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Review of the book Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius

This book was really good. I read it in 3 days. This is about a boy who spends his entire life in a wheelchair and can't speak or walk or talk without help from his family and a computer that speaks for him. He ends up using his computer to help inspire others and also ends up living on his own and finds a girl he loves and marries her and lives happily ever after. I enjoy reading the watchtower and awake published by Jehovah's witness because they have stories like this all the time. They had this story of a person who got paralyzed in a car crash and had to bed-ridden and use a computer to talk. Yet he still managed to talk about God and didn't feel like he was worthless and unusable. All because of the bible he didn't feel like God had him suffer or caused his suffering because he knows Satan is the ruler of this world and that people feel like they can walk in their own step but they can't and then God has to stand in. Satan also runs the gov't so that is w…