Saturday, June 01, 2013

Review of the book One Man and One Woman by Daniel Archangel

I was excited to read this book. It is about a marriage that was polygamous with 3 people and how the courts reacted to all of this.

This story is about a man named Alfred who was married to a woman named Trish and end up marrying a woman named Emily too. Trish was a unique person who had many problems steaming from anxiety and having OCD and agoraphobia. Meaning she was scared of leaving the house and always felt everything was dirty and she had to clean everything. And her anxiety got so bad that she couldn't be by herself when her husband went away for work so they put an ad in the paper to ask someone to live with Trish in a spare bedroom they had and that's how Emily came into the picture. The main reason the husband fell in love with Emily was because Trish and Alfred had not be intimate in a while and Trish even admitted to not being the best wife and neglecting him.  Alfred also helped Emily's business start, he helped get the word out about her children book she had been writing. Now at the end of the story, they hadn't been published but they will keep trying. At the end of the book we learn that at first the court of Ohio wanted to end this marriage saying it was unlawful for a man to have 2 wife's but the end they had changed their mind.  The reason was they had to accept all marriages or none at all. Now not all states are like this but Ohio is. And we find out all 3 are living happily ever and that Emily is even pregnant with a baby girl.

I enjoyed the book but it was a long read and took me a while to read it and it was hard to read it all because in between the life story, it mentioned all the court transcripts and those were pages and pages and it made it tedious.

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