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Review of the book Silent Cry by Dorothy Newton

I really enjoyed this book. I read it all in 2 days. It is about a woman who is married to a football star who ends up being beaten emotionally, physically and spiritually. I really enjoyed the part of the book where her mom becomes a Jehovah's witness. That is what I am and so this is awesome! The daughter had trouble with it because of the house to house preaching, We don't believe that Jesus died on a cross but a stake, We do not believe when you die, you go to hell. You are just sleeping. We also do not believe in the trinity. Meaning we believe Jesus and God are two different people and that Jesus is God's son. We also do not celebrate holidays such as birthdays or Christmas. I also like the part in the book when she talked about scriptures and how people in the bible went through tough things but they always kept their faith in God and knew that he would rescue them out of whatever they had gotten into. Such as Silas and Paul who were in prison. They were badly bea…

Review of the book The Prince Who Was Just Himself

I really enjoyed this book. The prince is a boy with down syndrome and how he protects his family when no one else could. I will be giving this to a family member who has kids to enjoy!

Review of the book Wicked Women Of The Bible by Ann Spangler

I really enjoyed this book. I read it in about 2 days. I also like how real the stories were and how accurate they were. The first story was about Adam and Eve and there were more stories as well. I also enjoyed the footnotes at the bottom of the pages that helped make the story more real and easier to understand. I liked the footnote on page 27 which says " Though the biblical text never explicitly states that Sarah's period started again, some scholars point out there is no evidence that men and women ate separately in the ancient world. That was a custom that developed later. When Abraham replied that was wife was in the tent he may have been employing a polite euphemism, indicating that she was menstruating and was unable to join him. For this to have been the case, she would have needed to begin menstruating just after baking the bread because bread baking would have been forbidden to menstruating woman. "I also learned something from the footnote on page 55 which s…