Saturday, November 22, 2014

Review of the book A Dream of Home by Amy Clipston

I want to stat off by saying I really like this author and enjoy reading her books.This book is about an English woman who ends up living next to an Amish family who is a dad named Saul and a daughter named Emma. Well turns out Saul and Madeline end up falling in love and she converts to being Amish for him so their love wouldn't been forbidden. I enjoy reading Amish books and watching Amish on tv because I am fascinated by their religion and their way of dressing and life. I am currently watching a tv on an Amish bead and breakfast and how they cannot have electricity or have to do all their chores such as picking up poop from the barn animals and baking pies and such before they can relax and eat. How they do all that without the necessities makes me interested. At the same time I learned stuff about the Amish that I do not agree with such as taking photos or having a car is wrong and they must only drive with a buggy and horse. And when you are shunned from the church you cannot stay in touch with the family is weird to me. I also think their way of dressing is different and weird to me. Why do you have to do put your hair into a bonnet and covered and why do you have to wear a dress down to your ankles and so modest. I just don't get all of it.

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