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Review of the book Midnight Jesus by Jamie Blaine

This book is about a guy who has several jobs. He works at a skating rink, a psychiatric hospital and a counselor at a church. He writes about what he learned after meeting with several people who gave him a different view of religion and life. I was fascinated by all the people he talked to and helped. I like the quote on page 77 which says " He(God) he picked roughneck fisherman and tax cheats. Liars and thieves. Outlaws and while women. Jesus was willing to work with the people no one else wanted on their team. He c hose flawed, messed-up, messy people. Just like brother John. Just like me...I suppose that means Jesus isn't that concerned with resumes. You don't need a seminary degree or dazzling charm or twin rows of perfect, white teeth. You don't have to be some hotshot preacher, motivational speaker, superstar athlete, born-again celebrity, or pumped-up A extrovert. The only thing Jesus ever asked was, will you follow me?" I also like the quotes on page 19…