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Review of the book A Amish Second Christmas

I really enjoyed this book. I read it in about 2 days. This is one of the first stories in the book, there are other stories as well. I only read the first story. I really enjoyed this book. I only read the first one, not the others since there are more books inside the book. This story was about a woman named Katherine who ends up meeting her father in law and starts a relationship with him and he gets to meet his grand kids.

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Review of the book Wisdom of Sadhu

I found out alot about this person by reading about his life.

He founded the religion Sikhism,about 1500 AD, is a religion that teaches belief in one God and rejects the caste system

The death of Sundar Singh's mother, when he was fourteen, pitched him into violence and despair. He took out his anger on the missionaries, persecuted Christian converts, and ridiculed their faith. In final defiance of their religion, he bought a Bible and burned it page by page in his home while his friends watched.

Sundar felt that his religious pursuits in Sikhism and the questioning of Christian and Hindu priests left him without ultimate meaning. Sundar resolved to kill himself by throwing himself upon a railroad track. He made a quest that whosoever is the 'True God' will appear before him Or else he would kill himself, that very night he had a vision of Jesus who opened Sundar's soul to the truth. Sundar announced to his father, Sher Singh, that henceforth he would follow Christ. Hi…

Review of the book Noah by Mark Ludy

This book was a picture book that was supposed to show off the life of Noah and him building the ark. I found the book confusing to follow and didn't really understand all the photos in the book. The story of Noah comes from the bible when God asks Noah to build an ark because a flood is coming. Well Noah tells everyone and they don't believe him, so when the flood does come, everyone wants in the boat but they can't and God destroys them and the wicked world and only Noah and his family is safe for being obedient to God and I couldn't figure that out in the book.

Questions and Answers with author Erik Rees

Earlier I did a blog post about a book called Never Give Up by Erik Rees about this daughter who had cancer and then passed away from it. Well, Erik took time to answer some questions he got from some fans of the book and I get to share them with my readers.

Many of your friends and family members walked along side of you during this difficult process. How did this help?
Jessie was blessed to be part of a great school, church and swim team which provided her and our family wonderful emotional, spiritual and practical support. After Jessie moved to Heaven, we didn’t have to cook a meal for four months

Unfortunately, cancer strikes 1 in 300 children before the age of 20. What advice do you have for others who want to help a family with a child fighting cancer?
In the book I list all sorts of simple ways to help families with children fighting cancer. Families need help but don’t want to have to add “managing” the help to their already chaotic lives. The best thing to do if you really …