Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review of the book Lead Me Home by Stacy Hawkins Adams

I really enjoyed this book. It took me almost 3 days to read it because I didn't realize how big the book actually was, most books I fly through and read fast but not this time.

This book is about a preachers wife named Shiloh who ends up getting a teaching job at her local high school and ends up mentoring students there and the students parallel with her life too. You see before Shiloh was a preachers wife she was out in the world and had unprotected sex and got pregnant and then had an abortion. And she also had at that time stole a girls future by see her and her roommate got put into a musical competition and she stole her roommates music and got the job instead of her roommate and her roommates life become terrible after that and so later on in the story Shiloh opens up and becomes honest with her family and friends about her previous life and they all end up forgiving her. And this is how her girl students life mirrored hers. Her student was a girl who had made into this musical program based on playing the flute and before deciding if she wanted to go there or not became pregnant. So Shiloh told her about her experience but then told the girl student to pray to GOD about her dilemma and make her own decision. Well before the girl could make her decision she lost her baby.  The whole point of the story is to always be forgiving our of sins as GOD did to us because as long as we are truly sorry for our sins and repent he forgives us and that in our life we might not always have a choice about what happens but that we if pray to GOD he will let it all work out.

I liked the quote at the end of the book that said this: GOD's blessings don't always come out in the package or the presence we expect; he sends them in ways so out-of-the-box that we're often left speechless".

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