelle, too.

Carrie will return to the arena Nov. 10 to co-host the 44th annual Country Music Association Awards with Brad Paisley as the industry celebrates itself.

After Wednesday’s show, which included opening acts Billy Currington and Sons Of Sylvia, the after-party was all about Carrie — a room full of executives ate doughnuts and biscuits and sweet potato pancakes on a stick, and talked about what a significant display they’d just seen. Fellow “American Idol” alum Danny Gokey was there, as were Grand Ole Opry manager Pete Fisher and songwriters Brett James (“Cowboy Casanova”), Ashley Gorley (“You’re Gonna Miss This”) and Kelley Lovelace (“All-American Girl”).

And some of the folks in the room were probably wishing they could have a second shot at filling out their early-round CMA ballots, because you can make a pretty easy case that a woman with that kind of natural talent and that level of showmanship belongs among the Entertainer of the Year finalists.

Source: gactv.com

Friday, October 08, 2010

Josh Turner Mourns a Friend

Josh Turner’s family has suffered through some heartbreak that just about any pet owner would understand.

Josh’s bloodhound, Moses, died Sept. 24. Josh and his wife, Jennifer, added him to the household in the year after they got married, and the dog appeared in the “Everything Is Fine” video.

Source: gactv.com

Kim Kardashian ‘Attacked’ in Nightclub

Kim Kardashian reportedly had a drink thrown on her last night which resulted in a Kardashian family throwdown at a New York City nightclub, according to TMZ:

The Kardashian clan was at Juliet last night, when a male fan asked for a pic with Kim. His girlfriend flew off the handle and threw a drink at Kim.

Scott Disick and Khloe jumped into the fracas and in the scuffle, Khloe’s ring flew off and skidded across the floor. Our spies inside the club say Khloe literally dove across the floor to retrieve it … which she eventually did.

Source: TMZ

SHARK After Tom Cruise For Bull Movie

An animal protection group SHARK (Showing Animals Respect And Kindness) is asking Tom Cruise to reject the part of a rodeo champion in the upcoming flick, Paper Wings. SHARK feels that by accepting the part and allowing the film to be made, he would be aiding in "glorifying rodeos," a venue notorious for animal abuse.

The organization’s president, Steve Hindi, is trying to contact Tom to set up a meeting, so that he might educate him about what really goes on behind-the-scenes of rodeos. The group has compiled videos from venues across the country, documenting first hand the cruelty of these places. But so far, Tom hasn't gotten back to them.

Source: teddyhilton.com

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Oksana on Mel: 'I Thought He Would Kill Me'

Mel Gibson's baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva, is speaking out for the first time since the release of Gibson's shocking recordings, and to no one's surprise, she feared for her life.

"I thought he would kill me," Grigorieva said during an interview with People magazine. "He punched me in the mouth... I went to grab my keys and he's pulling a gun out of his shorts. He's starting to wave it... He threatened to kill me if I go to the police."

The Russian singer claims that the actor was also very "depressed" and said he had thoughts of "suicide," but would never kill himself because of his Catholic faith and the fear of going to hell.

n an effort to clear up allegations that she leaked the tapes of Gibson's rants, Oksana said it's completely untrue. "I didn't think they were valuable to begin with. To me they were truthful evidence of a crime he committed," she said, adding that the only person she sent them to was her sister. "I emailed them to my sister, who deleted them, she said, back in February. I don't know who leaked them."

Gibson and Grigorieva are both currently under investigation; Gibson for domestic violence and Grigorieva for extortion.

"I'm not angry at him," said Oksana. "For the sake of Lucia, I really want him to be well. He has to have the courage to be responsible for what he's done."

Check out the entire interview in the new issue of People -- on newsstands Friday.

Source: Extra Tv

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Injured 'Big Bang Theory' star Kaley Cuoco returing to work

Three weeks after breaking her leg in a horseback-riding mishap, Big Bang Theory leading lady Kaley Cuoco is getting ready to head back to work.

Cuoco—who ended up missing only two episodes—is scheduled to report back to the set of her CBS hitcom the week of Oct. 11.

It goes without saying that producers will be incorporating her injury into Penny’s storyline, but how? My guess: Penny slipped on a piece of Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake at work. Run with it, Bill Prady.

Source: ausiellofiles.ew.com

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Review of The Way Home (DVD)

Last week I received a movie called The Way Home (DVD) with Dean Cain. It is about a family planning on going on vacation until their son goes missing. The father Dean Cain takes his eyes off his son for a minute and then the son disappears. The whole movie is about finding his son and using the faith of God to help. I liked some aspects of this movie. I liked that the use of prayer helped this family cope with the struggles of their missing son until the end when he was found. When you pray to God and ask for something in his will, he will answer. God is always there to talk to, you will never get a busy signal, just ask for God and he is there to help. And many scriptures from the bible can show you that as well.

The thing I did not like about this movie is how when he prayed to God, he said God please do not take my child, show me a sign if he is still alive. That makes me so angry, God does not take children from their parents. Just like God does not cause natural disasters either. Sometimes unforeseen occurences happen, it doesn't mean that God causes things to happen at all. Sometimes you just have no control over what happens in life. But God is a loving and caring God, and does not like to see us suffer. And God does not cause suffering either which you can read about in the scripture James 1:13 which reads when under trial, let no one say I am being tried by God. For the evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone. Another good scripture is Matthew 11:28,29 which reads, come to me all you who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh you. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am lowly in heart and you will find refreshment for you souls.

So basically the whole movie was just ok. It got my attention the whole time and I was rejoiced when the son was found along with the family but I did not like the misconception being brought about, about God. People need to know the truth about God and what kind of God he is. So hopefully this review will do that. So I would not recommend this movie to anyone just for how they had some misconceptions in the movie and that offended me.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their BookSneeze.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Extra' Exclusive: Kim Kardashian on Baby, Botox and Romance Rumors

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian visited "Extra's" Mario Lopez at The Grove to chat about her European vacation, being hounded by paparazzi -- and all those pesky rumors.

Mario asked Kim if she was surprised by the paparazzi onslaught when she and her mother, Kris Jenner, were in Europe. "Absolutely! I mean when we went to Paris, and we'd come out of the hotel, there'd be so many fans and so much paparazzi! The guy at the Ritz Hotel there was like, 'I have never seen it like this since like Princess Diana' and I was like, 'Are you serious?'

While Kardashian was away, there were all kinds of different rumors flying around, including one about her shopping for a home pregnancy test. "Do I look pregnant? That's all I'm gonna ask," Kim responded.

She does admit she had Botox. "I'm turning 30 this year. I was freaking out, so it's something that I wanted to do. The end result was that I don't like it. I don't think it is right for me, so just to show people, hey, you know, try other things!"

And what about Kardashian's love life? She is no longer dating NFL player Miles Austin and emphatically denies hooking up with singer Chris Brown. "When did that happen? That's not true, and I had to Twitter that because, like, seriously, I hate the dating rumors, if it's not true. I don't like to be linked to people."
She added, "I guess you could say I'm single. I'm having Kim time. It's really hard. I found it so hard to have a relationship and a career at the same time."

What about a turn on "The Bachlorette"? She laughed, "Who knows, by 35 if I don't find someone and I'm not married, then I'll do 'The Bachelorette.'"

Source: extratv.com

Katherine Heigl Has A Tumble

Katherine Heigl is unsure of whether she wants to pursue her equestrian career after getting injured during horseback riding at her Utah ranch.

She had decided to start competitive horse training at this ranch she has, however she admits that she is very nervous to get back into the saddle after the fall where she split her knee open! Owch!

She admits that she really doesn’t know what she is doing, and doesn’t blame the horse at all. She lost control and she just couldn’t stop him!

He was running into the walls and I just leaped off of him into these iron bars and I stood there bleeding watching him go berserk

Katherine believes that she was lucky she jumped off when she did, since all she ended up with was a injured knee! "I split my fingernail open and cut my knee, it wasn't that bad. I didn't break anything."

Source: teddyhilton.com

Life & Style Exclusive: Seth Rogen is engaged

It's a happy ending for this funnyman! Life & Style can exclusively reveal that actor and writer Seth Rogen, 28, has proposed to his longtime girlfriend, writer and actress Lauren Miller, also 28. "He surprised her with the proposal," a friend of Seth's tells Life & Style. "She'd started giving up hope that he would ever pop the question."

Seth asked Lauren - whom he's been dating since 2004 - to be his bride just last week, after the two returned from visiting family in Boston. "Her family adores him; everyone is thrilled to plan a wedding," the friend adds. As for Seth, there's no doubt as to how he feels about Lauren: "I have a girlfriend who is far prettier than I should have," he's said.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Source: lifeandstylemag.com

Friday, September 17, 2010

'Big Bang Theory' extends hiatus, Kaley Cuoco to miss 'a few' episodes

First the good news: Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco is expected to make a full recovery in the wake of a weekend horseback-riding accident that left her with a fractured leg.

Now the bad news: It looks like the CBS hitcom will be Penny-less for more than one episode.

Although a Warner Bros. spokesperson declined to comment, a Big Bang source confirms that Cuoco—who remains hospitalized in Los Angeles—is now expected to miss “a few” episodes; initial reports had her missing just a single episode.

Additionally, the show—which was previously scheduled to go on hiatus next week—will shut down production for an additional week. Producers will use the extra downtime to determine how best to explain Cuoco’s absence onscreen (Mandi Bierly’s got a few ideas!).

The source points out that Big Bang‘s air schedule will not be impacted by the disruption, which comes as the series is making a high-profile move to Thursday nights. Judging by how well Sheldon & Co. performed in repeats last night, industry analysts (read: me) expect next week’s fourth-season premiere to trounce the competition.

Source: ausiellofiles.ew.com

Miley Cyrus Allegedly Hits, Runs ... But Hit-and-Run?

The owner of the other car -- a Los Angeles restaurant parking attendant -- claims Hannah Montana herself smacked into his parked car. We spoke to his attorney, Mauro Fiore, who says Miley claimed the white Benz she was driving belonged to her BF ... but we checked and it's actually registered to her mom.

Fiore says Miley left her phone number with the parking attendant -- whose '91 Camry was totaled according to Fiore -- and then sped off. The attendant didn't file a police report at the time -- but his lawyer says he plans to do so today.

As for whether Miley's actions constitute a hit-and-run ... police tell us, hypothetically speaking, it doesn't because she left contact information with the alleged victim.

Miley's rep had no comment.

Source: TMZ

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

'Big Bang' Star Falls Off Horse, Of Course, Of Course

Kaley Cuoco -- the really hot star of "The Big Bang Theory" -- broke one of her really hot legs in a horse accident this weekend ... sources tell TMZ.

Kaley -- who also posed for "Maxim" -- is laid up in an L.A. hospital and won't be able to tape her show tomorrow night. The show, by the way, is a huge hit for CBS -- anchoring its fall lineup on Thursdays at 8 PM.

We're told the show will tape without Kaley tomorrow and if she's able she'll shoot her scenes next week. But if the injury is more serious, we're told they'll have to temporarily write around her.

So much for break a leg ...

Source: TMZ

Thursday, September 09, 2010

9 A New Little “Rascal” for Joe Don Rooney

Congrats to Rascal Flatts‘ Joe Don Rooney and his wife, Tiffany Fallon, who are the proud parents of a daughter, Raquel Blue! They welcomed their second child on Tuesday, September 7 at 4:26 p.m. Central. Raquel weighed in at 7 pounds and is 18 inches long. Mother and daughter are doing well.

“Tiffany and I are so excited to have brought a brand new baby into the world,” says Joe Don. “Raquel Blue is so beautiful and we feel so grateful to have this sweet little angel round out our family. Jagger is already an excited big brother; yesterday he gave her kisses and tried to feed her cookies! We feel blessed and are ready for the sleepless nights ahead.”

Joe Don and Tiffany were married on April 23, 2006 and are also the proud parents of Jagger Donovan Rooney, born May 31, 2008.

Source: gactv.com

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Carrie Underwood Is New Face of Olay

Who wouldn’t want to look like Carrie Underwood? Olay cosmetics also appreciates the beauty of one of country’s biggest stars — they’ve named Carrie their first-ever “North American Celebrity Ambassador,” as part of the brand’s “Challenge What’s Possible” campaign. In her new role with Olay, Carrie will also represent a line of skin care products for the brand. The campaign is scheduled to debut later this year.

“I am so excited to be associated with a beauty brand that has been trusted by women for more than 50 years,” Carrie said. “As a little girl, I remember my mom always using the original Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid and encouraging my sisters and I to take care of our skin. I love that Olay has managed to change with the times, yet stay in touch with women of all ages who want affordable skin care products that do what they promise. My music career has been a dream come true and proven to me that the seemingly impossible can be achieved. Olay’s inspiring campaign echoes my beliefs.”

“With her genuine beauty and girl-next-door likeability, Carrie is a natural fit and wonderful addition to the Olay family,” said Chris Heiert, Marketing Director, Olay.” Through all her success, Carrie remains a grounded and connects with women everywhere using her powerful voice. She personifies the iconic image of the brand while representing the faces of the future.”

Carrie joins a list of Olay brand celebrity ambassadors around the world, including actress Maggie Cheung in Greater China, singer/actress Lucero in Latin America, and actress Thandie Newton in the United Kingdom.

Carrie will show off her beautiful skin as co-host (with Brad Paisley) of the 44th Annual CMA Awards, airing Nov. 10 on ABC at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Source: gactv.com

Monday, September 06, 2010

Another Book Review

**Disclaimer- This review may offend people so I am simply going to say this, if you start reading this and get offended then stop reading it and leave. And if you feel that I have offended you so much that you need to leave a comment on my blog, I will delete the comment afterward. So please do not comment if you are offended by this, simply leave. This is my opinion of the book and I do not care if it makes you mad or whatever. This is my blog and I am entitled to my opinion.**

Hey everyone. Here is another book review on a book I read called Uncle Sam's plantation by Star Parker. This book was simply a great read. The main point of the book is how people believe that the Gov't will take care of them but in reality the Gov't takes advantage of people and ends up hurting people and not helping them. Another main point of the book is how religion actually helps people and if we all followed religion we would be happier. The world is in chaos right now because people are not following the standards of the bible. The book talks about how their are so many abortions every year because people belive it is ok to kill a kid when the bible clearly states how abortion is wrong and how a fetus is a living breathing creature from moment of conception. And how marriage is failing in the world because people don't stay with the traditional values of marriage set forth in the bible. The bible clearly states that marriage is between a man and woman and not between man and man and women and women and that when you try to have gay marriage it causes problems in the world and messes up marriages. The author basically makes a point that if people simply followed the bible messages we would all be much happier. And I agree. The bible is a great tool to have to leave a simply and happier life.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their BookSneeze.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paris Hilton arrested on cocaine charge in Vegas

LAS VEGAS - Paris Hilton was arrested on the Las Vegas Strip late Friday after police saw a cloud of what they suspected was marijuana smoke wafting from the windows of a black Cadillac Escalade driven by her boyfriend, then found a small amount of cocaine in her possession.

A crowd quickly gathered near the stop on Las Vegas Boulevard near the Wynn Las Vegas resort at about 11:30 p.m. PDT Friday, and Hilton was taken into the hotel "to keep her safe" during the initial investigation, police said.

The 29-year-old socialite and her boyfriend Cy Waits were booked into the Clark County jail, police said. Watch commander Lt. Wayne Holman said Hilton was released early Saturday morning.

Officer Marcus Martin said police found that Hilton had a substance that tests later showed to be cocaine, but he did not say how much of the drug was found. She was arrested on felony cocaine possession charges.

"I am gathering facts, but I caution people not to rush to judgment," her attorney, David Chesnoff, told The Associated Press in a brief telephone interview Saturday morning.

Hilton's manager did not immediately respond early Saturday to telephone calls for comment. Her publicist, Dawn Miller, did not immediately return an e-mail message.

Jail records showed that Waits, 34, remained held pending a court appearance on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Hilton's court date was not immediately available.

The arrest came during a week in which a burglary attempt was made on Hilton's Los Angeles home.

Officials said 31-year-old Nathan Lee Parada faces a felony burglary charge in the Tuesday incident.

Authorities have said that someone carrying two big knives banged on Hilton's window. She posted a photo of the arrest on Twitter and described it as "scary."

Hilton was arrested this summer after the Brazil-Netherlands World Cup match in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, on suspicion of possession of marijuana. The case was then dropped at a midnight court hearing.

Hilton pleaded no contest in 2007 to alcohol-related reckless driving and was sentenced to 45 days in jail. After spending about 23 days in jail, Hilton told CNN host Larry King that the experience caused her to re-evaluate the role partying played in her life. She said she wanted "to help raise money for kids and for breast cancer and multiple sclerosis."

While most famous for her tabloid exploits and reality TV series "The Simple Life," Hilton has appeared in the films "Bottoms Up," "The Hottie & the Nottie" and "House of Wax."

Source: Yahoo News

Friday, August 27, 2010

Scary gaffe adds to week of airline mishaps

In the middle of an otherwise-peaceful British Airways flight from London to Hong Kong on Tuesday, a terrifying announcement blasted over the speakers.

The automated message warned the 275 passengers to brace themselves, because the plane was about to crash into the sea.

"We all thought we were going to die," one passenger said.

Flight attendants quickly reassured the traumatized passengers that the message was a mistake, and British Airways say they are investigating how the incident could have happened.

This is just the latest mishap to come to light in a wild week for airlines.

On Thursday, the Federal Aviation Administration proposed a record $24.2 million penalty for American Airlines, saying the company put passengers in danger by flying 14,000 flights with planes that didn't meet safety standards. In 2008, the airline canceled more than 3,000 flights to try to fix the electrical wiring on its jets. American plans to appeal the fine.

Meanwhile, in one of the more ill-considered marketing moves in recent memory, Henan Airlines plastered a photo of a crashed, charred plane on its homepage this week, after 42 of its passengers died in the crash in China. The company has fired its president over the crash.

At least one of the week's airline gaffes added a measure of adorability to the cavalcade of fear, safety fines and crash photos. A Thai woman was arrested at Beijing's airport after she hid a drugged baby tiger in her suitcase, next to a stuffed toy tiger. Thai officials subsequently placed the 3-month-old cub at a wildlife refuge.

Source: Yahoo News

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jessica Simpson’s ‘Normal’ Models

Jessica Simpson is to use real women to model her fashion collection.

The curvy singer – who has faced criticism for her weight in the past – is reportedly set to turn her back on the trend of using skinny models in her New York Fashion Week show in September, and instead has decided to use real women to showcase her clothing collection.

An insider told Life and Style magazine: “Jessica Simpson plans to unveil her latest collection for the media at New York Fashion Week in September, but there’s a twist. Instead of using super-skinny models to showcase her designs, Jessica has decided to send her best friends – real women in real sizes – down the aisle.

“This is the amount of the brand’s retail grand revenue, not what Jessica takes home. She attends all business meetings and makes all major decisions. She’s a sharp businesswoman and knows what women want.”

The 30-year-old blonde admitted her television show ‘The Price of Beauty’ – which sees Jessica travel the globe to investigate some of the extreme lengths some women will go to in order to look good – has finally helped her accept to her body shape.

She explained: “We all obsess over looking like the perfect Barbie type, and that’s not always what’s beautiful. It’s about making peace with yourself.”

Source: ContactMusic.com
Credit: sweetkisses.net

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Book Review

I just read the book Do Lunch by Roger Troy Wilson. This book was interesting to me because I wanted to start a diet and actually lose weight. I was on Weight Watchers but was having trouble sticking to the points and was gaining my weight back. This book talked about eating the right kind of carbs so you get full faster and eat less so how the book claims its easy to lose weight. But after reading the book, I realize this book is not for me. The main point of the diet in this book is to eat low carbs and cut out bread,crackers,rice,etc. That is unrealistic to me. I enjoy eating those things now and then and to completely rid them of my diet is not realistic. When I truly followed Weight Watchers about 2 years ago I managed to lose 25 ibs and it may not have happened all at once, but I slowly lost the weight. I only gained my weight back when I stopped following the plan. This time I am going to be serious and lose weight because I am going on a nice vacation soon and I want to look nice in the pictures and I also have support from my husband who will support me on this diet and help me lose weight and will help me anyway I can. While the book may help some people lose weight, it will not help me at all. But whats nice about the book is it had stories from other people telling their success on this diet and also the book had some delicious nice recipes in it as well that I plan on incorporating into Weight Watchers myself. Part of another reason why this book will not work for me is that I am a very picky eater, I do not eat very well and on Weight Watchers I can basically eat what I want, as long as I can keep up with my points and eat good serving sizes of the food. When I really try at Weight Watchers it truly works for me and I succeed at it. So I read the book with an open mind but this diet is for those who would like to eat low carbs and exercise. I truly need carbs in my diet for me to succeed.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their BookSneeze.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Friday, August 13, 2010

Book Review coming soon

Hey y'all. Many of you may have noticed a new ad on this blog for booksneeze.com. Well they have this site where you can order a book for free, and just write a review on it and a blog and then the book is yours to keep. Well I got a book from them today and I am about halfway through it right now. Once I finish it I will write a review for all of you to read. I hope you all will enjoy my review and enjoy this site as well. Thanks.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Simon Has A Big Heart

After hearing about 12-year-old Megan Kershaw's brave battle against a rare liver cancer, Simon Cowell made her wish come true!

She has withstood 18 months of painful chemotherapy and had three-­quarters of her liver removed to beat this disease. But Megan made a “wish board” hoping to meet Simon, Girls Aloud and take a trip to Disney World in Florida.

And Simon is making it all happen including paying for her trip to the most Magical Place on Earth!

Her mother, Deborah, said:

“This is wonderful. Megan is really excited, she can’t wait, she is counting down the days. It’s lovely to seem. People have been so generous raising money and now Simon Cowell has been so generous too. I think he was touched by her story and Megan’s determination to beat cancer. It will be really emotional for me to see her finally getting to Disney World after all we have been through.”

Megan has already met Girls Aloud and the casts of Mamma Mia and Billy Elliot. Next month, she will head to Florida first class for the Disney trip in honor of her 13th birthday.

She was diagnosed with the disease in 2008 after collapsing at school with a backache.

“It came out of the blue. No one knows the outlook. But Megan is a real ­inspiration," added Deborah. “She has never ever complained. She has a fantastic sense of humour and is so determined to beat this.”

When asked about his gift, Simon replied, “Megan is a very brave girl. I’m glad I could help.”

Source: PerezHilton

Friday, August 06, 2010

It's A Boy For Amy Poehler

This morning, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett welcomed their second little cherub into the world, a beautiful baby boy!

The couple named the handsome little guy Abel James Arnett and the whole family is reportedly all "healthy and resting comfortably. "

Source: PerezHilton

Monday, August 02, 2010

Dennis Rodman Involved In A Car Wreck

Tmz is reporting that Dennis Rodman was involved in a car wreck. The former NBA star was a passenger in the car that flipped 3 times as a result of a tire blowout.

Rodman had to be pulled from the car from some people who stopped to help. They later asked for autographs, but Dennis declined.

The driver of the car was taken to the hospital and treated for head injuries.

Source: TMZ

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mark Wahlberg gets Walk of Fame star

ark Wahlberg was honored with a star on the Walk of Fame today, becoming the 2,414 star to receive the honor. Wahlberg next appears opposite Will Ferrell in the comedy "The Other Guys," opening Aug. 6.

Ferrell introduced his co-star, joking, "I first became a fan of his from his workout videos. And I loved him in the Bourne movies."

Taking the stage, former rap star and underwear model Wahlberg referenced his past careers and thanked "all the people gutsy enough to put me in movies." At one point, he brought his nearly 2-year-old son to the stage, who proceeded to play with the microphone during the speech. Wahlberg wrapped up by saying, I gotta get this kid something to eat so I'm gonna go now."

Wahlberg made his film debut for director Penny Marshall in "Renaissance Man" and earned an Oscar nomination for "The Departed." Other films include "Max Payne," "The Perfect Storm" and "The Italian Job." He also serves as executive producer on the HBO series "Entourage," "In Treatment," "How to Make it in America" and the upcoming "Boardwalk Empire."

Source: hollywoodreporter.com

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kim Kardashian Says Her Nephew is "the Best Birth Control Ever"

Kim may adore her cutie-pie nephew, but the reality star is taking her time when it comes to having a little one of her own.

“Let's just say Mason is the best birth control ever,” she told Ryan Seacrest on his morning radio show. "I'm happy to wait a few years."

Kim also told Ryan a bit about her love life!

“I’m single,” she insisted, despite rumors of a romance with NFL star Miles Austin. “I'm definitely in a huge love affair with my career right now!"

Source: glamour.com

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mel's Alleged Mistress: He Threatened to 'Make Me Suffer'

Polish porn filmmaker Violet Kowal is making a stunning new claim that she had a steamy 3-month affair with Mel Gibson while he was with Oksana Grigorieva, and that he was abusive towards her.

On Sunday's FOX News Channel's "Geraldo at Large," Kowal said Mel was "very abusive" and would call her up screaming that he would make her suffer.

"I was so scared of him. It was a huge emotional experience for me. I was close to going to the police," the filmmaker said of their relationship, reported to have taken place in the summer of 2009. She last saw Mel in November 2009.

Violet claims that she thought the relationship between Mel and Oksana was over. "He never talked about Oksana or the baby," Kowal said. "It was like they weren't in his life."

What is already an ugly custody battle over Gibson and Grigorieva's 8-month-old daughter, Lucia, could get worse. A court date hasn't been set, but the outrageous tapes of Mel's rants are sure to be an issue.

Source: Extra TV

LiLo Will Only Have to Serve Two Weeks

The Los Angeles Sheriff's officials said Lohan is likely to be released on Aug. 1 or 2, serving a quarter of her 90-day jail sentence, because of overcrowding.

Lohan surrendered at a Beverly Hills courthouse on Tuesday and was immediately taken to the all-women prison in Lynwood, where she'll stay in an isolated cell previously occupied by Paris Hilton and Michelle Rodriguez.

Officials said Lohan was completely cooperative when she was booked into the Century Regional Detention Facility on Tuesday morning.

The 24-year-old actress is still set to undergo three months in rehab as part of her sentence for probation violation.

Source: Extra TV

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to Jail

Judge Marsha Revel sentenced LiLo after an incredulous prosecutor, Danette Meyers, told the judge that Lohan has been thumbing her nose at the court.

The evidence was loud and clear today -- Lindsay violated probation by failing to attend her alcohol ed classes based on the schedule set by the judge. There were lots of excuses, but ultimately they didn't fly.

The judge said there was a pattern of violations since Lindsay was placed on probation in 2007 following her plea bargain in her DUI case.

Lindsay broke down as she addressed the court, telling the judge, "I did the best I could."

Lindsay dissolved into tears when the judge imposed the sentence.

Lohan must surrender on July 20 in Judge Revel's court.

Source: TMZ

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Larry King: 'I Want Ryan Seacrest to Replace Me'

CNN's retiring talk show staple Larry King doesn't really think he can be replaced, but if anyone were to fill his shoes, he told "Extra" he thinks "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest would be a good choice.

"I love Ryan. He's very intelligent, but I need to have a fiery political discussion with him first," King said.

There have been rumors "America's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan might take over King's vacated spot, but the veteran newsman isn't in the loop. "I don't know Piers Morgan. I've never seen him work, but I hear he's very good."

As for his final guests on the show, King came up with a pretty far-fetched wish list. "I'd like to interview Bin Laden and Bernie Madoff. People are interested in evil," he laughed.

Some of King's favorite real interviews, however, have included Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X, but he says his most extraordinary interview was with Nelson Mandela. "He is the most amazing person, to have gone through so much and be capable of being so forgiving."

One thing is for sure -- leaving the show will give him time to spend with his family. "My wife is really happy, she didn't like the restrictions I had with CNN." King will be able to catch more of his two young sons' baseball games, calling the boys his "Little League superstars."

Source: Extra TV

30 Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus & Wife Expecting First Child

Congrats to Rascal Flatts bassist and vocalist Jay DeMarcus and his wife, former Miss Tennessee and TV Personality, Allison, who are anticipating the birth of their first child in January of 2011.

“Allison and I are thrilled about becoming parents,” says Jay. “I am confident Ali will be a wonderful mother because she has done an incredible job raising me over the past six years,” he jokes.

“Jay and I are thrilled to let everyone know we are going to be parents!” adds Allison. “We can’t wait and are ecstatic to share our news.”

Source: gactv.com

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Are Married

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are now officially husband and wife.

The couple got married on June 24, his rep confirms to Usmagazine.com. Green's son, Kassius, 8, was present at the ceremony.

TMZ.com first reported the couple tied the knot at the Four Seasons on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Fox and Green started dating in 2004, but split in February 2009 after a two year engagement. Within a few months they had reconciled and, as Usmagazine.com first reported, Green, 36, popped the question to Fox, 24, for a second time on June 1. The big proposal was thwarted when they accidentally lost the 2-carat sparkler on the beach.

Earlier this year, Megan told Us about preparations for the big day, saying Green would be a hands-on groom: "He is in on the planning. He wants to be!

"We are just even more committed to each other and we always have been. I am more in love with him now than I was in the beginning."

Source: omg.yahoo.com

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miley's Outfits at Odds With Her Disney Persona

Miley Cyrus ignored critics of her recent risque style choices and performed at Sunday night's MuchMusic Awards wearing less than some people might wear for a day at the beach.

The 17-year-old Disney star wore an itsy-bitsy black monokini as she gyrated through a performance of her hit song "Party in the U.S.A." (which featured a cameo by Justin Bieber), and was just as provocative in a performance of her current, aptly titled single, "Can't Be Tamed."

For that part of the show she wore a white, retro-undergarment-style piece that she paired with high-heeled black booties.

The outfits are the latest in a recent run of edgier looks from the singer, who wore abbreviated hot pants for a Spain concert earlier this month, and a midriff-baring top while in Paris.

Just last week, Cyrus defended her increasingly adult look after she faced criticism about her "Can't Be Tamed" video, which features her dancing provocatively in a cage and wearing a corset.

Miley performing at the Rock in Rio Madrid Festival earlier this month. Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images She explained the professional reason behind her fashion revolution from an innocent, girl-next-door look to a sexier, goth-like style.

She told the Associated Press: "What I'm trying to do is make a point with my record and look consistent, in the way my record sounds and the way I dress."

For Miley, it's all part of being a performer. "We are up there just dressing up; we are just having fun," she said to UsMagazine.com. "It's about the girls and guys who are living their dream playing dress up. But it seems her work persona isn't the only thing driving Miley's fashion choices.

"I work really hard to be fit and to know I can wear whatever makes me feel most comfortable, and I feel most comfortable dressing with a little less. And that's kind of how I've always been, it's just now I'm able to do that a little more freely," Miley said in the Associated Press interview.

"Also I've just grown up to be this way," she added. "This is not me five years ago. This is me now, presently."

Cyrus went with a relatively modest look last week when she performed with Bret Michaels as part of the "Good Morning America" summer concert series, appearing (despite the heat) in ripped black jeans and a black leather jacket. It wasn't something Hannah Montana might wear, but it was arguably more age appropriate than some of her recent skin-baring getups

As the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus (who plays her dad on the squeaky-clean show "Hannah Montana") as well as a de facto representative of Disney, controversy has dogged Cyrus every time she's seemed to step outside of her wholesome image.

In 2008, she apologized to fans and said she felt "embarrassed" after appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair wrapped only in a white sheet. She faced criticism for pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards last summer, and again when a video was released in May of a then-16-year-old Cyrus dancing suggestively with an older producer at the wrap party for her film "The Last Song."

Cyrus's latest record, also titled "Can't Be Tamed," comes out today.

Source: omg.yahoo.com

Thursday, June 10, 2010

J. Lo Exclusive: 'Working with Tom Was Amazing!'‏

Extra" recently had an exclusive chat with Jennifer Lopez, and she talked about her MTV Movie Awards experience, dancing with Tom Cruise, for the first time in New York on Thursday. "I'm such a hard worker, and I'm kind of intense about my job. It's great to work with someone who is just as intense and passionate and crazy about getting everything right."

The two started rehearsing for the musical number a month in advance. "[Tom] called me a month before and said, 'I have this idea. I'm doing this thing for the MTV Movie Awards, and I want it to be a surprise.'"

She continued, "I said OK, we'd do a little mash-up of [Ludacris' 'Get Back' and a Lopez's song 'Get Right']. I come out and sing a little and then we dance

Lopez was thoroughly impressed with Cruise's moves. "The thing with that routine is that it is one of the hardest routines. But he did it. He really, really did it. And he did a great job. I was really proud of him."

The actress/singer also wants to clear the air about the recent rumor that she and her husband, Marc Anthony, renewed their wedding vows.

"We didn't. This is an absolute lie," Lopez said. "We just had our anniversary and had some people over to the house." She did add, "Maybe we will one day..."

Source: Extra TV

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

RUMOR: Khloe Kardashian 2 Months Pregnant

Khloe Kardashian is two months pregnant RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

Her sister Kourtney gave birth to son Mason Dash Disick on December 14, 2009 and Khloe is so in love with the baby that she wanted one of her own!

Khloe married Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom on September 27, 2009.

“Khloe was inspired by Kourtney having a baby,” a source close to the family tells RadarOnline.com. “Lamar is happy and ecstatic” about having a baby with Khloe.

The source tells RadarOnline.com that the family is elated by the news.

“Khloe is having cravings of fruit and ice cream,” the source told RadarOnline.com.

“They’re really happy, but Lamar is a little weary of exposing his baby on TV. He already doesn’t like his life being played out for everyone to see eight months of the year.”

Lamar’s misgivings stem from the fact that Khloe’s pregnancy is sure to be featured on the family’s reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

So much so, the Kardashian clan has gone into lockdown over our report.

Our sources reveal a cautious Khloe wants to keep the announcement secret until it could be announced on the show — and until she passed through the vital first trimester.

Lamar has two children with Liza Morales, who has been critical of her ex and Khloe in various interviews.

Source: Radar Online

Monday, May 31, 2010

Céline Dion Is Pregnant – with Twins!

Céline Dion's dream to expand her family has come true.

The singer, 42, is pregnant with twins after undergoing her sixth in-vitro fertilization attempt and turning to acupuncture to improve her chances of a pregnancy, her rep Kim Jakwerth confirms.

Dion, mom to 9-year-old son René-Charles, is 14 weeks along. She will find out the gender of the twins next month.

"We're ecstatic," her husband/manager René Angelil tells PEOPLE. "Celine is just hoping for a healthy pregnancy. She was hoping for one baby and the news that we are having two is a double blessing." !"

Source: People

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miley Cyrus helps with backpack program in Hazard

Country music singer and actress Miley Cyrus was in Hazard Thursday, May 20 to announce her involvement with the Blessings in a Backpack program.

The program currently provides backpacks filled with food to children who qualify for free or reduced lunch, according to the Blessings in a Backpack website. The children take this food home with them on weekends so they will have food to eat during that time, according to the website.

Cyrus was in town with her dad, Billy Ray, and the two helped pack food into bags for children from Walkertown Elementary and Roy G. Eversole Middle School.

Read more: Hazard Herald (KY) - Your source for local news, classifieds, business listings and events.

Source: hazard-herald.com

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dennis Quaid Sues Over Twins' Near-Fatal Overdose

It was only a matter of time before the other Quaid started making headlines, too.

Sadly, Dennis Quaid's legal raison d'être is exponentially more serious than brother Randy's, as the G.I. Joe star has filed suit against Baxter Healthcare over his twins' near-death experience.

In the negligence suit filed Friday, Quaid fingered the company as the culprit behind the potentially lethal error in dosage given to his now 2-year-old kids, Zoe and Thomas.

View the lawsuit

Here's a refresher: Back on Nov. 18, 2007, the days-old babies came down with staph infections. They were treated with Heparin; however, hospital personnel inadvertently administered 10,000 units of the medication. The infants were only supposed to receive 10.

The twins in turn suffered life-threatening reactions, which, according to the legal papers, "may be permanent in nature and are likely to cause serious complications in the future."

Quaid's suit alleges that Baxter Healthcare, which manufactures and distributes the drug, is to blame for making the dosage information on the packaging confusing. He claims Baxter was negligent not only for allowing the similarly looking labels to be distributed in the first place, but for not recalling them once the company was informed of the potentially fatal errors.

Calling the identical labels a "totally foreseeable and predictable" error, he says Baxter, "knowing of the danger of inadvertent mix-up with the dire consequences that could follow, should have taken other steps to warn and to distinguish each of these drugs."

He is seeking medical expenses, punitive damages and for the company to establish a fund for future medical expenses.

Quaid and his wife, Kimberly, filed suit against Cedars-Sinai Medical Center last year, and received a $750,000 settlement from the hospital.

Source: eonline

Brittany Murphy's husband is found dead at home

LOS ANGELES - The husband of Brittany Murphy was found dead at his Los Angeles home late Sunday, five months after the Hollywood actress died, police said.

The preliminary cause of the death of British screenwriter Simon Monjack is natural causes, police spokesman Sgt. Louie Lozano told The Associated Press.

"We concluded there no signs of foul play or any criminal activity involved," said Sgt. Alex Ortiz, another police spokesman.

Firefighters responding to an emergency call from a woman at 9:40 p.m. found the 39-year-old Monjack dead at the Hollywood Hills residence, police spokesman Sgt. Louie Lozano said. Ortiz said he didn't know who called. Monjack and Murphy had shared their home with Murphy's mother, Sharon.

Ortiz said that the Los Angeles Coroner's Office was taking over the investigation because criminal activity had been ruled out, and would provide more details later on the death and circumstances surrounding it.

At his wife's funeral in December, a visibly emotional Monjack talked about their relationship and called her his best friend and soul mate. The two married in 2007.

He had said that they had been planning a family and contemplating a move to New York.

Murphy, best known for her major roles in "Clueless," "Girl Interrupted," and "8 Mile" in 2002, died Dec. 20, at age 32 after collapsing in her home. The Los Angeles County coroner's office concluded Murphy's death was accidental, but likely preventable.

The coroner's report said that the medications found in her system were consistent with treatment of a cold or respiratory infection. Monjack and Murphy's mother had reported the actress was ill with flulike symptoms in the days before her death.

An autopsy found no evidence that Murphy abused drugs. Investigators had found numerous prescription medications in her home.

Source: Yahoo News

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kim Kardashian Is On The Hunt For A Husband

Kim Kardashian is on the lookout for a husband. The 29-year-old socialite told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show, ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’:

“I’m on the market. This is a new life for me. I haven't been single in years. I never thought I would like being single. I'm not the dating type. I'm a relationship kind of girl. The next one that comes into my life will be my husband."

Source: ImNotObessed.com

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sandra Bullock Adopts

Can you believe it!? Sandra Bullock has adopted a baby boy. She and her friends kept him a secret and under the radar for several months.

His name is Louis and he is 3 months old. What a little bundle of joy! He is proudly displayed with him mama on this week's cover of People Magazine.

The process began with Jesse James, but after the demise of their marriage Sandra has decided to continue the process as a single parent.

Source: ImNotObessed.com

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rascal Flatts in Center of Disney Label Closure

Nashville’s Music Row took a hit on Wednesday when the Disney Music Group announced it’s shutting down Lyric Street Records, the home of Rascal Flatts.

The guys in the group — Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney — should be OK. They’re working on one last album for Disney, and an official release indicates that project will still come out in the fall on a different Disney-affiliated label. In addition, the guys are in talks about a new recording deal with the Mouse. If, for some reason, they can’t come to an agreement with Disney, it’s a sure bet that the band could find another partner willing to invest in its massive career.

Source: GACTV.com

Friday, April 09, 2010

Charlie Sheen says if TV show ends, "so be it"

Award-winning actor Charlie Sheen has broken his silence on contract renewal talks for his hit TV program, "Two and A Half Men," saying that if his role ends after the program's current season, "so be it."

Sheen, who was nominated four times for an Emmy for his role as sex-crazed bachelor Charlie Harper on the CBS show, gave a statement to People magazine on Friday in which he slammed media reports that he was demanding a higher salary.

"All of the numbers reported in the press are false. Claims from 'inside sources' regarding offers from the studio as well as my salary, on their best day, are without merit," Sheen said in the statement.

For years, "Two and A Half Men" has been among the most-watched sitcoms on U.S. television, and losing the program would be a blow to CBS's advertising revenue.

One week ago reports surfaced that Sheen, who is currently facing domestic violence charges in Colorado, was seeking as much as $1 million per episode, a substantial raise from his current level of $825,000, to continue on an eighth season.

The 44-year-old star's current contract ends after season seven, and the final show is being taped on Friday.

"If tonight's show is the end for me as Charlie Harper, so be it. Another journey has begun. I take from the experience 161 shows filled with a kaleidoscope of amazing experiences, memories, friendships and gratitude," he said.

Last December, the actor was arrested in Aspen, Colorado and later charged with assaulting and threatening his wife, Brooke Mueller. He has pleaded not guilty, and both he and Mueller have entered rehabilitation programs.

Source: Yahoo TV

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Baby No. 2 for Rascal Flatts’ Joe Don Rooney

Congratulations to Rascal Flatts‘ Joe Don Rooney and wife Tiffany Fallon, who announced via People magazine that they’re expecting their second child.

“We’re a little more prepared but the same excitement is there,” says Joe Don, already dad to 21-month-old son Jagger Donovan. “There’s such fulfillment in being a father and it’s going to be two-fold now, which is so cool.”

Tiffany, 35, told Joe Don, 34, the big news while they were staying at the same Los Angeles hotel where she revealed she was expecting Jagger.

“It was late January and we were out by the pool chilling and she said, ‘I have something to show you,’ and she opened her purse and pulled out the stick with the positive sign,” says Joe Don. “I was like ‘Wow! We’re going to have to stop coming to this hotel. We’ll have 16 of these things before long!’ But life just couldn’t get better.”

The magazine reports the couple — due in September – are preparing Jagger to be a big brother, ”but he doesn’t quite understand yet,” Joe Don says. “I pray with him every night and we pray for his brother- or sister-to-be.”

Joe Don says they’ll find out the sex of the baby so Tiffany can “prepare the nest” — but so far they don’t agree on what it’ll be. He thinks it’ll be a girl; Tiffany predicts another boy.

Source: gactv.com

Friday, March 05, 2010

Jon Gosselin Tweets He's 'Thrilled' for Kate

Kate was announced as one of the new "DWTS" contestants Monday, and "Extra" noticed her ex-hubby tweeted his congratulations. "I am thrilled for her. She has my support and vote."

"Extra" caught up with Kate and new dancing partner Tony Dovolani at the premiere of Discovery Channel's "Life" series in New York. "She's never had any dance experience whatsoever," Dovolani divulges, "So it's kinda cool that I get to paint my own masterpiece."

Kate is also having a studio built in her basement so she can practice her new moves at home. "They're laying a dance floor and mirrors so that I can be at home and practice while the kids are sleeping at night," Kate explains.

Her stamina in keeping up with eight kids should help her on the dance floor, as well. "We will outlast and outdo in some way. We just hope the dancing doesn't get in our way of winning!"

Kate makes her dance debut March 22nd on ABC.

Source: Extra TV

Friday, February 12, 2010

Carnie Wilson: Don’t Call Jessica Simpson ‘Fat’

During an event to promote her appearance on The Dr. Oz Show (which airs today), Carnie Wilson said she feels like “throwing up” when Jessica Simpson is called “fat.”

“I think Jessica Simpson looks great, and this is why we have a serious problem,” the Unstapled star, 41, tells me. “[When Jessica gets called 'fat'] it definitely contributes to the problem of weight issues and pressure that women — and now, unfortunately, young girls — feel, the pressure that they have to look a certain way.”

She continues, “When the media follows somebody like Jessica Simpson go up 20 pounds or so, I just say, ‘Welcome to the real world.’ Most women in the country would strive to look like Jessica Simpson at her heaviest weight.”

Source: OKMagazine.com

Sandra Bullock tried to ladyscape a pink heart, was in intimate pain

Sandra Bullock burned herself dying her pubic hair.

The actress - who is married to motorcycle enthusiast Jesse James - admits she was horrified when her special Valentine’s Day (14.02.10) grooming efforts went wrong.

She explained: “I decided for Valentine’s Day I would do a special hair thing. I wanted to try to create a pink heart shape with my lower hair. It was painful.

“You had to bleach it first. There’s something about bleach that feels like acid. Then I had to shave it. I was in so much pain, but I kept going and put the pink dye on and it went the wrong colour.”

The 45-year-old star also suffered another dyeing disaster when she went blonde recently for her role in ‘The Blind Side’ because Jesse hated it.

She admitted to Britain’s OK! magazine: “There is a very important person in my life who just didn’t want me being blonde - thank God. There was a big person who said, ‘I don’t like the blonde on you, take it off. You want him to say that.’ You want him to say that. You do.”

Source: Contact Music

Friday, February 05, 2010

Charlie Sheen's Car Found Wrecked at Bottom of Ravine

The LAPD says a car belonging to Charlie Sheen crashed in a steep ravine near his home in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Authorities received an alert from a system similar to OnStar around 4:00 AM on Friday. Around the same time, Sheen called to report his Mercedes-Benz as stolen.

Police and firefighters found the car about 400 feet down a cliff off of Mulholland Drive, upside-down in a brushy ravine. The area was searched on foot and with an infrared-equipped helicopter, but no victim was found.

"They've looked all around the hillside. There's nobody in the car, nobody around (and no) evidence of anybody being around at the moment of impact," Officer Bruce Borihanh tells the AP.

The LAPD says the case is being treated as an auto theft investigation.

Source: Extra TV

Thursday, January 28, 2010

WWE Star Chris Jericho Arrested in Kentucky

WWE wrestler Chris Jericho was arrested at a gas station in Kentucky early Wednesday morning after cops say he and a fellow wrestler were both "extremely intoxicated" in public.

39-year-old Jericho was taken into custody in Kenton County around 5 AM for "alcohol intoxication in a public place."

Jericho -- who was arrested along with fellow wrestler Greg "Hurricane" Helms -- was forced to smile for cop cam -- and TMZ obtained the mug shots.

Jericho and Helms were released on $120 bond -- each ... no that's not a typo.

UPDATE 10:00 AM EST: Cops say they responded to the gas station in Crescent Springs after receiving a complaint about two men fighting in a cab.

When cops arrived to the scene, they located Jericho and Helms, who were "manifestly under the influence of an alcoholic beverage." Both men were then arrested -- but cops say the wrestlers were cooperative with police.

Crescent Springs is roughly 20 miles from Cincinnati, where the two men participated in a WWE event on Tuesday night. .

Source: TMZ

WWE Wrestler Accused of Smacking a Woman

WWE wrestler Greg "Hurricane" Helms allegedly smacked several people -- including a woman -- before he and Chris Jericho were arrested at a Kentucky gas station yesterday, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told several people were in a taxi cab with Helms and Jericho when things allegedly got violent around 4 AM yesterday.

Cops say they spoke to several members of the group who told them Helms struck three people -- including Jericho, a man named Gary Kelley and a female passenger named Ashley Storer.

Witnesses told cops Helms ran from the scene right after the violent incident but returned to the gas station soon after, where he -- along with Jericho -- was arrested for being drunk in public.

Cops say Helms was not arrested for the alleged attack because the alleged victims have not pressed charges -- a requirement for an arrest in Kentucky if the police do not witness the attack.

Ashley told cops she did not want to file charges against Helms -- but Kelley told police he's mulling it over and may go after the wrestler.

Source: TMZ

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Orlando Bloom Not Returning for 'Pirates' Sequel‏

"Extra" has learned the fourth installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean," set to be released in 2011, will not include Orlando Bloom.

Bloom tells "Extra's" Terri Seymour that "Will's swimming with the fishes."

When asked if he could come back, Bloom replied, "Not this time. No. No. No."

Source: Extra TV

Monday, January 04, 2010

Vince Vaughn Weds

Vince Vaughn is officially spoken for!

The actor, 39, married his girlfriend Kyla Weber at a quiet ceremony in Lake Forest, Illinois on Saturday Jan. 2, his rep confirms to UsMagazine.com. According to GossipCop.com, the ceremony took place before "several dozen friends and family" in an "opulent, historic house at Lake Forest Academy."

The Couples Retreat star revealed in October that he proposed to Weber, a Canadian real estate agent, on Valentine's Day 2009.

When Feb. 14 rolled around, "I figured this is not a ship to be missed because I will not forget this date," Vaughn told Ellen DeGeneres. "So Valentine's Day was the day that I asked her."

Vaughn, who dated Jennifer Aniston for over a year and even discussed marriage with her, is "very happy" with Weber. They met through a friend a year and a half ago. "She makes me laugh. She is wonderful. I'm just thrilled."

Source: Yahoo News

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