Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review of the book Stress Point by Sarah Francis Martin

  **This review might offend some people. If you get offended after reading this then please do not leave a rude comment. I will simply ban you and delete your comment. Thanks**

I will start off by saying I did not really enjoy this book at all. I honestly thought it was kind of stupid. I liked maybe a few quotes in the book and that was it.

This book is about being in your 20s and how to handle all the stress in your life but I didn't think it really helped me feel better at all. Another thing I did not like was how the author kept stressing that GOD had a plan for her but that is not true. I am tired of people thinking that GOD has a will for us and we just live it according to his plan. That is not true. GOD does not have a will for us, we live the life the best we can and sometimes unforeseen occurrences happen but GOD does not cause suffering or anything like that. In the scripture Eccl 9:11 it says this: "Time and unforeseen occurence befall them all."  And to prove in a scripture that GOD does not cause suffering see the scripture James 1: 13, which reads " When under trial, let no one say I am being tried by GOD, for with eveil things GOD cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone." So I am tired of the misconceptions going around of people who claim to know GOD but say false things about him and give GOD a bad name.

I did however like this quote the author says "  I have permission not to stress over the opinions of others; instead I can focus on what GOD thinks of me and where I stand in his eyes."  At the end of the day its how GOD views us and how we live our lives not what other people think. I also liked the quote on page 50. Brittany said ".... It doesn't mean that I don't have room for improvement in any of these areas, but that I am only motivated to make changes by GOD's will and not by the judgement of others." I like this because at the end of the day we do whats best for our-self and for GOD and if people want to judge us when we know we are not doing anything wrong then we will not be hurt by their judgement and just let it pass over us.

I also liked the quote on page 140 which reads from a person named Elle " A low maintenance friend is one who shares and listens and doesn't require constant care."  I really like that definition of a friend.

I will probably end up throwing this book away and not sharing it with everyone but it was a book that for a moment got me sidetracked from my life and I needed that so it wasn't all bad.

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iyasOstuff said...

Hmm...very interesting review. You seem very honest about your reaction to the book. I have written a book about being a single woman would you be interested in reviewing it? I want to get your honest opinion...

let me know!
(the book title is: Impossible is Stupid)

BritneyLuver said...

Thank you, I would be interested in reading your book. Please message me back and we can go from there.

Brittany said...

Hi there! I know I'm a bit late with this, I was just scrolling through the reviews of this book on BookSneeze and noticed yours. But I do agree that I didn't like the book very much, but there is one thing I wanted to correct you on. You said that God doesn't have a plan for our life, but on the contrary he does.

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

You also said that God does not cause suffering, but based on the bible it seems that God does cause some of our suffering, but really only suffering that will help us in the long run. What I mean is that the suffering will shape us into a better person with God's help. For example, if you're being prosecuted for your faith you may suffer, or if you're fasting from something you may suffer, but God will use that suffering to produce love, self-control, and joy. Now I may be wrong about this so don't take my word for it, but based on the bible it does seem like God causes some suffering.

Now Satan also causes suffering, which God allows you to go through but doesn't cause. God is greater than Satan so obviously Satan can't do anything without God's permission. Although most of the time God will not want you to suffer from these things, rather he wants you to turn to him and stop suffering. Many of the things the Devil will cause you to suffer from is sin, illness, unbelief, etc. God will sometimes also use these unfortunate events to help mold you into the person he made you to be, but a lot of the times God does not want you to suffer from bad things.

BritneyLuver said...

Hi Brittany, thank you for the nice comment, I appreciate when people takes time to read my blog.

God does not cause suffering, yes we may suffer persecution for our faith like when we go preaching door to door to hang out tracts/magazines and people may yell at us or something but we do it anyway because we want to get the correct view about GOD out there and let people decide for themselves if they want to learn more or not. Some more scriptures that prove God does not cause suffering is 1 Peter 5:7, Psalm 65:19- which talks about how God takes the load for us when it gets to much to bear, James 1:13, Matthew 11:27,30 and Isaiah 25:8.

The reason why Satan causes suffering is because he is ruling the world right now, not GOD. GOD did that so that people could think they could rule the earth but they cannot and instead ruined the earth and until GOD can rule again and make the earth a paradise people cannot rule this earth. In John 5:19 it reads " The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." And the bible identifies him saying the one called Devil and Satan and is misleading the entire inhabited earth. There is alot more on this subject and if you ever want to read more you can message me and I can send you this tract called who really rules the earth published by Jehovah's witnesses and I am one as well for about 4 years now. I had a rough last year having seizures and being put on medicine but GOD did not cause me to have seizures, it simply was an unforeseen occurrence and now I am fine.

Also I did a little research on the scripture you talked about in Jeremiah and this is what I came up with:

The “future” that Jehovah has thought out for us is the most desirable one, if we now submit to his universal sovereignty, that of everlasting life with peace, prosperity and happiness through his King-Servant, Jesus Christ. This is the hope that Jehovah sets before us. With full appreciation, let us act in harmony with it.
So its not a will for us but a hope for the future that can become real for us if we follow him and live a good life. I found the research for this scripture in my Watchtower cd-rom.

Thank you and I hope I answered these questions with peace and did not offend you in anyway.

BritneyLuver said...

*I noticed some spelling errors such as take time to read my blog and hand out magazines not hang*

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