Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Review of the book Empty Promises by Pete Wilson

**This review might offend some people. If you get offended after reading this then please do not leave a rude comment. I will simply ban you and delete your comment. Thanks**

This book was a really great book. I really enjoyed the entire book. I did rush through the book ,reading it in 2 hours not because I did not enjoy it but because I wanted another book to read tonight from booksneeze as well.

This book is about how we will only be happy if we put all our trust and faith in GOD and Jesus and not into our job, or making money, or worshiping false idols, those claim to make you happy but you end up miserable instead.

I like the questions on page 21 the author asks us to ask ourselves such as what occupies my mind? What do I spend time daydreaming about? Who or what to I tend to be jealous of? What do I spend most of my time doing? Where does the majority of my time go? Does it go toward being close to GOD or does it go towards other things such as entertainment and other things. In our lives we should be putting GOD first in our lives and that when we do that, other things fall into place and we feel a sense of peace. When we really put GOD first in our lives, GOD blesses us in so many ways. Another way this book ties into this is on page 29 where the author says " I've put answering all my emails ahead of spending time with GOD. I've made delivering a strong message more important than submitting to the Lord and letting him actually change me". We have to make sure we make sure we are putting more attention towards the more important things such as GOD, reading the bible, mediating and studying on the word of GOD, etc.

I also like the story the author talked about on page 91. He goes out in the ministry to witness to some people and learns about this family that is so poor that all they can afford to eat is dirt pies which is cookies made out of dirt mixed with a little oil. The quote the author said made me cry. He said " GOD, how is this possible? My kids fight over whether or not they have to eat all their vegetables and whine about why we have to eat spaghetti tonight when we just had it three weeks ago. These malnourished kids are literally eating dirt. " We need to not be ungrateful for what we have, there is always someone worse off then us and we need to be thankful for what we have weather that be shelter, food on the table,etc and thank GOD for all the many blessings we have.

I also liked the chapter on prayer. I liked the way the author talks about worship. He says " I can't limit my worship to music or buildings...or just on Sunday. If I want to serious about transformation, I have to get serious about worship-and understand that it is a way of life." We have to put it all in to praising and worshiping GOD or none at all.

Now the author talks about prayer as well and I agree with what he says. He says " We think we have to close our eyes or be in a certain position with our hands held just right. It's why we pray about stuff we think sounds spiritual instead of just saying what's truly on our hearts and minds." You can be praying silently at the table before eating, we can be praying in the car before going out in the ministry,etc. You do not have to be down on your knees for GOD to hear your prayer. He just wants us to pray and thank him and just pray from our hearts and not what other people think we should say.

All in all I think this was a really great book and I would recommend it to anyone.

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