Friday, May 03, 2013

MiCHI Mall Nails

I am very much interested in trying these nails. And apparently they are having a facebook promotion where if you write an article about them on an active blog and give a link of your blog to them, you get a free thing of nails so lets get started.

I have never heard of this nail company before but they have some pretty cool nails. I like the sponge-bob ones and some of the other character ones. What I like about them is the different designs and colors. For example this pretty blue color I see in front of me is really pretty. Its like a spring color. I also really like the princess ones. They are a white background color with flowers on them.

I also think the water coloring nails are pretty too.

I think it looks fancier then other nails you put on. I think also their Disney nails are great as well, you can see them: you  can get like Donald duck on your nails.

I also like the ones with flowers and butterflies on them, I found a post with these nails back in January on there facebook page.

This is apparently a Japanese company that makes fake nails. You remove the double sided tape from the nail, place the nail on your finger, press down on nail to attach, and that's it. Looks easy and nice and I cannot wait to try them. 

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