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Review of a book called An Amish Home

This book was better than expected. It had 4 books in one. All about Amish families. All centered around one theme, prayer. My favorite author has always been Beth Wiseman, I will always read her books. No matter what goes on in life, GOD is always there and you just have to talk and pray to him and he will listen and help. The first book was about Sarah who got into a car accident and ended up in a wheelchair. She ended up having to cope with her new life and managing on her own. The second book is about a couple named Chase and Mia who got evicted from their own home and had to find somewhere else to live and its about learning how to live on their own and learning how to lean on others for support. The Third book is about Noreen and Thomas whose marriage was falling apart and their house had burned to the ground in a fire so they have to cope with rebuilding their house and working on their marriage. The 4th book was not really that great, I couldn't get into it. I stopped read…