Tuesday, April 03, 2012

A-Rod In Awe After Meeting Wrestling Hero

Alex Rodriguez has been one of the biggest stars in the Big Apple for years, but that didn't stop the Yankees slugger from being in awe after meeting a wrestling icon.

A-Rod attended WrestleMania 28 with girlfriend Torrie Wilson, and it's fair to say dating a former WWE Diva has its perks. Following a VIP backstage visit, Rodriguez and his girlfriend settled into ringside seats for the pay-per-view event in Miami.

Moments before the headline ring rumble between Hollywood star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and John Cena, Rodriguez got an extra special treat. The New York Post reports A-Rod had a look of pure joy on his face as Cena stopped for a few seconds to greet him and Wilson.

Surprisingly, Cena delivered a special message for Rodriguez to pass on to his Yankees teammate. He wanted A-Rod to let Derek Jeter know he was wearing his Nike sneakers for the match.

Red Sox Nation probably won't be pleased to hear that Cena, Massachusetts' native son, was honoring a Bronx Bomber. Chalk it up to a classic wrestling double-cross.

Before hanging with the WWE guys, Rodriguez had a few of his favorite Yankees teammates over to check out his brand new Miami-area mansion.

Source: thepostgame.com

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