Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reviewing Site SafetyBook for Viewpoints

The blogger site Viewpoints asked me to sumbit 3 reviews of products I own such as my car, beauty items, etc and this site will tell me if there is any recalls on them that could result in saftey issues.

The site already wrote me back and told me about a recall on my car from 1996 which I had no idea even was there. It told me this: without the amber reflectors, the vehicle will will be poor fly illuminated, possibly resulting in a vehicle crash without waring.  I will probably not worry about this since I have my car all this time and have not any problems but it was nice for the heads-up.

I also added my refrigerator to the list and it told me about 3 recalls about that as well. They are saying an electral problem could cause a fire in my house. I probably will not do anything about this as well but I wil be on the look out for any problems with my refridgerator.

I hope Viewpoints enjoyed my review and my blog and will allow me to do more on my blog in the future.

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