Saturday, November 24, 2012

Review of the book Bold as Love by Bob Roberts, Jr

I didn't really enjoy this book because while this person claimed to be a preacher, he misapplied many parts of the bible and when he claims to be preaching to people, he isn't even telling them the truth.

I do like the quote on page 16 which reads " We cannot practice this bold love of people unless we first focus on GOD. I reach out to someone I don't know, not because I love that person-I probably don't, because I don't even know him or her- but because my bold love is directed at Jesus and following his commands to love others." I also like the quote on page 87 which reads " Non-Christians are used to empty promises groups. Who's for real? How can they tell how serious we are? Only sweat equity will tell them how serious we are. "

I also like the quote on page 114 which says " When I'm asked hard questions about my faith that can be controversial or seem politically incorrect, I do my best to stay calm, smile, and answer the questions honestly." I like this because the bible answers questions such as is it ok to the gay, is abortion right or wrong,etc. And people make not like the answer but the bible clearly answers all and any questions we may have. 

My one major complaint is how the author says that Jesus and GOD are one person and talks about the trinity but that is simply not true. There are many examples in the bible that show otherwise. GOD had the virgin mary give birth to the son Jesus and perform miracles on the earth. Another example is how Jesus got baptized at one point and Jehovah GOD sang down from Heaven how proud he was of his son.

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