Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review of the book One Call Away by Brenda Warner

This book is about her life as wife,mother and all the tragedies that went on her life and how she used her faith to get through it all. I enjoyed how strong she was to other people and how by letting it all go and depending on God for everything and how everything worked out, not exactly how it was planned but God took care of her and blessed her for the effort she made to him in her life.

I felt bad for this woman the entire time because she has so many tragedies happen such as her baby having seizures, her first husband had seizures and how once she remarried and had more kids, two of those kids were miscarriages and she lost them. And she also lost her mom and dad in a tornado which was so hard for her because she said if she had know that one time would be the last time she would see her parents she would hug them or tell them she loves them and would not hold off on those things. It shows that anything can happen in life and it can all change in a second and that you should always tell you family how you feel because they could be gone just like that.

I can relate a little bit to this author about the whole seizure situation. In May I ended up having a seizure out of the blue. Apparently one night, my husband saw me grunt, fall out of bed and then saw me having a seizure, foaming out of my mouth. He said he tried waking me up but I was unresponsive for 10 minutes. I did not wake up until the paramedics had come and put me on the gurney thing and took me to the hospital. I was scared and I am glad that I am ok and we still don't know what caused the seizure but it all will work out. I had never planned on that happening but sometimes things just do and you do your best to deal with it all.

All in all I would recommend this book to my friends and I enjoyed reading it. I actually ended up reading it in one day!

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