Monday, March 03, 2014

Review of the book Storming The Black Ice by Don Brown

This book was not what I had expected but still a good book nonetheless. It was about navy seals who had huge submarines who all called war on each other and tried to take out each others submarines all over gold under the ground that was covered by snow hence the the tile of the book. Turns out everyone makes it out okay in the end and the war is called off. I enjoy watching movies about this as well. I recently watched a movie called submarine where they had to fire off missiles to save the world from aliens. And they needed the help of the entire navy and other marines to do this. And they found out about the aliens from the tracking machines they had on the boat, that tracked the aliens location by gps so they could follow the aliens and see when they would attack next. The aliens did indeed kill people but the navy didn't get discouraged. They kept on fighting and won. I like alot of navy movies including one with Kelsey Grammer the actor. I enjoy watching movies with soliders like the most recent movie American Sniper with Bradley Cooper, he played a great solider dealing with ptsd after killing people in the war in Iraq and how he couldn't cope being home with his wife and his baby. He kept losing his mind and having flashbacks. Ptsd is something I deal with as well after being raped when I was a kid and I struggle with this today.

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