Monday, February 11, 2013

Cacee Cobb Loves Talking Babies with BFF Jessica

Cacee Cobb and Jessica Simpson have been longtime pals, and being pregnant simultaneously has been another fun bonding experience for the two ladies.
“Imagine if you and your best friend were pregnant at the same time – Cacee’s loving it,” Donald Faison tells PEOPLE Thursday while promoting EA’s Real Racing 3 for Mobile.
“They hang out all the time anyway, but now they hang out and talk baby stuff, look at baby stuff online, and go shopping for baby stuff together.”
Cobb, 35, who has been dealing with morning sickness, may be in need of a few words of encouragement from her friend, who has already been through a pregnancy.
“You think when you get pregnant, it’s going to be glitz and glamour and everything’s going to be wonderful, but they don’t tell you about the morning sickness, they don’t tell you about the constipation and being uncomfortable,” says Faison, 38, of the not-so-glamorous aspects of his wife‘s pregnancy.
However, The Exes star says that Cobb is “handling it like a champ.”
“It might be a little different than she thought it was going to be, but we’re really happy,” he shares.
Faison is doing his part to make sure that Cobb’s pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible.
“I do my best not to annoy my wife, I just get out of her way,” he jokes. “But then I do my best to show her love also. I’ve become a good foot massager!”

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