Saturday, May 16, 2015

Review of 3 short novels by Susan May Warren

The first book I read was called measure of a man. It involves 2 characters Peter and Cali who is a missionary. Peter left the life of religion to become a lawyer and Cali always loved him. They ended up meeting because he was stuck in an elevator in a hotel and she talked to him until he got free. They ended up getting married and Peter became a missionary.

The second book is called Proof Of Love. The book started off with a woman named Justine who got into a car accident because someone cut her brakes in her car and was trying to kill her. She got saved by someone named Patrick. He ends up working at the coffee shop where Justine visits. Later Justine gets a flat tire and it turns out it was slashed. Patrick went to visit Justine and saw a prowler but turned out it was Justine so they started laughing and kissing. When she went to the sheriff she thought she had found her killer but turned out it was Patrick checking up on her. Patrick ended up getting arrested. Then the real stalker/killer showed up. He was tall and thin and masked and bound her hands and dragged her to his truck. It ended up being a man named Toad-he had the job Justine had before and was mad. Everyone thought Toad had been dead. Patrick got out of jail and found Justine. He freed her, Both told each other they loved each other.

The third book is called The House That Love Built. Ellen and Mitchell were business partners who attended church together. A church that was trying to get Ellen to join the youth staff and become a missionary. She decided to help the youth group paint someone's house. She ended up painting Paul's house and they became friends. She agreed to decorate his house for free. Then Ellen found out Mitchell was trying to steal her company out from under her. She decided it wasn't worth the effort of saving the business so she became a missionary and her and Paul fell in love. Then Paul decided to be a traveling missionary because his replacement had an emergency. So Ellen decided to go with him and they both fell in love and got engaged.

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