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Review of book When God Isn't There

This book was really boring and I stopped halfway through because I cannot keep on going! I did like a few things the author talked about. Its about how we feel absent from GOD because we once held him close and now we miss him. On page 29 the author says " while on this earth, we still wear the flesh of our sin and cannot stand in God's actual presence. But a day is coming when we will put on the new clothes of GOD and stand before GOD's presence."  On page 35 it says this " GOD is never full absent. GOD is always there. There is nowhere you can go , nowhere you can hide and nowhere you can fall where GOD's general presence is absent. GOD is fully present in his general omnipresent nature. " I also like the quote on page 37 " GOD is always in the cafe where you drink coffee but that doesn't mean we're at the table with him". I take this as we are doing something to not have GOD near us and he has nothing to bless. This book is boring …