Monday, October 31, 2011

Review of the book Why Men Hate Going To Church by David Murrow

**This review might offend some people. If you get offended after reading this then please do not leave a rude comment. I will simply ban you and delete your comment. Thanks**

I was really excited to get this book in the mail but then I was a bit disappointed with it. I agreed with some of the things the author talks about but I did not like other things. This book talked about things that made men not want to go to church and how we can fix it.

An interesting fact I learned in the book is that people who are actively engaged in their local church give three times as much as those who are disengaged. That is very true, and the author was spot on with that.

The author noted that churches had to become more mainstream and attract more men so they had advanced lighting sets, effects, video and sound. Young ones became accustomed to worshiping in dark rooms, under stage lighting, with a rock band in the lead. The only difference between between sacred and secular concerts was the obligatory talk about Jesus. This came to event a new kind of music called praise and worship. (Some of these sentences came from the author on page 72 and 73.) People don't realize that that's not how a church is supposed to be. At our kingdom Hall, our worship is just about Jehovah, no fancy icons, stuff like that. Its a simple hall with a stage and a table and a microphone, seats and a back room/bathroom and we get all the worship we need from Jehovah. You don't need to be a showy christian and bring attention to yourself, that is not the point of worship to GOD.

The author also makes a good point about how music today for churches and worship talks about GOD and Jesus in erotic terms such as 'Your love is extravagant, your friendship is intimate, I feel I'm moving to the myths of your grace, your fragrance is intoxicating in this secret place'. And the author is right on when he says " The bible never describes our love for GOD in such erotic terms. The men of scripture loved GOD, but they were never desperate for him or in love with him." People take advantage of their worship by trying to make money off of GOD but true worshipers to do not ask for money to sing about GOD, and true worshipers give out free literature to people and show them the real truth about GOD not what other people believe to be true or think is true based on misconception.

Another thing I agree with the author about is how inappropriate people dress in church these days. You can see cleavage or legs or even more. It can distract other worshipers from GOD and that is wrong. You cannot be stumbling other people, the message is about Jehovah GOD not about you or anyone else. And we have to be considerate of other peoples feelings and respect them and not be stumbling other people.

The last thought I agree with the author about is how the message that should be preached to people is about the Kingdom of GOD and that gets pushed aside. We need to really preach about what is truly important in the bible and not push aside that to tickle other people's ears. If people do not like the message, then they can choose not to take part in it but we will not change the truth to fit their perception of what is right.

My only complaint about the author is in the beginning he quoted a scripture but completely missed that point of the scripture and talked about it wrongly. Scriptures get misapplied all the time and that is wrong. People need to learn the truth about what the bible really teaches before they go to someone and try to teach them the truth.

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