Monday, May 02, 2011

Kendra Wilkinson Gets Serious: 'It's Do or Die Time'

Kendra Wilkinson is showing her tough side.

The reality starlet-turned-Dancing with the Stars contestant may have come comes to elimination the last couple of weeks, but she's serious about winning the disco ball trophy.

"It's time to get stuff done," the mommy of son Hank Baskett IV, tells PEOPLE. "No B.S. Get it done. Come here and just be proactive and not just sit around."

Now that the first few weeks of the show have weeded out contestants, Wilkinson, 25, understands that she currently has serious competition on her hands.

"It's real do or die time now," she says. "It's any of us now. It's all about who can survive physically and mentally."

Luckily, Wilkinson isn't too nervous about her upcoming Monday night performance.

"I feel more comfortable with the tango because it's not so soft and feminine," she says while rehearsing with partner Louis van Amstel. "This is a little bit harder and a little bit more fun. It's definitely more of my type of ballroom dance, rather than the Viennese Waltz."


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