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Review of the book The Hearts We Mend by Kathryn Springer

This book was awesome. I took my time to read it so I could really enjoy it. This book was about a girl named Evie who ends up falling in love with someone she didn't expect to. She not only falls in love with this guy but falls in love with his family as well. We learn at the beginning of the book that her son got married to a girl and they ended up having a baby and she feels lonely living on her own. She ends up getting married to the person she fell in love with, don't want to say his name so I don't spoil anything. I like Evie because she is very involved in her church and the gatherings and activities, She prays to GOD when something goes wrong and trust that he will make it all better if she just believes. Evie ends up making great friends she never thought that she would in this book and her life gets completely different in the end. I like how she went out of her comfort zone to meet all the new people she became friends with. This author is really great. I have n…