Saturday, January 25, 2014

Review of the book Smitten Book Club by Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, Denise Hunter

This book was very good to read! I was super excited to read it and dive in! It took me long to read then usual because life got busy and this is a big book to read! I thought it was one giant book but it was 4 small books into one and they all intertwine together!

The first book was about a woman named Heather who was helping her friend Molly out because her husband had died last year and was on her own with a failing business and Heather had smarts to help out with that. Heather ends up falling in love with her ex boyfriend and they end up getting back together after she divorced her current husband and now her and her boyfriend end up getting engaged to help take care of her son that she had previously!

The second book was about a girl named Abbey and she was a pretty boring person who never did anything adventurous and then she lost her dad and now takes care of her mom and works at the local library! Well turns out her one friend that she was in love with named Wyatt was close with her dad before he died, and Wyatt had a letter from her dad and it said that he wanted Wyatt to take care of her because he was the right guy for her! They end up falling in love and being happy and Abbey learns to be more adventurous!

The third story was about a woman named Elliana who before she had grown up and made a life for herself had fallen in love with a guy named Joey. Well one day she hurt her tooth and found herself being taken care of by a guy named Joey, it was the one she had fallen in love with from before! Turns out Joey is still in love with her but life is complicated because his wife died a year ago from a random shooting at the mall and left behind a daughter named Grace who was so traumatized by the shooting that she stopped talking and only talked in sign language to stay close to her mom who was deaf and wanted to keep her mom in memory forever! They end up falling in love and get married!

The fourth story is about Molly who I mentioned earlier! She needs help keeping her business afloat and in the process falls in love with this guy who helps her keep her business alive.

All in all the book was pretty predictable but I enjoyed reading it!

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