Sunday, March 15, 2015

Review of the book The Undertaker's Wife by Dee Oliver

This book was about a girl named Dee who fell in love with a guy named Johnnie who was a person who worked at a funeral home. He ends up dying because of a stroke and she has to struggle without him. She ends up going back to college and getting her degree and then she gets a job at another funeral home. I would have trouble working at a funeral home because of death. When I lost my grandfather I was in tears and couldn't stop crying. At the time I believed that God sends people to heaven but now I know the truth. I know when you are dead,you are just sleeping, not aware of anything. The world portrays God as an evil person who takes people to heaven to be an angel but that is not true. God already has angels and does not need to take us to heaven. Also if people believe that God sends people to Heaven, then how would it feel to be in heaven looking down on us and being sad because we are grieving. That is not comforting at all. It is more comforting to know that we are asleep in death. So we don't worry about someone dying. To be honest the reason I got this was at first I believed it was about the wrestler the undertaker but it wasn't. I am a big wrestler fan and enjoy watching it on tv and will be going to my first live match next month. Super excited.

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