Thursday, November 28, 2013

Review of the book Andi Unexpected by Amanda Flower

This book was a children's mystery book. This girl named Andi and her sister move into her aunts house and find this mystery trunk in her attic with a doll and papers and such! They try to figure out who it all belonged to and at the end it all goes ok. I don't really remember much about the book. Maybe I should re read it. I think it would be cool to find something in the attic and wonder where it came from. Like a family heirloom or something. I get excited looking back on my childhood and remembering sentiments from when I was a kid such as yearbooks. I also like watching videos on the tv of my family and remembering holidays I used to celebrate, life changes so much, it goes to fast and we regret not spending time on what is really important. In life family, friends,religion,etc those are important, not electronics or stuff that we can't take with us at the end. When we die, we don't don't take our belongings with us. And sometimes we buy stuff to make us happy, but does it really? Does having riches and money really make us happy? People like to think so but it doesn't. And sometimes it takes something that goes wrong in our life that makes us realize what is important. Like someone having unexpected surgery, or a seizure like I did. That scared the crap out of me. Made me realize I might be around forever, so take care of myself and my family.

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